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Chapter 29 - The first of the English

When we were sure that they were not watching us we sneaked out of the back of the camp and into the woods, we stood watching and waiting for them to attack

“There” Molka said and sure enough there army was coming over the dune and to the entrance of our camp, we watched as they went in quickly and quietly

“Now” I shouted and arrows were sent flying sending a wall of flames up around the camp “move now” I shouted and everyone moved forward into position to be around the camp

“My lord their outside” someone shouted

“Line up” came another shout I rode to the entrance and faced them

“Surrender an you will live” I shouted

“Kill the bitch” Darren shouted and an arrow coming whistling through the air I raised my shield and the arrow hit it, I rode back to the others

“Shields” I shouted and the shields were all raised to form a barrier between us and them “archers” I said and they all prepared to fire

“When do they fire?” Molka asked

“Not yet hold until they are out” I said and watched as they began to filter out of the gate “now” I shouted and all the arrows were let loose, they raised their own shields and began to move forward, I got down from my horse and walked to the shield wall, which got parted when I got there, I looked back at everyone there “I hope that Valhalla welcomes us all with open arms” I said “kill them all” I shouted and ran towards the oncoming army, we were fighting for hours and the dawn was approaching, when the last man fell and everyone cheered

“Go through the bodies and kill any that are still breathing” I shouted and the men began to go through the bodies of the dead

“I seem to owe you an apology Freyja it seemed that your plan worked” Aetheon said looking at me

“It is not over yet” I replied

“What do you mean?” said Aetheon

“The ships that are out there, there are way more ships than the people that we just killed” I replied

“If you say so then so be it, you have not lead us astray so far what are we going to do?” Maddare asked

“Aetheon, Maddare, Latna, Molka, Dranian and Lafrim, the seven of us will dress in their army and go down to the beach, we will burn their ships and kill them all,” I said and crawled up to the edge of the back to watch what they were doing, there were three times as many men than we had just killed

“Hell” I said

“Now what” Lafrim asked “there are too many down there” he added

“Go and get everyone, collect as many of the arrows as you can, they are to line up here and shot when they see that the first ship is alight, Latna, Molka and Dranian go down and sneak around them find a small boat and sail out, light up the sky with their ships, the four of us will walk through their camp and take out as many as we can,” I said and we began to prepare again, when everyone was ready we went to the bottom of the bank and I looked at them all

“Wait until the first ship is alight and then start firing” I shouted and we left them there and walked towards the beach, we split just as we got to the bottom of the dune

“Now what? There are way to many of them” Lafrim said

“We wait until the ships are burning” I replied

“Then the arrows will fly and we will be in the middle of them” Lafrim said

“Shut up Lafrim, if they hear somebody talking our language it will not matter what you are wearing they will kill you” I said and Lafrim was quiet, it was not long before the first of their ships began to burn

“Fire” someone shouted

“The ships are on fire” came another shout and then there was a whistling sound and the arrows began to fall, they were dropping like flies, finally all of their ships were on fire and the sea was glowing with flaming red ships “to the line” someone shouted as they ran past us

“What did he say?” lafrim asked

“They are among us” one shouted that had been near us

“Lafrim draw your sword they know that we are here they heard you, left” I said and Lafim stepped left just in time for me to put more sword through one of them, I heard a scream to attack, all of the armies came running off of the ridge and towards the beach

“Lafrim stand back to back with me now” I said and he did as I asked, we killed every person that came out us

“Now what?” Lafrim asked when they had stopped running at us

“Let us help to clear the beach, Latna, Molka and Dranian should be back soon all the boats are now alight” I said and began to walk along the beach, I noticed a bow and arrow on the floor and picked it up

“Why do you need that?” Lafrim asked

“It is just a feeling that I will need it” I replied

“Let us finish this” Lafrim said

“Stay by m y side” I said

“Why?” Lafrim asked

“There are too many people on this beach and we may not make it off alive and I do not want to leave this world without seeing you one last time” I said

“We will live today the gods are on your side” Lafrim said

“The gods do believe in me but against them who only have one god whom the believe in more than anything I do not know” I said

“Before we do this I have to tell you that I love you more than anything and if today is to be our day then I will find you in the halls of Valhalla” Lafrim said and kissed me

“I love you too” I said “now, let us go and see which end we will meet” I added and we walked around the beach for hours killing everyone that we came across, until at last we came to a wall that had been built on the beach, I am guessing that they did it to protect themselves but it was not going to work only a few men remained but there was one little issue they had Maddare and Aetheon

“Let them go” I shouted

“You will let us leave this beach or they will die” one of them shouted back at me

“It would seem that we have a situation here, we will not let you go and if you kill them we will kill you” I said

