Changing my future

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Chapter 28 - Our terms

“Yes you will wait now get the fuck out” I shouted “Latna escort thee arsehole out of our camp” I said looking at Latna and he got up and took all of the men out of our camp and shut the gate behind them, he came back and sat with us

“What are we going to do?” Latna asked

“They will come back tomorrow night and I will offer them terms of their surrender, which of course they will refuse and they will attack at nightfall and we will kill them all” I replied

“How?” Latna asked

“A trap” I replied

“What sort of trap?” Lafrim asked

“Can we get enough oil here tomorrow night to surround the camp?” I asked

“Are you planning the same as you did at Aldred’s holdfast” Molka asked

“Yes” I replied

“What happened at my father’s holdfast all I know is that you saved my mother?” Lafrim asked

“We will surround this camp with a trench and fill it with oil, we will sneak out of the back and hide in the woods, they will think that we are asleep, they will run in and think they can kill us, we light the fire and trap them in leaving only the entrance clear, leaving the entrance clear will limit the number of them that can run out at us and we will not lose any men” I replied

“That doesn’t explain what you did at my fathers holdfast” Lafrim said

“We did exactly what I just said” I replied

“It sounds stupid and will not work” Aetheon said

“It has worked before and it will work again” I replied

“If you say so” Aetheon snapped at me,he really did not think that I could pull this off, that I could help us defeat the English

“We should all rest tomorrow is going to be along day and I do not see that there will be any chance for us to sleep” I said getting up and walking from the fire and towards my tent, Lafrim followed behind me quickly

“You should stay hidden tomorrow” he said as he walked in the tent behind me and out his arms around me

“Why?” I asked escaping his grip and turning to face him

“Because I do not want you to get hurt” he replied and tried to hug me

“Not this again, how many bloody times do I have to tell you so that you understand, I am not the stay at home type” I said

“you will do as you are told” Lfrim shouted at me

“You dare try and tell me what to do again” I said and pushed Lafrim up against the centre pole and put my hands around his throat “this will be done my way or not at all and you will not stop me, if you do not like it then go and find a bitch that will obey your word, I will not I chose how this goes and you will either except it or you will get the hell out” I shouted at him

“Why does it have to be your way?” Lafrim shouted

“Because that is who I am” I replied still shouting at him

“You are a weak woman” Lafrim shouted getting out of my grip

“You think me weak” I shouted and I punched Lafrim in the face “get the hell out if that is what you think of me” I shouted and Lafrim walked towards me

“You dare hit me” he shouted

“I do you are bloody oath and a fool” I shouted “you need to learn that I am in control” I said and he walked towards me and grabbed me by the throat

“You are a bloody annoying woman” he said and he kissed me “I love you and I do not want to see you get hurt,” he added

“And you know that I love you too, I will not sit on my hands and wait for death to come to me, if tomorrow is to be my last day then so be it, I will meet them head on and nothing you can say will ever change that, you must understand that Lafrim” I said

“I am beginning to understand” he said and started to kiss me again, we laid together as we both knew that by this tomorrow we could be in the halls of Valhalla drinking with Odin

As dawn came upon the camp and we were all up and ready to start the day, by the time the sun had begun to set we had everything ready, I knew that they would have been watching everything that we had been doing and I had hoped that they would be confused by what we had been doing, we lit the fire and sat and ate waiting for them to turn up and as the sun set completely they rode towards our camp, they were brought in and sat opposite us

“Have you had time to discuss the terms of your surrender?” Ed asked

“We have” I replied

“And what is your answer?” he said

“We have terms for you” I replied

“What is the answer?” he shouted

“The answer to your terms is that you can go and fuck yourself, now here are our terms” I replied

“What do you mean go fuck yourselves?” Ed asked

“Exactly what it sound like, we will not be given you a fucking thing you foreign cock sucker” I replied and he jumped up out of his seat

“What did you say to him?” Maddare asked

“I told him the truth, I told him that we would not be giving them anything and that he was a cocksucker” I replied and everyone laughed “sit the fuck down and listen to me” I said to Ed and he did as I asked him

“What are your terms?” Ed asked

“You and all your cocksucker friends will get back on your pathetic little ships and get the fuck away from our lands, if you do that you can live” I replied

“What if we do not?” Ed asked

“Then each and everyone of you will die” I replied

“As if you could” Darren Laughed

“You stupid little cock sucker you have no idea what we can do and you have no idea how fucked you actually are” I shouted at him standing up

“You bitch, you are an English traitor and a savage fucking whore, you must think we are fucking stupid to not know what it is that you can do, we know that you all sleep with each other and that you fight like savages, I will have pleasure fucking your dead body” Ed said and stood up `and walked right up to my face and I let my anger get the better of me and I pulled my dagger out and pulled it across Ed’s throat the others all jumped up and pulled their swords “get the fuck out and prepare your army” I said and they all were escorted from the camp

“Why did you do that?” Lafrim asked

“Because that oath insulted me for the last bloody time, their were never going to give up anyone, let us prepare to fight” I said and everyone got up and prepared for the fight that was to come.

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