Changing my future

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Chpater 2 - Going home

When we reached the dock all of the men got off of the ship and took all of their treasure with them, until there was only me left sitting on the ship, Lafrim stepped back on the ship and stood in front of me “come with me” he said holding out his hand and I ignored him “come with me” he said again and again I ignored him “get up” he shouted at me pulling the rope that bound my hands,why did all men think that they had to shout to get people to do what they wanted, he led me off of the ship and to a horse that was waiting at the end of the dock for him, he went into the saddle bag and took out a longer rope and tied it to the rope that was already around my wrists, he then got on his horse, whilst he rode all the back to his holdfast he made me walk behind him all over the way, as we entered his holdfast I looked around at everything that he had and what my home would now be like, I did notice that he had lots of people but it seemed that no woman was there waiting for him to come home, no woman ran out to him when he returned, Lafrim stopped his horse directly outside the house, when he got down from the horse he untied my hands passing the rope to a waiting man

“Get in” he said pointing at the house but I did not move from the spot “get in” he shouted again

“It would be easier if you do as he asks, he wants you to go in the house,” the man said

“Why would it be easier to go in I know what he is going to do to me” I said

“You will get hurt more if you do not do as he asked,” the man said

“I am going to get hurt whatever happens” I replied

“You will get even more hurt if you do not” the man said

“What is she saying?” Lafrim asked the man

“She says that she is going to get hurt whatever happens my lord” the man said

“Get in” Lafrim shouted again and again he pointed at the house, the man was right it would be easier on me if i did as Lafrim wanted, I walked into the house and started to look around at everything, I knew what was going to happen to me the moment that Lafrim walked into this house and I knew that there was no point in fighting it, if I did I would only get hurt and I did not want to be hurt, the holymen had taught me about the vikings and had told me that when the day came that I was taken from the island that when we returned to the persons holdfast who had captured me, he would take my body by force, it was their way of owning you, I noticed a fire in the middle of them room so, I went and stood by it, I took my clothes off and stood facing the door, I wanted Lafrim to see that I would not fight and that I would do as he wanted I wanted him to know that I would obey what he wanted, I was not scared if him I just did not want to get hurt, Lafrim walked in the door and looked at me standing there naked, he walked over to a table and poured out two glasses of drink and brought them over, putting them down on a bench near me, Lafrim stood in front of me staring at me, not once did he look down at my body, he looked into my eyes

“Put your clothes on that is not why you are here” he said and I nearly did, it took me a second to remember that I could not let him know that I spoke his tongue, he picked up my top and tried to put it on me “no” he said and he sat down waiting for me to get dressed, once I had gotten dressed I did not move just stood looking at the floor, I was his property and would only move when I was told to do so, the holymen had taught me that they punished their slaves when they did not obey the orders that they were given

“Here” Lafrim said and patted the seat that was next to him and I went and sat down next to him and looked right at him, I don’t know whether he saw that I had no fear of him “Lafrim” he said and pointed to himself

“Freyja” I replied, even though this man had taken me from my home, he had killed the people that had raised me, I felt safe to tell him my real name, after all he had protected me on the ship and for some reason he had not taken me as I thought that he would

“Freyja” he repeated and handed me one of the two drinks that he had poured out, it turned out to be beer, for the rest of the night every time I had finished my glass he would fill it back up, he did not speak a word to me the entire time he would just sit there staring at me, I could not help but wonder why he had not taken me like the holymen had told me he would, after a few hours of sitting there he stood up and walked over to a fur that lay on the floor “sleep” he said pointing at it and trying to gesture that it was where I would sleep, I had to try so hard not to laugh at him, I laid down as he had asked and I went to sleep, Although it was a hard floor with the fur on top of it, it was really not that uncomfortable and I slept quite well.

The next morning I was woken up by the sound of people moving around the house, when I opened my eyes people were cleaning the house and putting wood on the fire, lafrim was standing with the older man from the previous day, when they noticed that I had woken up they both walked over to me

“Tell her that she will cook and clean” Lafrim said looking at the older man

“Yes my lord” he said and turned to face me “Lafrim said that you are to cook and clean, can you do that?” He asked me

“I can” I replied

“She can my lord,” the man said looking back at Lafrim

“Tell her as long as she does what I ask her, I will protect her” Lafrim said it was so annoying to have to pretend that I did not understand what he was saying, I had to sit there and listen to everything being said twice

“He said as long as you do what he tells you too, then he will protect you.” the man said to me

“Thank you” I said, knowing that it was not really a word the vikings liked to use

“She said thank you.” the man said to Lafrim

“You need to teach her to speak our tongue” Lafrim said and walked out of the house

“He wants you to learn his tongue so that he can talk to you,” the man said

“My name is Freyja” I said

“I am Alfred” he replied

“Why is he not like the others? Not like all the men in the stories” I asked

“I do not know why he is different” Alfred said “once all the daily jobs are done you will come and sit with me and I will start to teach you his tongue” Alfred said

