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Chapter 27 - To the West

We all left the hall and went to rest for the night at dawn the next morning we got ready to ride to the west, for five days we rode west and saw nothing, it was two more days of riding before we saw anything but all that we did see was burnt down houses and bodies of the dead, what the hell had happened here and where was everyone, we came to the coastline and that is when we got our answer,I looked over the sandbank and saw ships just off shore and I recognised the flag, the english had come

“Set up camp in that flat bit and make sure that we have defenses all the way around, Latna ride home and bring the army” I said

“Of course, Freyja” Latna said and he rode away

“Why the army?” Maddare asked

“Because they are English and they will not give up, they will attack and kill us all,” I said

“Bara ride and fetch our army” Maddare said looking at one of his men

“Yes, my king” the man replied and rode away

“Svara the same go and get them all” Aetheon said

“My king” Svara said and also rode off into the distance

“Dranian, Molka keep watch, when the armies are here and they have seen it they will come” I said and they went and did what I had asked them

“Why are we putting defenses all around?” Lafrim asked

“I know the English it is what I read about, they believe that we are savages and they believe that they can outsmart us but they do not know that I know their ways, I want a wall all the way around the camp with spikes on every post, I want only one entrance with a gate” I said and everyone who was there began to help with the work including myself Maddare and Aetheon they had both commanded their men to do whatever I asked them too and for seven days we built our defences and waited for our armies to turn up, once all of our armies had arrived I knew that the English would soon come to us, as they now knew what force they would have to face and just as the sun began to set, we saw them riding to our camp, the gates were opened and ten men rode upto our camp

“We wish to speak to your king” one of them shouted in English

“Let them in” I said and the gates were opened allowing them to ride in we waited for them to reach us, they got off of their horses and stood opposite us

“We want to talk to your king” he said in English again

“What does he want?” Maddare asked

“To speak to our king” I replied

“Talk to him then” Maddare said

“I don’t want them to know that I can talk and understand them, I want to know what they say if they think that we cannot understand what they are saying” I replied

“Why?” Aetheon asked

“Because to know your enemy is to know what they think of you, if they think that we cannot understand them they will not hide what their plans are for us” I replied

“We will see” said Aetheon who seemed not to believe that my way would work

“King” one said and gestured to a crown on his head, Aethon pointed at me

“No you dumb arse fucking savage your king not your slut” he said looking at Aetheon

“Give them some beer” I said and some glasses were brought over to them and I guestered for them to sit down opposite us and they did

“King” he said again but instead of Aetheon just pointing at me they all did, I was trying so hard not to laugh because could see by the look on their faces that they were getting rather annoyed

“Ed, why the fuck do they keep pointing to her?” he asked

“Because they are savages and don’t understand a damn word that we are saying” the man replied

“Why are we here?” the other one asked

“Because we have been sent here to stop these pigfuckers coming to our lands and taking our stuff” he replied

“But why? It is only stuff and it seems stupid to risks the lives of our people” the other said

“It may only be stuff but these pigfuckers need to be taught a lesson, they need to be taught that they cannot come to our lands and take our stuff and our people” Ed replied

“I see” the other man replied

“Look at these fucking idiots trying to work out what we are saying, the way they are looking at us they do look like pigs” Ed said and all of the men laughes

“What did he say?” Lafrim asked

“He called us pig takers and said that we look like pigs” I replied

“I would rather look like a pig than a horses backside” Lafrim said and we all laughed

“Why the fuck are they laughing?” one asked

“Darren do not worry they are about as clever as horse shit” Ed replied

“Why are we sitting with them if we are here to teach them a lesson?” Darren asked

“I was hoping that one of them would talk our language” Ed replied “but it seems like they do not and we will have to fight these goat fuckers” he added

“Do we not have anyone that can talk to them for us?” Darren asked

“There may have been in the first lot that we meet when we came here but we killed them all” Ed replied

“What will happen to the woman?” Darren asked

“She will stay in her tent when we attack, she will not fight” Ed replied

“What are they saying this time?” Aetheon asked

“This time they are goat takers and I think that they are about to say what they wish to do me” I replied laughing

