Changing my future

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Chapter 20 - Facing my father

“As you wish” he said putting his sword back and walking over to the house with Dranian, the two of them acted as if they were drunk and knocked the two guards out, I walked inside and found Aldred and everyone else there

“Aldred” I said going over to him “I am so sorry for what has been done to you and your family” I added

“My lady you should not be here, he knows” Aldred said

“I know” I replied

“Then why are you here?” Aldred asked

“Because this needs to end and I can do that” I replied

“He will kill you” Aldred said

“Maybe he will but I have to try” I replied

“Who do you have with you?” He asked

“Latna and Dranian you already know” I replied as they stepped forward

“I do” Aldred said “hello again my old friends I hope that you are well” he added

“Good to see you alive” Latna said

“I have also brought Madare and some of his men” I added

“Good” Aldred said

“You are not worried that I brought a foreign king into our village?” I asked

“No, Ultred is a tyrant and this needs to end” he replied “you will need all the help you can get” he added

“Let them out” I said to Latna and he released the chains to everyone that was locked in the house, Astra stepped forward

“I am sorry Astra” I said “you need to take those that cannot fight back to your holdfast”I said

“I will” she replied “the two of you please be careful” she added

“I will and I will make sure that she is as well” Aldred said and Astra walked from the hut with everyone that could not fight

“Aldred are there men here that you can trust that are not loyal to Ultred” I asked

“There are many here that feel the same as me about the king” Aldred said

“Good get them and surround the hall, you will find Madare’s men there as well” I said

“And what if we run into those loyal to the king?” He asked

“I am not him you will not kill them, chain them and put them in here” I said

“As you wish” Aldred said

“Where is Lafrim?” I asked

“With the king” Aldred replied

“I had guessed he would be” I said “is he alive?” I asked

“He is but Ragna rode in two days ago” Aldred said

“I knew that he would get here before me, does Lafrim believe that I am a traitor” I asked

“He does not know what to believe but you are here and he will see” Aldred said

“When you get to the hall please wait until I call you” I said and I walked from the house, I pulled the hood over my head and headed for the village hall as did the others and we walked straight into Ultred’s hall and stood around the edges, the king had Lafrim on the floor in front of him in chains, I wanted to rush over and help but now was not the time, I stayed still and listened

“Lafrim Aldredson, where is the traitor that thinks she is my daughter?” He asked

“How would I know?” he asked

“I have no child, so whoever she is must be punished for her lies” he said

“I have no idea” Lafrim said

“Where is the girl/” he asked

“Which girl?” Lafrim asked “I know many” he laughed

“Ragna” Ultred shouted why was he not telling him

“My lord” Ragna said stepping forward

“He needs a little encouragement to tell me the truth” Ultred said and Ragna began to punch Lafrim

“Enough” shouted the king

“Is that it” Lafrim laughed “as weak as your father” he said spitting out blood

“Where is Freyja?” Ultred shouted

“I have no idea, she turned against me, if she was here now I would kill her for you” Lafrim said so, he did think me to be a traitor

“Are you really not going to tell me where she is?” Ultred asked

“I have no answer to give you i do not know where the traitor is and I told you that I would kill her for you, why don’t you ask Ragna he seems to know where she is more than me” Lafrim shouted

“Fine bring him in” Ultred shouted and Alfred was dragged into the room, I had not noticed that he was not with Aldred and the others, what the hell was Ultred going to do, Ultred went ands tood behind Alfred and took his dagger from his waistband, he stood behind Alfred and put the dagger at his throat

“You will give me the answers that I want or your man slaves dies” Ultred said

“Do not tell him anything my lord” Alfred said and closed his eyes

“Well” shouted Ultred

“I told you I do not know where the traitorous bitch is” Lafrim shouted

“Fine” said Ultred

“Stop” I shouted I could not let him be killed because of me

“Who said that?” Ultred asked

“I did” I replied dropping my hood and stepping forward

“Freyja you bitch” Lafrim shouted “let me out and let me kill her for you my king” he added

“So you are here then” he said

“I am” I replied

“Why are you lying about who you are?” he asked “you are nothing but a slave from another land” he added

“You know as well as I do who I am, you order for me did not happen I was taken and freed from you” I said

“Aldred will die for his betrayal” Ultred shouted

“So you admit in front of everyone here that you ordered Aldred to kill your own flesh and blood” I shouted

“Ragna let Lafrim go you and he can kill her” Ultred shouted and Ragna released Lafrim from his chains and handed him a sword

“Are you ready to end this brother” Ragna said

“I am” Lafrim replied and walked towards me, it was Lafrim that attacked first, we began to fight I was not going to hurt him but something wasn’t right he was not fighting properly, he winked at me, I smiled he did not think that I had betrayed him he was on my side, Ragna rushed forward to attack and Lafrim spun around and put the sword at Ragnas throat

