Changing my future

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Chapter 32 - Becoming whole

I got on a horse and rode towards the town, as I got to the top of the hill, I could hear the screams coming from the village, I rode to the start of the village and got down off of my horse, I could see them attacking people

“Leave them alone” I shouted with my hood over my head

“And what do you think you can do about it” Latna shouted at me

“You will see” said and they ran at me, I pushed them back and lowered my hood

“Enough:” I shouted and they lowered their weapon

“Freyja” said Molka

“My old friend” I said

“How are you here?” he asked

“I have been living on a farm here since I left” I replied

“Are you still our queen?” he asked

“That I do not know, first I am here for him, where is he?” I asked

“He is in the church with Ragna” he replied

“Take all the men and take them to the farm over the hill, you will find Aldred there” I said

“As you wish” Latna said

“Right you ugly bunch, get your arses moving” Dranian shouted and they all left the village and headed over the hill, I walked through the village and towards the church, I had no idea what I would find when I walked inside, I pushed open the door and walked in, I had my hood already lowered, Ragna turned to run at me but when he got closer he stopped just in front of me

“Freyja” He said

“Yes Ragna, I am glad to see that you have not met Odin yet” I said

“Not yet, I am too ugly to meet him yet” Ragna lauged

“That is true” I said

I was just about to talk when the church doors opened and a group of armed men walked into the church and ran at us both myself and Ragna drew our weapons and turned to face them

“Get out of our village or die” one man shouted

“It is you that will die on this day” I replied and they ran at us, we stood fighting against these men who were very well trained, it took awhile but we were killing them, I turned to see one behind Ragna run at him with his sword out

“Ragna down” I shouted and he dropped to the floor in time for me to take his head

“Thanks” he said and he got up

“Let is finish this” he said and we continued to fight at last when they were all dead I put my sword away and went to turn to Ragna, when I heard him shout and he threw an axe past my head, as I turned I saw the axe land in a mans head and he dropped to the floor

“Thank you” I said “I owe you my life” I added

“I only returned the favour” he said

“where is he?” I asked

“Back there but he is not the same man that you left” Ragna said

“I know I have been told, how is your child?” I asked

“Great, he is a fighter like his father” Ragna replied

“Is he as ugly as his father” I asked laughing

“Luckily he has his mothers looks” he replied

“Good, take the rest of the men to the farm over the hill and I will join you once I have him” I said

“As you wish” ragna said and left the hall I walked to the back of the church to find him and found him killing the priests

“Lafrim” I shouted but he did not move just continued to kill the priests :Lafrim Aldredson look at me” I shouted and he turned to face me, I could see the anger in his eyes, there was nothing else there but hatred

“Get out” I called to the priests and drew my swords and Lafrim came at me “Lafrim stop” I said and defended myself against his attack, we were fighting for a short while when I got behind him and held my sword at his throat “Lafrim stop this madness, this is not who you are, you are not a killing monster” I said but he did not reply he just shoved his head back and making me let go of him, he turned to face me again and ran at me, this time I punched him in the face and made him stagger backwards, it was not working he was lost and I did not see a way to make him come back, there was only one thing that i could do and I dropped to my knees putting my swords down next to me, if he was not going to come back to me I would go to Valhalla instead “Lafrim Aldredson I know the anger that you hold against me and I know the revenge that you want, if you truly want revenge then take it and I will not fight you, it is what I deserve” I said and closed my eyes waiting for the death blow to come but it did not, I opened my eyes and Lafrim was knelt in front of me

“Is it really you, or am I seeing things?” he asked

“It is me Lafrim” I said

“I thought that I had lost you forever” he said

“ I am sorry for what I did to you” I said

“You do not need to be sorry, it is me that should be sorry” he said

“Why should you be sorry Lafrim, I was the one that did not listen to you?” I asked

“And I never gave you any reason to listen, I never told you what happened for the moons that I was not talking to you, the worst part is that I never listened to anything that you said to me, all the times you spoke to me about plans and I did not listen, it had to be my way” he replied

“Lafrim I should have listened to you, I should have let you explain” I said and I lowered my head looking at the floor

He lifted my chin with his hand like he had done on the first day that we met “there is nothing that you could do that you would ever need to apologise for, I have loved you since the day that I met you, do you remember” he said

“I do it was in a church like we are now” I said

“Yes and I did the same then, I looked into your eyes that day and I knew that you were meant to be mine and I still know that now, I lost myself because I thought that you were gone from me forever, my father told me that you had gone and that we would probably never find you, I lost everything then, I have done many terrible things since you have been gone” he said

