Changing my future

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Chapter 22- Traitors among the people

when I woke up the next morning the bed next to me was empty, Lafrim must have rose early and was already out doing stuff I got up and went to find him

“Alfred have you seen Lafrim?” I asked”no, the last I saw of him he was leaving the hall with you” Alfred replied and I spent a few hours walking around the village trying to find Lafrim, when Molka, Latna and Dranian found me

“Where the hell have you been” Molka snapped at me

“Walking” I said

“We are meant to protect you” Molka said

“I do not need protecting here” I said

“Why were you walking?” asked Latna

“I was trying to find Lafrim” I replied

“Was he not with you?” Latna asked

“Latne if he was with me, why would I be out walking trying to find him” I said just then Alfred came running towards me

“Freyja, Freyja you need to see this” he said waving a piece of paper at me

“What is that?” I asked

“Read it Freyja” he said handing me the piece of paper, I opened it up and read what it said

“Where did you find it?” I asked

“It was nailed to the hall door” he replied

“Fetch, Aldred and Ragna bring them to me in the hall at once” I said and Aldred ran off to find them

“What is wrong?” Dranian asked

“You will see” I said and we walked back to the hall, and the others walked in shortly after

“Freyja you wanted us” Aldred said

“I did we have a problem” I said

“Wha?” Aldred asked

“Lafrim” I replied

“How is Lafrim a problem, is he too drunk again?” Ragna asked laughing

“Because of this” I said throwing the piece of paper onto the table and Ragna picked it up

“I can’t read” Ragna said handing it to me

“I will read it to you” I said

To the foreign Bitch

We took the thing that you hold most dear and unless we get our kingdom back the way that it was before you will not see him again

You have two days to give it all up or at sunrise on the third day Lafrim will lose his head, you will find us at my holdfast


“Lafrim’s gone?” Ragan asked

“He is” I replied “who is this bloody Sven?” I asked

“He was one of Ultred’s most loyal men and was paid very well for his work” Aldred replied

“And” I said

“It means that no matter what you offer him it will never be enough” Aldred said

“And where is his damn holdfast” I asked

“He has the furthest holdfast to the east” Aldred replied

“Let us go and kill them all” Ragna said

“Itis not that easy” Aldred said

“Why?” I asked

“His holdfast in on the top of a hill, no matter what direction we attack from he will see us, as soon as he sees us Lafrim will die” Aldred said

“Then what do we do?” I asked

“I see little choice but to give him what he wants” Aldred replied

“I will not do it” I said

“You misunderstand me, let him come and sit in the chair and take his head of here, it is easier to attack here “ ALdred said

“I will not show weakness by giving them what they want” I said screwing the letter up and throwing it in the fire

“If you do not give them what they want them you will lose Lafrim” Aldred said

“I will not lose him, I have a plan fetch Madare” I said and Aldred made a gesture to Alfred to go and fetch him

“Alfred told me, what can I do?” Madare asked walking into the hall

“Will you and your men help me?” I asked

“We will” he replied

“Good” I said

“What is the plan?” Madare asked

“I want a days head start and I will distract the bloody idiot, then you will follow with the army, bring them to the back of the holdfast whilst they are busy watching me you will attack the holdfast and kill any that wields a sword against you” I replied

“That will not work” Aldred said

“How many men have been distracted by the fact that I am a bloody woman, they think me weak and I will prove them wrong once and for all” I said

“Why kill them?” Aldred asked

Because they need to be made an example of, so that everyone else will see that if you stand against me then you will die” I said

“We will prepare” Dranian said

“No I go alone” I said

“Our job is at your side and you will not go alone” Molka said

You will join the main army” I said

“But” Molka said

“There are no but’s you have been given an order and you will follow it” I shouted picking my sword up and putting it where it belonged, I picked up a shield

“Freyja” Aldred said

“Prepare the army” I said and walked from the hall, they were not going to stop me, the bloody idiots think that they can take anything from me, they would soon blood learn, I saddled my horse and rode as fast and hard as I could I had no intention on stopping, two days was all they had given me and I wanted to make it there and I did just before dawn on the next day, when I reached the bottom of the hill that was Sven’s holdfast, I got of my horse and lit a fire they would come to me now, I was sitting and eating when a messenger came down to me

“Who are you and why are you here?” he asked

“You should already know that your lord has something that belongs to me” I replied lowering my head

“Freyja” he said his voice trembling

“Tell that bloody oath that is your lord that I am here and that he can come and see me” I said and the man walked away, coming back a little while later with six men

“You come here to my house” he said

“I came here to what will not be your house for much longer” I replied not even looking at him

“You will give us what we want” he shouted

“What who wants? I only know of the one called Sven, you want me to give it to you then I want to know all of whom wish to take it from me” I said

“Why?” he asked

“I want to know who to kill when this is over” I replied

“I am Sven” he said “there are five others who stand with me, Kane, Neme, Vanda, askir and Blera” he said

“So six of you and all your men against me” I said

“We do not need anymore men for you came alone, why did you come alone?” he asked

“I do not need my army, I went against my father to stop the bloodshed, I will not risk the lives of anymore people because you cannot accept what I have told you and you cannot accept a woman as your queen even after you saw the gods” I said

“We will kill Lafrim if you do not give it to us,” he said

“You probably already have” I replied

“No he is alive” Sven said “for now” he added

“I will give you the same choice that I gave Ultred” I said

“Which is?” Sven asked

“Show me he is alive first,” I said

“Send word back to the holdfast to bring Lafrin down to us now” he said and one of his men rode off to fetch him

