Changing my future

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Chapter 31 - Back to England

“I am sorry my lord Thor, I know what it is that you gods want from me but I cannot do it, I cannot do it without him, without him I am nothing” I shouted at the sky I knew that it was them trying to make me go back but I would not return, the waves got bigger and harder and one hit my boat flipping it over and that was the last I remembered until I woke up in a bed with a woman sitting next to me

“John she is awake” the woman shouted and a man walked into the room

“Where am I?” I asked in English, I did not know where I was and speaking in English would soon tell me where I was

“You are in England” John said “I am glad to see that you are awake, I am John and this is my wife Anna” he added

“I am Freyja” I said “how long have I been here?” I asked

“Nearly seven months” John replied

“Seven months” I said quiet shocked that I had been out for that long, when I felt something move, I lifted the blanket that was on me to see that I was carrying a child

“How many months are you?” Anna asked

“I have no I idea, I did not even know that I was carrying a child” I replied

“Would you like me to help you outside to get some air?” John asked

“I will get some food Anna said and left the room

“I would” I replied and took John’s hand who helped me to stand up, he let me hold his hand and walked with me to the outside, it was nice to feel the sun on my face and to feel the breeze on my skin, I stood looking out over the land and placed my hand on my belly

“Is this your farm” I asked

“It is, it is not much but it is what we call home, what we cannot grow here, we trade for in the village over that hill” he said pointing towards the hill

“Thank you for saving me and for looking after me” I said

“We found you on the beach, we did not know at first that you were carrying a baby it was only when you tummy started to grow that we realised, what happened to you?” he asked

“I do not know, I do not remember” I lied I knew everything but they did not need to know that I was a viking queen

“Okay” he replied

“Is there work for me here so that I can stay?” I asked

“Of course we would both like the help” he said smiling at me “we had best go and eat” he added and he helped me back into the house and to sit at the table and the baby that was inside me began to move, I put my hand on my belly and felt the child move all I could think of was Lafrim, I hoped that he was happy with Breda and his child

“What happened to the child’s father?” Anna asked me

“I do not remember” I replied, they did not need to know that this child was a viking as was its father

“You do not remember anything?” she asked

“I do not, the only thing that I remember is my name, I have no idea why I was at the beach, I do not know how I got there” I replied

“I found some weapons on the beach near you and assumed that they were yours they are in the back room” John said

“Thank you, they would be mine” I replied we did not say anymore that night just sat and ate our food, the next day when I woke up Anna already had some food on the table ready for me, I sat

“I have to go into the village today, there are a few things that we need” John said looking at Anna

“Can you get some flour whilst you are there my love” Anna said

“Of course my dear” John replied

“How long have you two been married?” I asked

“For 45 years and counting” Anna replied smiling

“You must have had someone close to be carrying a child” Anna said

“I may have been” I said, I really did not want to have to talk about Lafrim, it was hard enough that he was all I thought about and pretty soon I would have his child to look at everyday

“It is a shame that you do not remember” Anna said

“Maybe one day I will remember” I said

“I am sure that you can find someone to love you” Anna said smiling

“Can I come with you today?” I asked John

“Yes, it would be good for you to come into the village and meet everyone they will be happy to know that you are awake” he said

“They know about me” I said

“Yes” John said “let us go” he added standing up from the table, we both walked from the house and out into the garden to the stable “do you wish to ride or walk?” he asked

“Riding will be fine” I said and we got onto the horses and rode down into the village, we picked up everything that was needed for the farm and then went the Inn that was in there village

“John, usual” the man behind the bar said

“Yes please Matt” John replied “ a water for the young lady” he added

“Is that the young lady you found?” Matt asked

“It is, her name is Freyja” John said

“Pleasure to meet you young Lady, I am glad to see that you are well” Matt said

“And you too” I said after we had finished our drinks and headed back up to the house, Anna was in the kitchen and waiting

“Did you get what we needed?” Anna asked

“Not all of it, it would seem that the king has demanded a more supplies to be sent back to him, so there is not enough to go around, I told Simon that we would manage with what we had” John said

“Why does the king demand stuff?” I asked

“The king can take whatever he wants this is his land and we have to do as we are told or we will be punished” John said

“They will be here for their taxes next week do we have enough?” Anna asked

“We do but we have nothing else left” John replied

“Why do you pay taxes?” I asked

“The king takes the money to pay his army and to keep all the nobles feed” Anna said

“That is stupid, what about everyone else you are his people?” I asked

“He does not care for a little people” Anna said

“He should” I said

“It does not matter we will manage with what we have” Anna and that was how it was once a week some men would turn up and order them to pay more and more money, it was getting to the point that they were barely eating so that they could afford to pay the men, I spent the next month working around the farm trying to help as much as I could, I had even started a vegetable garden for them to try and help them with some more food, I went hunting and brought back mainly rabbits but it meant that we could all eat better, I was just cleaning out the animals when I felt a pain ripple across my stomach, I walked back to the house I needed to find Anna

“Anna” I called as I walked into the house

“Yes Freyja’ she replied coming out of one of the rooms

“The baby is coming” I said

“Go lay on the bed now” Anna said and I did as she asked me to, she gathered up a few things that she would need and followed me into the room

“You will be alright” she said and sat next to me holding my hand

“Is this going to hurt?” I asked

“yes , it will but once you see your child you will forget it” she said

“Do you have children” I asked

“no , we have never been able to, I would have loved children but it was not meant to be” she said and the pain rippled through my belly again,