“And none of that matters now” I said

“Are you coming home?” he asked

“If you will have me” I said

“Of course, you are mine and you belong with us” he said and he kissed me

“Then let us go to your father” I said

“Where is he?” Lafrim asked

“At a farm over the hill where I have been staying” I replied I did not tell him about Eirik yet, he would find out soon enough

“I do not have a horse” Lafrim said

“Then let us take one” I said and stood up

“You need this”he said taking the chord off from round his neck and giving me back his ring “do not give it back to me again” he said

“I will not” I said and out it around my own neck, we walked from the church and took a horse form the nearest stables, we rode back over the hill and to Aldred, he was watching as we rode towards him

“Are you back?” Aldred asked looking at Lafrim

“I am, I am sorry for the way that I became” he said

“I told you long ago that you would get lost if you did not have Freyja and I was right” Aldred said and hugged Lafrim as he got down from his horse

“I will not get lost again” he said

“That is good to know, I am glad that I have my son back” he said looking at me

“I am sorry for what I have done” I said and turned to face everyone else “ I am sorry for the way that I behaved I should have never left, I would like to return home but I will only do so if you will allow it” I added

“You are our queen and your place is at the head of the army” Molka said

“Is that how you all feel” I shouted

“Aye” they replied

“Then we leave to go home tomorrow” I said

“We have not raided yet” Ragna said

“Then we will raid and take what we can” I said and everyone cheered “I will be back in a moment” I said and walked back into the house where John and Anna were waiting for me, Anna was holding Eirik

“Why do they listen to you?” John asked

“I must apologise to you” I said

“Why?” asked John

“Because I did not tell you the truth when you asked me what I remembered, I lied and told you that I did not remember but I did, they listen to me because I am their queen” I said

“Their queen?” asked Anna

“Yes Anna before I came here I untied the whole of our kingdom and for that they named me their queen” I said

“You are a viking then?” she asked

“I am” I replied

“What will they do to us?” John asked

“They will do whatever I tell them to do” I replied “I would like to ask you something” I said

“What?” John snapped

“I want you to come back to my home with me” I replied

“We will not be your slaves” John said

“I do not want you to be my slaves, you have taken care of me and I want you to repay that favour to you, you will not need for anything, I only ask that you help me with Eirik” I said

“Let us go John” Anna said

“We have everything we need here” John said

“John we do not we struggle everyday and they are taking more and more from us” Anna said

“We will not be your slaves” John said

“I do not want slaves, I want to look after you” I said

“Then we will come” John said

“Can I have Eirik?” I asked

“Of course he us your son” Anna said

“His father needs to meet him” I said

“If his father is among them, why did you leave them in the first place?” John asked

“Because I thought that he had fathered another woman’s child and I told him he had to marry a her, I ran because I could not see him with somebody else” I replied and John nodded at me, it seemed that he had accepted the answer that I had given him, I walked from the house carrying Eirik and took him outside, they were all sitting around the fire adn I walked up and handed Eirik to Aldred and sat between him and Lafrim

“Lafrim there is something that I must tell you” I said

“What?” he asked

“Well, actually there is somebody you should meet” I said

“Who?” Lafrim asked

“Your son” I said and took Eirik fro mAldred and passed him to Lafrim

“What?” Lafrim said looking at him

“”Lafrim Aldredson I would like you to meet your son, Eirik Lafrimson” I said

“How is that possible?” he asked

“Do I need to tell you how a baby is made” I laughed

“no, how is he mine?” Lafrim asked

“I was carrying him when I left you that night” I said and he looked down at Eirik and began to smile, he stood up holding him

“I have a son” he shouted and everyone cheered, we spent the rest of the night sitting by the fire and drinking Lafrim spent most of it staring down at his son, when we went to sleep that night, I laid Eirik down in his crib that John had made for him and I laid in my bed with Lafrim next to me and hugging me

“I have missed you” he said

“And I have missed you too” I said and turned over laying my head on his chest and feel to sleep, at the dawn the next morning and we got up to get ready for the raid, I walked out of the house and everyone was waiting for me

“Let us go to the village and take what we can find and kill those that pick up arms against us” I shouted “John and Anna I will be back in a while can you take care of Eirik whilst I am gone” I said

“Of course” Anna said and they went back into the house, those of us that had horses got on them and rode from the house and to the top of the hill, we waited at the top of the hill for the rest of the men to catch up with us as we sat waiting an armed force rode from the village and sat at the bottom of the hill looking up at us

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