Changing my future

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Chapter 24 - To the East

At dawn the next morning I was up and preparing to leave and woke Lafrim up

“Time to go” I said

“You should not be going” he said

“Why the bloody hell not?” I asked

“Because you are the queen now” he said

“What difference does that make?” I asked

“The people need you here” he replied

“The people do not need me here, the people, need to see that I will do what I ask them to do and it is you that wants me to stay here” I said

“I do” he replied

“It is tough, I am going you can stay here if you like” I said and walked from the room, I had 100 people ready to ride, Madare and his men were also joining us, as I had asked, he was at the head of all the men waiting for me

“Are you ready?” I asked

“I am and you” he replied

“I am” I said and Lafrim come out and got onto his horse, Aldred was standing there waiting for us

“Aldred I leave you in charge, until I return” I said

“As you wish” Aldred said

“Yarrrrrr” I said kicking the horse and riding off to start our journey, for three days we rode as far as we could, stopping to eat and to rest the horses, we saw nothing at the start when we crossed the border, it was two days more of riding before we came across anyone, as soon as they saw us coming they fled we made camp and we decided that we would explore the area that we were in, it was morning when some horses approached our camp

“We wish to speak to your leader” The man on the horse at the front said

“You are” I said stepping forward and all the men laughed

“We want to speak to your leader” he said again

“I am the leader whether or not you like it, you may be an arsehole but don’t be stupid” I said

“You dare let a woman talk to me like that, your king is a fool” he said, I drew my dagger from my side and threw it at the man next to him, who dropped off of his horse dead

“I have told you that I am the leader, next time you insult me I will kill you and not the man next to you, do you understand” I shouted

“I do” he said

“What the hell do you want?” I asked

“We have come to talk” he replied

“Well get off your horse and join us for food and drink” I said and they did, they sat by the fire and had meat and water

“Why water?” he asked

“Because beer makes you weak” I replied it wasn’t really that but I did not feel like letting them have any of our beer and he nodded “what do you want to talk about?” I asked

“Why are you here?” he asked

“To explore” I replied

“This is our kingdom” he said

“It is but if we join together we stand a better chance of beating the foreign enemy that will reach our shores one day” I replied

“We work with no man, we take what we want and when we want,” he replied

“That is how it worked in the south but it caused a war between south and north, there has been far too much bloodshed and if we all work together then that will stop” I replied

“The north would not join the south, I hear that their king is mad and savage” the man replied

“The north did join us you can ask their king” I said pointing at Maddare

“You are the mad north king” the man said looking shocked at the fact that he was sitting there

“I am the north king but I can tell you that I am certainly not mad, my name is Maddare” Maddare replied

“Why would you join the north?” the man asked

“Tell me your name and I will answer your question” Maddare said

“My name is Karl” he replied

“I joined Karl because Freyja is right there has been far too much bloodshed between our kingdoms and there is so much more that we can do for each other than death, Freyja is very brave and very wise, the foreign men will come and if we are all fighting each other they will take everything that we have” Maddare replied

“How do you know that she is telling the truth?” Karl asked

“Because I tortured her and when she escaped, she did not kill me instead she offered help to stop the bloodshed and because the gods say that she is meant to help all” Maddare replied

“You tortured her?” the man asked looking at me strangely

“My name is Freyja and yes he tortured me” I said and lifted the back of my top up so they could all see

“And Freyja did not make a sound” Maddare said

“And” Karl said

“How many people do you know that could take a beating like that and not make a sound?” Maddare asked

“None that I know” he replied

“I am not here to argue or talk to a man that is not the king, you will ride back and tell your king that I wish only to speak to him,” I said

“How do you know that I am not?” Karl asked

“Because I do” I replied “go and give my message to your king” I added

“I will leave at once” he said and they all got up and got back on their horses and rode back to their village

“How did you know?” Lafrim asked

“I cannot explain it, it was the way he spoke, he was too oathish to be the king” I replied

“Why speak to the king?” Maddare asked

“Because a peace between all four kingdoms of this land is better than us losing more of our kin” I replied “we will stay here until the man returns” I added

“We will get some more wood and some more food” Latna said and along with Dranian and Molka they went off to go and get the wood and food, the sun had just began to set when Karl and his men rode back into their camp, he had brought a few more men with him this time it would seem that he knew not to underestimate me this time

“Join us” I said

“Fine” he said getting down off of his horse

“Did you deliver my message to your king?” I asked

“I did and we are here to escort you to him now” Karl replied

“No” I said

“What?” he asked

“I said no, I will go at dawn” I said and started to eat

“You will see him now” Karl shouted at me

“There is no point in shouting at me, it will not make me do what you want, this meeting with the king will happen on my terms” I replied

“You will come alone” Karl said

“Again no I will not, I will come with 5 men and the rest of my men will wait outside of your village” I replied

“The king will not like that” Karl said

“I really do not care what your king does and doesn’t like, if he will not accept my terms then I will ride home to my village and I will take you kingdom off of you, now you will sit and eta and then you will deliver my message to your king” I said And continued to eat and drink, they all looked between each other and then began to eat and drink, once they had finished they got back onto their horses and rode back to deliver my message to the king

“Why did you say it was on your terms?” Lafrim asked

“Because they need to see that I am serious” I replied

“Why?” he asked

“Because everybody that I have ever met has underestimated me and not taken me serious, I want this king to take me serious from the start” I said and we walked back to the tent that had been put up for us, when we got inside we went to bed and I laid down in bed and I laid my head on his chest.

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