“The choice” Sven shouted

“When I have seen him” I said and did not say another word, I just continued to eat and drink and soon enough two horses rode back towards us

“Finally” Sven said

“Lafrim” I said

“Why are you here?”he asked

“For you” I said “have they hurt you?” I asked

“No they have only hurt my pride, I was too drunk to stop them, I was having a piss when they grabbed me” he replied

“Good” I said

“What are the bloody choices bitch” Sven shouted

“Face me and end this, just you and me, fight me and take back what you want” I said smiling

“I have seen you fight and would be a fool to face you” Sven said

“Chose who ever you like to face me, let us end this” I said

“Freyja you cannot I know who he will choose and you cannot beat him” Lafrim said

“If you say so” I replied

“Anyone?” Sven asked

“Yes, anyone and meet me here at dawn tomorrow” I replied

“I will keep him at the holdfast” Sven said pointing to Lafrim

“As you wish” I said and they all left hopefully bringing them down here at dawn, would allow Aldred and the others to get to the other side of the holdfast and when the fight began down here, they would take their cue and attack the holdfast, I sat there all day and all night I did not sleep for I knew that if I went to sleep they would kill me, I sat there waiting and when dawn came they came riding down the hill from the holdfast

“Are you ready?” Sven asked

“Yes” I said standing up “where is the one that you have chosen?” I asked

“He is coming” Sven said laughing, then I saw him coming down from the holdfast, a giant of a man sat on what seemed to be a giant of a horse, now at least I understood what Lafrim had meant but it didn’t matter, I would give Aldred the chance to free Lafrim, if it meant that I gave my life then so be it, I bent down and lowered my head

“What are you doing?” Sven asked

“Praying” I replied

“I thought you were waiting for death” he laughed

“Thor Odin’s son protector of this world and the people that live in it, I pray for the strength to protect these people from a mighty foe, may you give me the strength that I need” I said and could hear everyone laughing but I did not care, I stood up and faced them

“Listen to me know whichever way this goes, this will be the end of it, if he beats me then the kingdom is yours, if I win not one of you will stand against me again is that clear” I shouted

“It is” Sven said

“If I win everything you have will be mine” I added

“If you win” Sven said

“That does not apply to Sven all of you will lose everything, your lives would be mine” I said “I could see the panic in their eyes “do you understand” I shouted

“Yes they understand” Sven said

“Sven we don’t want to lose everything” one said

“Kane, you think that Magna cannot beat this little girl” Sven said

“What if he does not?” Kane asked

“He will” Sven said

“She has the favour of the gods” Kane said

“Had them on her side against Ultred, we are not him” Sven replied

“Fine” said Kane

“Can we finish this?” I asked

“Magna kill this bitch” Sven shouted

“Magna before we start I want you to know that whatever happens here I do not hold it against you, you are only following orders” I said and drew my sword, I had hoped that Aldred had heard Sven shout and would soon begin to take the holdfast, I began to fight with Magna, we had been fighting for ten minutes when he landed his first blow, he pulled his sword across my arm

“You can surrender” Sven laughed

“Only a coward would surrender and I am no coward” I replied and continued to fight .I managed to cut his arms a few times but he had also got me a fair few times, Lafrim was right I was not good enough to win this fight, not fighting the way I was, not fighting like the viking that Lafrim had taught me to be, I had been fighting this way since he had taught me but now I needed to fight like the holymen had taught me, I turned to face Magna as an english fighter and not a viking, we had been fighting for nearly an hour when someone came running down from the holdfast

“My lord, my lord” he shouted and me and Magna stopped fighting

“What is it?” Sven asked

“The holdfast is under attack” he replied

“By who?” Sven asked

“By her army” he replied

“Impossible”Sven said

“It is not my lord, they have the holdfast and they have Lafrim, they are about to ride here” the man said

“We did not see them coming” Kane said

“No of course you bloody didn’t, you underestimated me because I am a bloody woman, I knew that you would come to me and not watch your holdfast” I smiled

“You are a weak woman, who will die” Sven sid

“Kill her now” Sven shouted and Magna rushed me, fighting even harder than he was before, I could see Aldred and Lafrim riding down the hill towards me, it would soon be over but I got distracted by watching them I didn’t see the dagger in his hand, as I lifted my sword to stop his, he plunged the dagger into my side and I dropped to my knees

“Freyja” Lafrim shouted jumping down off of the horse and running towards me

“No if you get involved it is not right” I said

“Your hurt” he said

“Lafrim no” I shouted “I gave my word and I will not break it” I added standing up again, I held my hand over my side to stop the flow of blood, I was losing blood fast and I needed to end this, I knew he would again run at me believing that because I was hurt he would be able to kill me now

Magna came at me with his sword in his hand and I waited until he got close enough to touch and I dropped to my knees, Raising my sword and plunging it into his guts, twisting at the same time, when I pulled my sword out I threw it on the fire, I needed to seal my side

“No” Sven shouted “that is impossible” he said

“The only thing that is impossible is for you to be clever” I said and went over to the fire, I could not do this on my own

“Lafrim” I said calling him over

“What Freyja?” he asked

“Pick up the sword I said

“Why?” he asked

“Seal the wound” I said

“I cannot” he said

“You must I need to seal this wound I am losing way to much blood” Taking his hand

“I cannot” Lafrim said again

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