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Chapter 26 - Meeting the King

“If you think that I am going to walk into another man’s house without my weapons then you are mistaken and I will go and get back on my horse” I said

“Come with me then” Karl said and led us into the hall, this king my uncle was sat on his throne looking at everything that was happening around him, the woman there that were his slaves were being made to do all manner of things most of them were crying but not one of them was making a sound, I walked straight towards the king

“Whilst I am here you will tell your men to leave them alone” I said once I was standing in front of him

“This is my house” he shouted at me

“And I am your guest and I find it very offensive, if you wish to talk to me then you will stop them now” I said “if you want me to go and get my army then by all means let them continue” I added when he did not reply to me

“Leave them now” he shouted and all of his men stopped what they were doing

“Can I talk to them?” I asked

“Why would you want to do that they are slaves?” he asked

“Because I wish to know what they think of you and your men” I replied

“They do not talk the same language as us and no one here can talk to them” he replied

“It is lucky then that I do” I replied

“How do you speak their language?” he asked

“Because I can, how I can really does not matter, can I speak to them” I said again

“Go ahead” he said

“Ladies come here” I said so only they could understand me but not one of them moved they all looked at me strangely “please do not fear me I am not here to hurt you, I am here to help you, Please come to me” I said and they walked to me “do they do that all of the time?” I asked and they all looked back at the king “do not fear that bloody oath cannot understand you” I added

“Yes all of the time and with all different men” one replied

“And he does nothing?” I asked

“He lets them” she said “he finds it entertaining to watch” she added and looked back at him

“Do not fear him, when you leave this hall run out of the village and you will find my men all you need to say to them is” and I lent in and whispered in her ear “Freyja sent you” in old norse, I turned back to the king and all of the woman left the hall as I had told them to

“What did you say to them and why are they leaving?” the kings asked

“I told them that they could go because your men would not be able to resist them and they told me that you are a good man and keep them alive” I lied to him

“Please sit” The king said and pointed to a chair that was near him “why did you not do as I ask and leave your weapons and come alone” he added

“I will stand” I replied “and I will not enter another man’s house without my weapons or alone, when I do not know that man, would you enter my house alone and unarmed” I replied

“No I would not” he replied

“Then you cannot expect me to” I said

“Why are you here?” he asked

“Because I wish to talk you about working together to save our kingdoms” I replied

“Why?” he asked

“Because there has been too much bloodshed and far too many people have died, there are things we have that you need and things that you have that could help us out and if we do not work together when the english come we will not be able to stop them” I replied

“I need nothing from you and I don’t even know who you are” he replied

“And I do not know you, yet I have still come to you” I replied

“I am King Aetheon son of Heknar” he said “and you?” he asked

“I am Freyja” I replied

“And who is your father?” he asked

“Who my father is does not matter, he tried to have me killed the day that I was born, I was smuggled away, I was raised by the english that is why I can talk their language, I was brought back a slave and now I rule so who my father is not a problem” I replied

“You are the queen” he said

“I am, I stopped a tyrant king, I stopped many people from being killed, I have already joined two of our kingdoms” I said

“King Maddare my men have told me that you tortured her” Aetheon asked

“I did my king I tried to use her against her king but she did not say a damn word, she then made me a promise to get my son back when the tyrant king kidnapped him even if it meant her life, even after what I had done to her she still promised to help me and to stop the killing and she kept that promise, the gods told me that she would bring a peace to my kingdom and she has” Maddare replied

“How did you torture her?” Aetheon asked I was getting annoyed I wanted to talk not to listen to this bullshit, I stood up and took off my leather top and lifted up my shirt to show him the scars that I had on my back

“He whipped me for two hours” I said

“Why then if he did that to you did you still help him?” Aetheon asked

“Because he was only after revenge for what had been done to his children and his kin, it was nothing against me, it is the same way that you want revenge but you will not get it, take my word Ultred got what he deserved he died knowing that he was hated” I replied

