Changing my future

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Chapter 30 - Back to the village

We rode to the village first there was things that needed to be sorted first, as we rode to the village Aldred was waiting for us

“Glad to see you did not go and meet Odin” Aldred said

“We are all alive” I said getting off of my horse

“Did we win?” Aldred asked

“We did but only because of Freyja, if it was not for her then we would all be dead, Maddare and Aetheon have named her their queen” Lafrim said

“Really” Aldred said

“Why do you sound so suprised?” I asked

“Because I know both the kings and never expected it” he replied

“They are not what you think” I said

“It would seem that you know everyone better then we ever do” he replied

“It is not hard to know a man, when you can see all that is happening around them” I replied

“So, they really did make your their queen then?” he asked

“Yes but they will still run their kingdoms as they see fit, they will just do what I ask, I would like some food and to spend some time with everyone” I said

“The food is already done as we had word that you were returning” Aldred said and we all walked into the hall and sat down

“I would like to say something if that is okay” my mother asked

“You need not ask to talk nobody here does” I replied

“Aldred I wish to say sorry to you, I should have never lost faith in you, you were always my closest friend and I should have known that you would do what was right” Astrid said looking at Aldred

“There is nothing to be sorry for” Aldred replied smiling at her “I could not tell you what I had done because of your husband, I had assumed that you would tell him” Aldred added

“I never loved my husband you know as well as I do that I was forced to marry him, I loved him for a short while” she replied

“I should have told you but I did not want to put you in danger” he said

“I am still sorry” my mother said

“Mother, once I am Lafrim’s wife we will go and live on the holdfast, this village is not the place for me but you have always lived here and if you wish I would like you to stay here and run the village for me” I said

“Yes my darling I will do that for you” she replied and we all continued to eat and drink and celebrate our victory against the English, I spent all night into the early hours talking to my mother about everything that had happened to me since the day I was born, word was sent to Aetheon and Maddare that in seven days time me and Lafrim would become man and wife, for the next week we planned everything and I spent loads of time with my mother getting to know her, it turned out that I was a lot like her and that

I knew the traditions of a viking marriage but that did not apply to us, there were no negotations to have, I wanted nothing from Lafrim but him and I needed to give him nothing as we would have everything between us, traditions stated that we should spend the 7 days apart from each other preparing for the wedding but again it was not something that we needed to do, we knew that it was what we wanted, it was the night before the wedding and Lafrim was in the hall drinking with his men drinking and celebrating, I walked out and joined in sitting down next to him, he poured a glass of beer abd handed it to me

“It will be good to see someone make a man of him” Helmdar said

“I am a man” Lafrim said

“You wish you were” Ragna laughed

“I do not wish that I am I know that I am” Lafrim replied

“Drink” Ragna said handing him another glass of beer

“I will see you in the morning” I said and went to leave

“Stay and drink” Ragna said

“No, this is a night for you men” I replied

“You have more balls than all of us here” Ragna said

“Thanks Ragna” I said and smiled at him

“Well, it is true after what I did to you, you did not make a sound, I would have been screaming like a little girl and I am sorry for that” he said

“What is in the past is in the past” I replied

“Well drink then” he said

“No, I will leave you and let Lafrim enjoy his last night of freedom before he becomes my bitch” I replied laughing

“I am no ones bitch” Lafrim said

“You will be” I replied laughing and went to walk away, I heard the hall door open and I turned to see a woman walked in, it was the woman from Lafrimm’s holdfast from the night that Ragna had attacked me, it was the woman that Lafrim was kissing

“My lord I need to talk to you” she said walking up tp Lafrim

“Breda” Lafrim said looking suprised that she was standing there

“I need to talk to you” she said again and I continued to walk into the back room, I did not need to hear what she was going to say to him, moments later Lafrim walked in with Breda following him

“Is it okay to talk in here?” Lafrim asked

“Of course” I said and sat at the table

“What are you doing here?” Lafrim asked

“I am sorry my king but the east was taken and I had nowhere else to go” she replied

“I am not the king” he said

“You are” she replied

“Why do you think that I am the king?” he asked

“Because you are here and not in your holdfast, you are in the kings chambers” Breda replied

“And?” he asked

“As you are in his hall you are the king” she replied

“I am not she is the queen and I am just a man” he replied pointing at me

“She is the bitch from your house” Breda said looking at me and realising who I was

“I am” I replied

“Why is she the queen, she is a slave and a bitch” Breda shouted at me

“You will watch your tongue in front of Freyja or you will be punished” Aldred shouted

“Aldred it is fine” I said and looked at Breda “what do you want with Lafrim?” I asked