“Breath Freyja” Anna said

“I am” I snapped “I am sorry I did not mean to snap” I said in between the pain

“It is fine, I can understand with the pain you must be going through”she replied and for two hours I pushed and pushed when I finally heard a baby cry

“It is a boy” Anna said and passed him to me, I took him from her and stared down at him smiling, he looked like his father, I would make sure that he knew who his father was and were his father was so that of the day came that he wanted to find him he would be able to

“What will you name him?” Anna asked

“His name is Eirik” I replied

“But that is a viking name” she said

“I know that, it is just a name that I have in my head and I really like it” I replied

For three weeks I raised my son and still helped out on the farm, when ever I was working Anna would take care of Eirik, I was just getting some lunch ready when John came running into the house

“We are under attack” John said and I walked into the back room put on my cloak and picked up my weapons, I walked back into the main room and looked at Anna and John

“Take Eirik into the back room and do not come out until I call” I said

“You cannot they are vikings” John said

“I know that” I replied

“They will kill you”he said

“I can fight” I said

“Not against them” he replied pointing towards the door

“Please John trust me, you remember you found me with weapons” I said

“Yes” he replied

“I can use them” I said

“But” John

“Please John trust me, take Eirik and Anna into the back room and do not come out until I call you” I said and they walked into the back room and shut the door, I then walked out of the front door, I could see a large group of twenty Vikings running towards the farm, I recognised the armour they were my men but I would not let them know that it was me I would keep my head covered, I took the bow and arrow and fired a shot at them to land in front of their feet, they stopped for just a second but soon began to run again, I wasn’t going to hurt them I just wanted them not to attack, I knelt on the floor and put a row of arrows in front me, I fired every arrow at them, not one of them died but the arrow’s had all hit their targets and had injured them, they still kept running at me, I had run out of arrows and drew my sword’s and I prepared to fight them, it did not matter that they would try and kill me I would not kill them.

No matter what they were doing they were still my kin and my people, I continued to fight everyone that ran at me, I grabbed one by the throat and placed my sword at it, when I heard a shout

“Enough” the shout came it was Aldred what the bloody hell was he doing here

“We have to kill her, she is attacking our men” one shouted at him

“She has not killed anyone she has only defended herself, there is only one person I know in this world that fights like that “ Aldred said

“And who is that” one asked

“Our queen, Freyja” he said and knelt down

“Aldred” I said lowering my hood “stand up that is not who I am” I added

“I knew that it was you” he said

“Why are you here?” I asked

“To find you” he replied

“I told you that I was leaving, I told you my reason’s, I could not stay to see him married to someone else” I said

“He is not” Aldred said

“I told you to make him do the right thing” I snapped

“I did, the child was not his” Aldred replied

“What” I exclaimed

“The next morning when we realised that you had left, Lafrim lost it, he went absoultely mental and went after Breda, if I hadn’t have stopped him he would have killed her, he was shouting at her to tell the damn truth and that it was her fault that you had gone, once I had got Lafrim to let go, I asked for the truth and she told me that the child was not Lafrim’s but it belonged to Ragna, she believed that telling Lafrim that it was his would make her queen but she soon realised that it would not, especially after Lafrim had tried to kill her, he had no interest in the child and she knew that he knew the truth and could not see the point in lying, Ragna is now married to Breda and they have a son” Aldred said

“How is he?” I asked

“Gone” aldred said

“How did he die?” I asked

“He is not dead, he is gone, he could not handle the fact that you left him, he couldn’t handle that you would not listen to him” aldred said

“I never meant to hurt him, I thought that I was doing what was right, I should have listened to what he had to say” I replied

“I know that you never meant to hurt him but you did” Aldred said

“Where did he go?” I asked

“No where” Aldred replied

“But you just said that he had gone” I said

“I did but I did not mean like that, he is not the man he was when you left him, he no longer talks, he lives by the lake, he could not handle it without you around and he has lost his way, all he does now is fight and kill” Aldred said and I heard Eirik crying

“John and Anna you can come out” I called and they come out of the house holding Eirik

“Are they going to kill us?” John asked

“They will not” I replied and Eirik was still crying

“He wants his mother?” Anna said and she passed him to me

“Hush little one mother is here” I said and kissed him on the head and he settled down

“Your son” Aldred asked

“Yes, he is your grandson” I said and went to pass him to Aldred

“You can’t” John said

“It is fine this is Aldred, he is Eirik grandfather” I said and Aldred took him from me

“How?” asked Aldred “how can he be my grandson?” he added

“I was carrying him the night I left, I did not know” I replied

“What is his name?” Aldred asked

“His name is Eirik Lafrimson” I replied

“A good strong name but you should have called him Freyjason” he replied

“No, he deserves his fathers name not mine, I abandoned everyone, I do not deserve it” I replied

“You did what you believed to be right” Aldred said

“Where is he?” I asked

“In the village” Aldred replied

“Take care of him and I will go to Lafrim” I said and went to walk away

“Do not leave us” Anna said

“They will not hurt you” I said to her

“They are vikings” John said

“Please do not worry John, we will not hurt you” Aldred said to John

“You speak our language” John said

“I do” he replied

“I will be back soon” I said

“He has Latna, Molka, Dranian and Ragna with him, you may have to kill him” Aldred said

“I will not” I said

“Then I wish you luck” Aldred said

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