“One more step and you die” Lafrim said

“Areshole” Ragna said droppng his sword

“I am” Lafrim replied and laughed

“Get her” Ultred shouted to another man, I looked and a man came at me, I watched as Latna stepped forward and put a sword at his throat” do not move” Latna said

“I see you have brought another traitor into my house” Ultred said

“Why do you want me dead?” I asked

“Because you are a traitor” Ultred said

“It is not because I am a traitor, you do not want me to talk because you know what I say is the truth, I am your daughter that you ordered to be killed, I am the reason your kingdom is cursed” I said

“You should have died” Ultred said

“I should have but it seems that Odin has other plans for me” I replied and noticed that he flinched at the sound of Odin’s name

“Why now?” Ultred asked

“Because I thought that it was about time that your people knew the truth about everything, know it all” I said [Text Wrapping Break]“It is all lies my people trust me” he shouted

“They trust you enough to lie to you about carrying out your orders” I said

“they will never believe you, you are an outsider” he said

“I am no outsider I was born there kin and I am off your blood” I said

“You know nothing” he replied

“I know that your wife has not spoken to you since the day you gave the order for me to be killed and I know Odin appeared before you”I shouted so all could hear

“Lies” he shouted

“It is not” said a female voice from behind him

“Go back to your room” Ultred shouted

“Not anymore you will not tell me what you to do anymore, for nearly 18 winters I have believed her to be dead because of you but I can see her standing here now” Astrid said

“It is not her” Ultred said

“Let me look, I may have only held my daughter for a short while but I know my child” Astrid shouted

“Astrid stop” Ultred shouted as she began to walk towards me but she did not stop, she came up and stood in front of me

“Freyja” she said looking into my eyes “can it really be you?” she asked

“It is” I replied

“Show me” she said

“Show you what?” I asked

“Your right shoulder, you have a mark that looks like Thor’s hammer” she replied and I lowered the top on my right side so that she could see “it is you” she said and hugged me, she let go and turned round to face Ultred “you are a coward and a liar”she shouted

“Shut your mouth” Ultred shouted

“I will not anymore, once I loved you but I have not loved you for many years, the night Freyja was born and you gave the order for her to be killed, Odin appeared before you and told you that is you killed her then you would be cursed for all eternity” Atrid shouted

“But we have not been cursed” someone shouted

“You have but he has covered it up” I shouted back “do you have a boy here called Rollo” I asked but Ultred did not answer me

“He does” Astrid said

“Bring him to me” I said

“I will fetch him at once” Astrid said

“You will do no such thing you treacherous bitch” Ultred shouted

“Talk to my mother like that and I will have your tongue” I shouted

“Stop her” Ultred said

“Dranian stop him” I shouted and he stepped forward stopping the man that was going for my mother

“How many more traitors have you brought into my hall” he shouted

“More than you would like to know” I replied smiling at him and Astrid walked out with Rollo at her side

“Rollo come here boy do you remember me?” I asked

“I do your men played with me whilst you spoke to my father” he replied

“I did your mother will be happy to see you” I said

“And my father?” he asked

“He is fine and you will see them soon” I replied

“We are not cursed” the same man shouted again

“You were, your fields have producing less and less crops and your wild animals that you hunt have been disappearing, Ultred has been topping up your food stores with stolen goods” I replied

“Lies” someone shouted

“It is not lies he has been sending raiding parties north since the day after I was born, he has been killing the wives and children of Madares kin so they would never be able to fight back” I said

“It is all lies” someone shouted

“It is not lies” Latna shouted

“And what would a traitor know” someone shouted

“I am a traitor because I was ordered along with my men to go north and to kill them all, I am a traitor because I could not kill innocent children” Latna shouted

“And how do we know you are telling the truth” someone shouted

“Madare can tell you” I said

“How?” Ultred asked

“Because I am here” Madare said lowering his hood and stepping forward next to me

“You brought him here” Ultred shouted at me

“I did because the people need to hear the truth, there has been far too much blood shed and it has to stop” I shouted “Madare tell them” I said looking at him

“You believe me to be a tyrant when it is you who have been obeying a tyrant, I have only ever wanted to protect my people, there had always been a peace between our kingdoms, until you started raiding my kingdom on the orders of your king, I have lost two daughters and a son to this stupidity and I want no more bloodshed, Freyja came to me and asked me to come here and help to end this” Madare said

“Lies” Ultred shouted

“It is not lies, I do not want to fight anymore” Madare said

“Kill them all” Ultred shouted and all those that were loyal to him stepped up to his side with their weapons drawn

“You asked me earlier how many traitors I brought here, well I brought enough to end this” I said “Aldred” I shouted and the doors flew open ad in walked Aldred and all his men along with Madares men

“Kill them” Ultred shouted

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