Changing my future

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Chapter 25 - Advance warning

It was halfway through the night when I heard someone calling my name outside the tent

“Freyja” a woman’s voice calling I got out of bed and went to see who it was that wanted to talk to me at this time in the morning

“Freyr why are you here?” I asked recognising her from Maddare's village

“To give you some advice” she replied

“The god’s are not meant to help” I said

“We are not but my father has taken a liking to you and would be very displeased if anything should happen to you” Freyr replied

“What advice is it that you have for me then?” I asked

“To warn you about the king that you are about to go and meet” she replied

“What about him?” I asked

“His son was brutally murdered and it has left him very twisted” Freyr said

“Many of the people in these kingdoms have lost their children” I replied

“Not because of your father” she replied

“What the hell did he do now?” I asked

“The boy was playing near the borders of your kingdom and your father was at Sven’s holdfast, he thought that it would be fun to tortue the boy and to use him for hunting practise” Freyr replied

“That man was a bloody animal but how does this king know that Ultred was the one to kill his son?” I asked

“The king took one of Sven’s slaves and tortured them until they told him the truth” Freyr replied

“Hell that man made things worse as always” I said "I think that the man that called himself my father caused many problems for all the people of this land" I added

"he did, your father was a pig headed fool, he believed in Odin in the end but by then it was too late" Freyr said

"I hope Hel is enjoying his company" I said

"I'm sure that Hel will be having fun with your father" Freyr said smiling

"is that all the advice that you have for me?" I asked

“There is also something else that you should know” Freyr said

“What more could there be?” I asked

“The king here is your uncle” she replied

“What?” I asked

“When Ultred was just a boy he had an older brother but Ultred was a horrible child and did not want his big brother to get the throne so your father killed a child in their village and told everyone that his older brother had killed them, everybody there tried to have your uncle killed but he managed to flee and came to this kingdom, he challenged the king that ruled his kingdom at the time and he won the fight and as by your traditions he kept what he had won” she replied

“I know how the traditions work” I said and heard a noise coming from my tent, I turned to see what was happening when Lafrim stepped out of the tent

“What are you doing out here?” he asked me

"getting some air" I replied

"that does not explain why you are outside the tent on your own" Lafrim said

"you think that I am unsafe in my own camp?" I asked

"I think you are unsafe anywhere that is not our village" Lafrim said

"why don't you go back to sleep Lafrim, I can handle any threat if any turns up" I said

"I won't leave you, who was you talking to?" Lafrim asked

“I was talking to” I started to say turning back to where Freyr was standing to notice that she had vanished

“Talking to who?” Lafrim asked

“It doesn’t matter, we need to go get everyone up we need to clear this camp and go and see this king I said and I walked back into my tent to put all of my armour on and pick up my weapons, there was no way I was walking into another man’s house without my weapons or my armour, what the hell was I going to say to this king who turned out to be my bloody uncle, how could I make him see that I was not my father, Lafrim came over to me whilst I was getting my horse ready

“Everyone is ready to go,” he said

“Let us go then” I said getting on my horse and riding off towards the village, I knew that I was not being very nice to Lafrim but I did not need the distraction, I loved Lafrim with all my heart but I did not need this king to see how I felt about him as he could then use that against me, as we rode further to the east we could see them already waiting for us, I rode off ahead of everyone else accompanied by Lafrim, Maddare, Molka, Latna and Dranian to greet them before the others got there

“Is the king happy to accept me?” I asked

“He is although he requests that you come alone” Karl replied

“That is not going to happen” Lafrim said

“I did not say that to you” Karl snapped at Lafrim

“He is right, I will not be coming alone, it is me and these men or my army” I replied

"that was not my orders" Karl replied

"I really do not care what your orders are, this is your choice, would your king be happy if you did not let me come with my men and I go and get my army to take all that you have, I think he would be happier if you let me come with 5 men instead of a thousand don't you" I said

“Fine follow us” he said

“When I am ready” I said “Latna ride back to them and tell them to stay here, if we do not send word by nightfall, then they are to ride back to our village and bring the army” I said and Latna rode back to the other men and gave them my message coming back a few moments later “lead the way” I said and they led us through their village, If this talk did not go right and we had to attack I needed to know everything about this village so I began to look around at everything I could see, with in a few minutes we were outside their village hall and getting down off of our horses

"this is our hall" Karl said

"then let us go and talk to your king" I said

“Your weapons will stay here” Karl said and some of his men stepped forward to wait for us to pass them our weapons

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