Changing my future

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Chapter 19 - Riding north

“Let us ride north then” Madare said and that was that, it did not matter how much I wanted to ride to Lafrin, he was being tortured now as Ultred believed that he knew about me and Aldred and all the others from the holdfast were also being kept captive all because of me but my destiny took me on a different path, it led me further away from the man I loved, I knew that I would see him again and he would be alive, but whether or not he would be happy to see me was another question, it took us four days to get to Madare’s home and I knew that as soon as we walked into his lands we would be put into chains

“Take them” Madare shouted

“You arsehole” Latna said

“Enough Latna, he will soon see, I said and handed over my sword and dagger, I allowed his men to chain me “you will see call the bone reader” I said and his men led me away to a hut and put inside, it was a few hours before he came to me, with his bone reader

“She wants to read you first” Madare said [Text Wrapping Break]“Fine” I replied and the bone reader came and sat down in front of me

“Throw these” she said passing me the bones

“I will” I said taking the bones and shaking them in my hands letting them drop to the floor in front of me

“A child of two nations” she said picking up one of the bones that had fallen on the floor

“I am , Iam both viking and english” I replied

“You are the unwanted daughter of a king” she said

“Again correct” I said

“I can see by the rest of these bones that you are favoured by the gods, they have been watching you since the day that you were born, the gods favour you to reunite all of the great kingdoms, it has always been said a child of two nations will bring all people together for eternity and bring great prosperity to all” she said

“That is the path that has been laid out before me but without Madare I cannot do it” I replied

“You cannot” she replied

“What do you mean it cannot happen without me?” Madare said

“You are and have always part of the gods design for this kingdom, you have been since the day you were born, you survived the poisoning of your entire camp and you survived the attack on your camp, the gods are not done with you yet” the bone reader said

“Show me” Madare said and sat down opposite her “give me the bones” he added holding out his hand

“You will need to be ready to accept whatever I tell you” she said to Madare

“You know that my trust is with you” he replied and he shook the bones in his hand and let them fall to the floor, the bone reader paused for a minute

“I see your future has two paths that you can take” she said

“Which are?” Madare asked

“Follow the right path and live forever in the greatest kingdom that has ever been seen ruled by a great queen or follow the wrong path and die” she said

“Which path is which?” he asked

“That is a decision that you need to make” she replied

“But how?” Madare asked “I cannot trust the girl” he added

“Why because she is from the south and from the foreign land?” the bone reader asked

“Yes” Madare replied

“Your bones have always read the same, a woman that is neither from the north or the south but that is still one of you will lead you on the path to eternal glory” the bone reader said

“But how can that mean this girl” Madare said pointing at her

“As I have always told you every time that you come to me, you must follow your heart that will tell you the truth as it always has” she replied

“I will go and think” Madare said and got up and left the hut

“Why did you not tell him? And why use the bones?” I asked

“Tell him what?” she asked

“Who you are” I replied

“I am the bone reader” she said

“If you are the bone reader then I am a dead woman walking, Freyr” I said

“How do you know that I am her?” she asked turning back to me

“I can see your mother in you, I met her a little while ago, why did you stay here?” I asked

“He needed guidance, he was always meant to be here now and to follow you” she replied

“He would have found this path, he did not need your help” I said

“But I gave it anyway” she said and disappeared, why did the gods think that they have the right to mess with peoples damn lives, things would be so normal without them bloody idiots butting in all the time, a moment later Madare stepped back into the room

“Do you trust me?” I asked

“I trust myself” he replied

“And how does that help?” I asked

“You heard her tell me that I had to listen to my heart and not my head, my head has always told me that this would never work because you are a woman and that I wanted all your kin dead but when I listen to my heart it tells me that I want peace and an end to this constant fighting, the meaningless death of both of our kin and to get that I have to trust you” he replied and came over and released me

“ I need to ask you to do something” I said

“Anything” he replied

“I want to cut my hair off” I replied

“Why?” he asked

“Because anyone that knows me will be in the kings hall when we enter and they will recognise me instantly and we will not get close enough if i look like this” I said

“I will get my wife to do it” he said “come with me and I will take you to her” he added and I followed him through the village and to his house, he entered with me following him behind

“Astral ,y love” he said

“I am here” she said stepping out of a room “what is she doing here?” she asked when she noticed me

“She is fine, the bone reader has told me” he replied

“If you say so” Astral said

“I need you to cut her hair and make her look different but she will need to be able to fight so no dresses” Madare said

“Why would you need to fight?” she asked looking at me

“Because I can and we are going to see king Ultred and to get Rollo back” I replied

“Sit down” she said and went to get something to cut my hair off

“I will go and prepare” Madare said

“Let the others out” I said

“I will” he said and left the house, Astral was back and she started to cut off my hair

“I will make it short so that when they see you in armour they will not know that it is you” Astral said

“Thank you” I said “how many children do you have?” I asked

“I had four two girls and two boys and now all I have is Rollo” she replied

“And the one you are carrying” I replied

“How do you know?” she asked

“I know what it looks like to carry a child, I have seen it in my own face” I replied

“You have a child?” she asked

“No, I lost the child, it was the will of the gods” I replied

“I am so sorry” she said

“It is fine” I replied

“Do not let him know” Astral said

“I will not, it is not my place to tell your husband” I replied

“All done” she said

“Thank you” I replied

“There is armour back there, that should fit you” she said pointing to a room, I walked into the room and found plenty of armour that fit me, once I was ready I stood for a moment finally it was time to go and end this, i composed myself and went to join the others

“My lady” Latna said

“I do not ever want to be called that my name is Freyja” I said “Are we ready?” I asked

“We are, let us ride hard and fast, let us face our enemy together as one” I said and got onto our horse’s we rode as fast as we could towards Ultred, Madare had brought a few of his men along, there was now 30 of us riding, for two days we rode and finally we had reached the edge of the village, we got down from our horses and looked out over the village

“What is the plan?” Madare asked

“We need to split into groups we cannot go into the village as one group, Molka and Madare you will head to the main hall, Madare your men will go around the hall and the four of us will try and find out what prisoners they have here” I said

“Good” said Madare “spread through the village but do not hurt anyone, you will stay hidden until you are called for” he said

“Yes my lord” they said and did as they were asked, the four of us began to walk through the village, I held my head down as to not let anyone see me, we walked for a while when I noticed two men guarding a hut

“I need to get in there” I said pointing at the door

“”Fine I will go” Latna said and drew his sword

“Do not hurt them” I said

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