“Can we kill them all?” Darren was asking

“Yes, like taking milk from a baby” Ed replied

“Good if that whore is still alive after the battle, I need some pleasure we have been at sea for a long time , I won’t look at the uglys bitches face I will fuck her from behind she will give me pleasure” Darren said and I could no longer hold it in, these Idiots realy thought that they could take us out and that cocksucker really thought that he was going to do that to me, I could not help it and I burst out laughing, the look on their faces when I started to laugh was great to see, the look of utter shock

“If you dare try and touch me and do what you have just said not only would you lose your cock you would also lose your life” I said

“You understand us?” Darren asked stuttering he looked terrified

“I do I was raised by the English but these are my kin, you need not look so terrified Darren I do not bite, do not believe all the bullshit that you hear about us, we are not pigfuckers or goat fuckers for that matter” I said and then looked at Ed “you came onto our lands saying that you want to talk to us but all you have done is insult us” I said

“I did not mean it” he replied

“That is bullshit, if you did not want to insult us then you would not have fucking done so, now what the fuck do you want to talk about” I replied

“We want to talk to your king, the man that speaks for all of you not someone’s bitch” Ed said

“I will ask them” I said and looked at the others

“The idiot wants to talk to the one that speaks for all of us,” I said and all of them pointed at me I looked back at Ed “it would seem that I am no ones bitch, you see I rule the southern kingdom” I said and smiled at him

“A woman rule that is not how your people work” Ed said confused

“It is not how it used to work but it is how it works now, I united all of our kingdoms to stand against you, this is Maddare of the northern kingdom and this is Aetheon of the eastern kingdom” I said as I pointed at each of them

“How you are savages?” Darren asked

“That is how you see us because of you teaching’s on us and that is how we want to be seen” I replied smiling at him

“But you are one os us” Darren said

“No” I said

“But you were raised by us” he said

“I may have been raised by the English but these are my kin” I replied “now stop this bullshit and tell me what the fuck you want” I said looking at Ed

“To give you the terms of your surrender” Ed said

“Terms of our surrender” I laughed at him

“Yes, you will surrender” Ed said

“What are these terms then?” I asked

“Each and everyone of you savages will lay down your weapons, we will burn down your house’s, we will take back our kin that you have taken and you will come back as our slaves” he said smiling at me

“And if we do not?” I asked

“Then each and everyone of you will die” Ed replied

“I will tell them what you have said” I said and turned to the others “he wants us to surrender” I said to them

“Are they bloody mad” Lafrim said

“They are joking aren’t they?” Latna asked

“They are not that is not all that they want from us” I replied

“What else do these monkeys want?” Maddare asked

“They want us to lay down our weapons and watch as they burn our holdfast’s” I replied

“They think that we would lay down our weapons?” Aetheon asked laughing

“They do” I laughed

“There are as thick as horse dung” Laughed Dranian “do they even know who we are?” he asked

“There’s more” I said

“Really” Laughed Molka

“Yes they also want to take back everyone person that we have ever taken from their land and they want us to go with them as their slaves” I said and that was it we were all laughing

“I think that the sea may have made them lose theirs minds” Maddare said still laughing

“It may well have done” I laughed back

“What are you going to tell them?” Lafrim asked

“I don’t know yet but they think that they can come here onto our land and treat us like damn fools and I will not have that, no one will mess with our people, we will send them running back to their land and they will never want to step foot here again” I replied

“But how?” Lafrim asked

“I do not know, I need a day or so to try and figure out what we are going to do about them” I replied

“What do they say?” Ed said getting annoyed

“I will tell you when they actually decide and stop insulting you, now sit the fuck down and drink your beer” I replied

“What did you tell him?” Dranian asked

“I told him to shut up and drink his beer until you have finished insulting them” I replied

“I see” Dranian laughed

“Maddare, Aetheon what do you both think? This is a decision that we all have to make, this land belongs to all of us” I said

“Kill them all and just send their heads back” Maddare saud

“I say kill most of them and enslave the rest” Aetheon said

“It would seem that we are on the same path, I do not want these arseholes to come onto our land and take everything that we have” I said

“Tell them to go and meet us on the field of battle” Lafrim said

“Not yet” I replied

“Why?” Molka asked

“We need a better plan than to just attack, if we attack we will all lose too many men” I replied

“As you wish, you know these people better than any of us here, we will leave the decision to you” Maddare said and I turned back and looked at Ed

“Well” he said

“We need time to decide what it is that we are going to do so, you can fuck off and come back tomorrow” I said

“You want us to wait?” Ed asked

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