“I am sorry my lady” Breda said

“Call me Freyja” I said “now, what do you want with him?” I asked

“I did not know what else to do the east fell and I was alone, I walked to his holdfast and was told that I would find him here, I was not going to involve him in this but I have nothing and have no choice now” she said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I have nothing I have no home and I cannot raise a child without any of that” she said and took of the cloak that she was wearing to show that she was carrying a child

“I see and is it Lafrim’s?” I asked

“It is” Breda replied

“Lies” Lafrom shouted

“Lafrim enough” I said

“It is not lies, we laid together that night and many nights after that” Breda said

“Aldred please take Breda and get her some food and drink and make sure that she is looked after” I said to Aldred “I will talk to Lafrim and he will do what is right by you” I said looking at Breda and she followed Aldred back out into the hall

“Freyja it is not true” he said coming over to me “what did you mean that I will do what is right?” he asked , I turned away from him and started to cry, I took the chord off of my neck once again and turned back to face him

“This belongs to you” I said and held it out for him to take

“It does not it is yours” he said

“No Lafrim that woman is carrying your child, when I said you will do what is right I meant it, you will give this to her, you will marry her and raise your child” I said and took his hand, I place the ring in his hand and had tears rolling down my face

“It is not mine and I will not” he snapped

“You will do as I tell you to” I said

“It is not mine Freyja please believe me” He said

“How would you know Lafrim, from the moment you found out who I was all you did was drink from the moment you got up until the moment you went to sleep, you probably do not remember what happened, she was there the night Ragna attacked me, I saw you kiss her” I said

“I did not drink all of the time” Lafrim said

“You did Lafrim and beer make you forgetful” I said and turned away from him

“Freyja look at me” he said

“There is nothing more to say on the matter Lafrim, you will take her as your wife and raise your child” I said turning to face him, I did not care that I was crying the man I loved would be marrying another woman tomorrow and not me

“Freyja it is not mine, I have not laid with anyone since I met you” he said and tried to take my hand

“I told you that drink made you forget, you took a woman from the raid” I said pulling my hand away

“I laid with no one but her” Lafrim said “you know everything that happened after the night I found out who you were” Lafrim added

“I know nothing of what happened Lafrim you will not tell me a damn thing all you have said is that I do not need to know, how can I believe the child is not yours when you have given me no reason to, the night you found out who I was I spent it sleeping in the barn, you could have slept with many women since that night, I was there the night that you kissed her I saw you and the way you were looking at her” I shouted

“You saw nothing you saw me kiss her and then my father took you away” he shouted back at me “I have told you that she was nothing more than fun” he added

“And how does that prove that the child is not yours” I said

“Because I know that it is not mine and that should be enough” he said

“Lafrim you will do what is right and that is the end of it” I shouted

“It is not mine” Lafrim shouted at me again

“Enough Lafrim you will marry her and that is the end of it, now get out” I shouted

“Freyja listen to me” he said and took my hand

“No get out, I am your queen and you will do as you are told” I said pushing him away” Latna, Molka Dranian” I shouted and they entered the room “get him out of here now” I shouted and he was dragged from the room screaming at me to listen to him, once they were out of the room anger took over and I began to smash everything in the room up, there was finally a peace in all the kingdoms and I was alone, what I wanted more in the world I could no longer have, he needed to do what was right and marry Breda he could not let the woman that was carrying his child raise it alone, I sat down at the table and had a drink I realised that I could not stay here, I could not stay here and watch half of my heart marry another woman, I decided that I was going to leave, I got up and put some clothes in a bag and sat at the table to write a note

My dear Aldred

I am sorry I cannot stay here any longer, I know that you all want me to rule this kingdom but I cannot do it with half of my heart missing, I am not the leader that you want, Please make sure that you make Lafrim marry Breda and raise his child, I hope that he has a happy life, I cannot stay here and see him married to another woman.

I am going back to where he found me, tell the people whatever you see fit, tell them that I have left, the kingdom and all the kingdoms I leave to you to run, I know that you would rule the people right and to a better place, Please look after him, he will not understand why I have gone, he does not understand that he has to do what is right by his child

Love Freyja

I left the note on the table and walked out of the back door, I knew that nobody would come in for a few hours and that Latna, Molka and Dranian would stop Lafrim from entering, it would be light before they realised that I was gone and by then I would be too far away from them to find me, I walked to the stable and took a horse, I did not even put a saddle on Just jumped on and began to ride to the coast, it took me just over a day to reach the coast I did not stop, I could not if I stopped they would find me and I did not want them to find me my time here was done, when I reached the coast I searched around and found the boat that had been used to set fire to the ships, I pushed the boat out into the sea and jumped in, I looked back at the land my land, I hoped that one day Lafrim would understand and that he would be happy and soon forget about me when he had his child in his arms, for two weeks I was at sea with no sign of land, that night there was a great storm and the sea was extremley rough, I looked up at the sky

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