“Okay” I said and watched as alfred walked away, I got up and began to help clean the house, I went and looked in the area that had been put aside for cooking to see what was there and what I would be able to cook, the holymen had taught me to do so much stuff which luckily included cooking, hopefully whatever I cooked what keep Lafrim happy and he would then still protect me, I spent all day cleaning and preparing the food for that night, I prepared a meal that I hoped Lafrim would like, it consisted of meat and a few vegetables, I knew that vikings were pretty basic when it came to food, hopefully Lafrim would like something a little bit different than what he was used to, the sun soon began to set and Lafrim walked back into the house and sat at the table

“Freyja food” Lafrim called, now was the moment of truth, all the other slaves came over and helped me to take the food to the table once it was all on the table Lafrim looked up and down at all the food

“Sit down and eat with me you know how this works” Lafrim said

“Freyja we are to sit and eat” Alfred said to me I looked at him a little confused, we were slaves why would we sit and eat with him “sit down Freyja you will offend him if you do not, Lafrim is not like other lords we sit down and eat together” Alfred said and I sat down at the table, it took about an hour for everyone to finish eating the food, once we had finished Lafrim looked at Alfred

“Tell her the food was good and asked where she learnt to cook” He said

“He wants me to tell you that the food was good and to ask you where it was you learnt to cook?” Alfred asked looking at me

“From the people who raised me, the people he fucking killed” I said I knew that he could not understand me and I was angry at him for everything that he had done to the holy men that had raised me

“She said that the people you took her from taught her” Alfred said to Lafrim, so he would not tell him everything that Isaid

“Teach her” Lafrim said and continued to drink

“Come and sit by the fire, he wants you to learn now” Alfred said getting up and walking over to the fire, he sat down on a bench that was in front of it, I got up and went and sat down next to him, this was going to be hard, how do you pretend to learn a language that you can already talk, how do I learn in a way that he would not realise

“First I would like you to learn how to say who you are” Alfred said

“And how do you say that?” I asked

“Ek heiter Freyja” Alfred said

“Ek haited Freyja” I said, I decided that if I pronounced a few of the words wrong he would never know that I could talk the language already

“No the word that you have to say is Heiter not haited” Alfred said

“Heiter” I said saying it right this time

“Yes good” he said and smiled at me, for the rest of the night Alfred continued to try and teach me all the basic words that I would need to be able to do simple things, for two weeks I would wake up cook, clean and help wherever I could and then after the food was done I would sit with Alfred and learn more of their language, most nights Lafrim would sit opposite us and listen, he would also stare and smile at me, it was very off putting when I was pretending to try and learn a language, one night instead of Alfred going to sit by the fire and wait for me to join him he left the house along with all the others, Lafrim stood in front of me

“Come and sit by the fire” he said taking my hand and leading me to sit on the bench by the fire, he sat down and handed me a drink he stayed facing me

“Are you okay” He said

“I am” I replied in norse

“You can understand?” He asked

“Small but” I replied deliberately getting one of the words wrong and Lafrim laughed

“Not so much” he said laughing “I wish that you could understand me more than you do, you are a very beautiful and smart young girl and I have to go away for a few days, I wanted to tell you that you would be safe here, I have been summoned to the king” he said

“King” I said

“Yes the king you understand that bit” he said smiling at me, I smiled back at him wondering why he had been summoned to the king, Lafrim did not know who I was and I was sure that nobody else did, maybe it was because of the man that he had killed on the boat

“I will be back soon” Lafrim smiled at me and got up and walked out of the house, I went straight to sleep, when I woke up in the morning everyone was sitting at the table

“Come and join us” Alfred said

“I am Freyja” I said introducing myself to the others

“John, Neal, Simon, Jenny, Julie, Sarah and Sue” Alfred said pointing at everyone as he said there names

“What do we do when Lafrim is not here?” I asked

“My lord still expects this holdfast to be looked after” Alfred replied “and you must remember to call him my lord, he is your master now” Alfred added

“Then what do we do, once all the jobs are done?” I asked

“When all the jobs are done, we get some time to ourselves, I myself like to make things from wood, you will need to find something to do, the Lord will be away a lot soon, the weather will soon change and he will be raiding a lot” Alfred said

“You are not a viking, your name is english as is everyone here” I said

“I was taken many years ago and used to work for my lord’s father but he passed me down to Lafrim, I do not have a bad life here, the Lord looks after us and I have never needed for anything” Alfred replied

“Why did you not run?” I asked

“I do not run because this lord and his father are the best that we could hope for” Alfred said

“You think it to be better here?” I asked

“I do as do all that live here, we have never been mistreated” Alfred replied I did not say anymore to Alfred, it would seem that everyone here enjoyed living here and that they had never once been mistreated by Lafrim, for the next two days I continued to do the jobs that I had been given and then once I was done I would go to the woods behind the barn and practise fighting, were nobody could see me, fighting made me feel safe and made me feel that no one could ever touch me, the next morning I was awoken by shouting from outside

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