“What the hell are they saying?” Lafrim asked

“They want us to free them” I replied

“Let us go” One of them shouted

“And where are you going to go all of your ships are gone” I said

“We will find away” he replied

“Freyja whatever they are saying do not do it, Let them kill us and take their heads do not let them walk from this beach, you have shown me that there are better ways to do things” Maddare said

“But Rollo” I said

“Rollo has you to guide him” Maddare said

“Do it” shouted Aetheon

“What are they saying?” asked one of the Englishmen

“They told me that they are ready to go to Valhalla and meet our gods” I replied

“What they would die?” he said shocked that any man would die rather than let some people go

“Yes ,they would so that they can keep the peace between our people and kingdoms and to stop you cock suckers fromm leaving this land” I replied and drew my bow and arrow

“”What are you doing?” Lafrim asked


“Ending this” I replied

“You cannot kill them they are kings” Lafrim said

“I have no intention of killing them” I said

“Then what?” he asked

“You will see” I said and turned back to the English “this is your last chance to let them go and to die as the cowards that you are” I shouted

“You will kill your own men?” he asked

“I will kill you all” I shouted and I placed two arrows in the bow and aimed them towards the english, they had stupidly stood next to each other

“You cannot get them both before they kill Aetheon and Maddare” Lafrim said walking in front of me

“Lafrim do you trust me” I asked

“I do” he replied

“Well then let me do this” I said and Lafrim moved out of my way “Aetheon, Maddare, when I tell you too Maddare move your head right and Aetheon you move yours left do you understand” I said

“We do” they both replied

“What are you doing?” the englishmen shouted at me

“I am ending this” I replied “I hope that you meet Odin in Valhalla with Grace” I said in english and aimed my bow “now” I shouted and Maddare and Aetheon both moved their heads in the directions that I had told them too, the arrows flew past the both of them and into the men that had been holding them “kill the rest” I shouted and all the remaining English were killed

“And that is the end of it, burn them all” I shouted

“Why burn them?” Lafrim asked “it is not their way” he added

“I know their way but burning them is quicker, they do not believe the same as you it does not matter to them if they are burned or buried they believe that as soon as they are killed they greet their god” I replied

“Burn them” lafrim shouted and everyone did as they were instructed, Lafrim and me went and sat down by one of the fires, we looked out over the water and watched the ships lighting up the night sky, Maddare and Aetheon came over and sat down beside us and I noticed that Maddare was holding his ear

“What happened to you?” I asked

“You” he replied

“What did I do?” I asked

“You bloody shot me” he replied

“You should have moved you head further” I said laughing

“Probably but I thought that you were going to kill us” Maddare said laughing as well

“Never” I replied

“You are quite a good shot” Maddare said

“Quite good” I laughed

“Fine you are very good and I do not know anyone that could have made that shot, I did not think that you could” he replied

“Neither did I” I said and laughed

“What is next?” Aetheon asked

“We prepare for more of them to come” I replied

“You need to lead us” Maddare said

“Why?” I asked

“Because if it was not for you, then myself and all my men would be dead, we would all be dead and they would have all of our land, they did not take any of it and we did not lose anyone and that is because of you” Maddare said

“What do you mean lead you?” I asked

“I at least would follow your world, I would still rule my own kingdom but by your rule” maddare said and knelt down in front of me “the gods chose you to untie our kingdoms and you have done so you have defeated a great enemy and protected us all, I would call you my queen” Maddare said

“Thank you for your kind words, I would like to try and make the kingdoms better for everyone that lives in them” I said

“I would do the same” Aetheon said “you are family, when I first met you I thought that because you were a woman you would be weak and stupid but today you have proved to me that it is us men who are stupid and weak, I owe you my life and as such I will do the same as Maddare, It seems to me that you are the one that wll lead us into a better future” Aetheon said

“Thank you uncle but that is enough with all that rubbish let us drink and celebrate our victory” I said and Latna, Molka and Dranian came over carrying some barrels

“We found these” Latna said opening one up

“Let us drink then “ I said and Molka poured everyone a glass, we sat drinking for awhile just staring out at the open water

“Let us rest for tomorrow we ride for home” I said

“ we will ride with you” Maddare said

“There is no need you can ride home” I said

“We need to discuss how to run the kingdom” Aetheon said

“You will run them as you see fit all that I ask is for the slaves not be touched” I said

“As you wish” Maddare said and we all went back to our tonight to rest, with the light of the morning we were up and clearing the camp and we prepared to head home, I looked at Maddare and Aetheon

“You are welcome anytime” I said

“We will come when you are Lafrim are joined and we will celebrate with you” Aetheon said

“Goodbye for now” I said and we all rode to our homes, for three days we rode home resting at night to sleep and eat.

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