“What do you mean the way that I want revenge?” Aetheon asked

“I know what happened to your son and I know what Ultred did to him” I replied

“How do you know what Ultred did to my son when you were not raised on this land, you are just guessing” Aetheon said

“Your son was captured by Ultred when he was playing in the fields below and man named Sven’s holdfast, Ultred spent hours torturing him for information on you but your son was strong and when he did not answer Ultred used him for hunting practise” I replied

“What in hell” Aetheon shouted standing up and drawing his sword

“I also know who you are and what Ultred did to you when you were children” I said and I walked towards him

“Freyja no” shouted Lafrim standing up and drawing his own sword

“Sit down” I shouted at Lafrim and he did as I had asked him

“What do you mean you know who I am, I told you that I am king Aetheon of the west kingdom” he said

“That is who you are now but you should have been king of the southern kingdom and not your little brother, Ultred killed a child in your village and placed the blame on you, instead of taking your punishment you ran here and challenged the king upon winning you took his kingdom, you have been trying to plan an attack on the southern kingdom since your son was killed” I replied

“How in hell do you know that?” he shouted at me

“The gods told me” I replied

“The gods do not exist” Aetheon said

“I am sorry my lord but they do exist we all saw them at our village the night that Ultred died” Latna said

“How did Ultred die?” Aetheon asked

“I killed him” said Maddare

“Why then are you not the king if you killed him?” Aetheon asked

“Because I already have a kingdom to run, I only killed him because after he had surrendered he tried to kill Freyja when her back was turned and I was not their leader she was because” Maddare said and looked at me before finishing his sentence

“Because she what?.” Aetheon asked

“Because that bloody oath was my father” I replied

“You are ultred’s child?” he asked

“I am” I replied

“Then you come into my house and bloody lie to me, you grew up in that damn village” he shouted, taking another step towards me

“I did not grow up here, I told you the truth when I said that my father tried to kill me, he wanted a boy to take over his kingdom not a girl and when he found out that I was a girl he ordered my throat to be slit, I have no love for that man and he was never my father” I replied

“My brother was always a pig headed fool” Aetheon said

“Ultred believed that only a boy would be strong enough to rule the kingdom, he believed that killing the women and children of the northern kingdom would stop them from attacking, he never expected to be taken down by a daughter that he believed to be dead, he believed that his first would never betray him but his first Aldred was loyal only to me as the gods had asked” I replied

“He would never believe that his men would betray him” Aetheon said

“Now that we have all that rubbish out of the way and you know that I hated Ultred as much as you do, can we now talk” I said

“We can” Aetheon said

“Know that I will never lie to you” I said

“Bring food” Aetheon shouted and a lot of food was brought in and laid on the table in front of everyone “join me” he said

“Of course,” I said and we all sat down

“What do you want from me?” Aetheon asked

“To stop the bloodshed, it would also seem that you have better trees growing here than we do in the south but I am guessing by the looks of the boat that I saw on the way in, you are not very good at building them, where as we are” I replied

“We are not very good at boating building” he replied laughing

“Then you bring us the wood and we will build them for you” I said

“And what do you want in return?” he asked

“For you to stop attacking my people and if I could ask that you stop your men taking the woman that they bring back from the raids” I replied

“But we take what we want” Aetheon said

“And how many of them are actually alive the next day?” I asked

“What difference does that make” Aetheon shouted at me

“Why do all you bloody men think that shouting at me will make any difference and as to why if you keep the men away from them you will find out that you will have more alive and they will do more for you” I replied

“How?” he asked

“Because they have not been forced to do something that they do not want to do, I will send someone from my village to help to teach them our language, you will find that they will do more for you if you treat them better” I replied

“I will try but my men may not listen to me” Aetheon said

“Are you not the king?” I asked

“Of course, I am the bloody king” he shouted

“Then they should do as they are told, I have executed 6 people that decided they would disobey me, no one will now” I replied

“They will do as I ask” Aetheon said

“Do we have an agreement, no more bloodshed” I asked

“We do” he said “let us celebrate and I will tell my people” he added

“I will get the rest of my men” I said

“As you wish, I will get the feast prepared” he said

I walked from Aetheons room followed by all the others to go back and bring the rest of our men, Lafrim walked besides me

“How did you know that he was Ultred’s brother?” Lafrim asked

“I told you that I was talking to someone this morning” I replied

“Who?” Lafrim asked

“The goddess Freyr” I replied

“The god’s are still helping you?” Lafrim asked

“They seem to be” I replied

“They are not meant to help” Lafrim said

“I know that they are not meant to help but it would seem when they said that I would bring a peace to the kingdoms they meant all of the kingdoms” I replied

“What are we going to do next?” Lafrim asked

“There is only one way left and that is west” I replied

“Will we all go?” Lafrim asked

“We will” I said “now lets us all go and join Aetheon” I said and all of us walked back to the hall to go and join Aetheon, when we arrived at the hall there had been tables and chairs placed all around for us all to sit at

“Please join me” Aetheon said as we walked into the hall and pointed at the empty chairs at his table, we all sat down and began to eat and drink

“It would seem that you can also make better beer than we do” I said after I had drunk some of it

“We do have a good taste for beer” Aetheon laughed

“It is all you men do” I replied laughing

“True, when we are not raiding what else is there to do?” Aetheon replied

“More than drinking” I said laughing again after we had all finished eating Aetheon stood up

“Shut up” he shouted and a silence fell over the hall “as you can see we have guests and they are still alive” he shouted

“They won’t be by the end of the night” someone shouted

“This is one time that they will not die, we have come to terms and there will now be a peace between our kingdoms”he replied

“Peace” someone else shouted

“Yes you bloody oaths peace, there will be no more bloodshed between our kingdoms, you will also not take any of the women you bring back from the raids, they are to be left alone” he shouted

“You cannot stop us” someone shouted

“I am your king and you will do as I have ordered you or you will die” Aetheon shouted his reply and I watched as one of his men pulled one of the young girls onto his lap and started to grab her, I could see that the girl was trying to get away from him

“Do you mind?” I asked pointing out what was going on

“Go ahead, he was warned” Aetheon said and I got up from my seat and walked towards him

“Your king told you to leave the girl alone” I said as I got closer to him

“Fine, I will have you instead you are not a slave” he said and pushed the young girl away from him

“You are an ugly oath I am not suprised that you have to force women to be with you” I said

“Bitch” he said and swung his fist at me but because he was drunk it was easy to duck out of the way

“You are as slow as an old woman” I said

“Come here bitch” he said and again he tried to punch me, this time I managed to get round behind him, I took my dagger from my waistband and put it at his throat

“Your king has commanded you not to touch any of these women and yet you disobey any more of you disobey his orders and this will be your faith” I shouted so that all in the hall could hear me and I pulled my dagger across the man’s throat

“Foreign bitch” A man said jumping up and running towards me with a sword, I drew mine as quick as I could and defended myself against him

“Zvara sit down” Aetheon shouted “I told all of you not to touch the woman or you would die and he did not listen” he added

“You mean slaves” Svara shouted

“Yes I mean slaves but you will not touch them or you will join him in Valhalla” Aetheon shouted “slaves” he added but not one of them could understand him so carried on with what they were doing “would you tell them?” he asked

“Of course” I said and turned to them “all of you that can understand what I am saying look at me” I added and all of them turned to face me “the king has commanded that these fucking oaths do not touch you, any of them do and they will die like him” I said and pointed to the man that I had killed “to help you adjust to life here I will send one of my friends here to help you to understand them better” I added “Are you sure that they will leave us alone?” one of the women asked

“You have my word that if any of these idiots touch you, they will die, I know what it is like to be one of you and you will be treated better from now on” I said and they all smiled at me so I turned back to Aetheon “it is done and I have a question for you” I said

“Which is?” Aetheon asked

“Will you and some of your men ride to the west with me and unite this entire kingdom in peace?” I asked

“A land without bloodshed would be a much better place to live” he replied

“We ride tomorrow” I said

“Then we will rest” Aetheon said

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