Changing my future

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Chapter 33 - Going home

“Now what?” Lafrim asked

“Now we go and talk as it seems that they want to” I said pointing out the three men that were riding towards us the six of us rode down to greet those that were riding towards us

“Can anyone talk our language?” One asked

“I can” I replied

“I wish to speak to the one that is in charge” he replied

“You are” I said

“You are in charge of these men?” he said

“I am” I replied

“Why are you here?” he asked

“To take what you have and to take your people” I replied

“You will take nothing from us” he replied

“You have a choice to lay down your weapons and live, if you keep your weapons then you will die because we will be taking what we need” I said

“You will take nothing and if you try you will die” he replied

“Then prepare to go and meet your gods” I said and the men rode back to their army

“What did they say?” Lafrim asked

“Freyja, gave them a choice to live and they chose to die, let us prepare to fight” Aldred said and rode back to the others

“Prepare to fight, shield wall up and archers ready to fire, when they reach the bottom of the hill rein down hell on them” I shouted and we watched as they prepared to charged towards us and my men began to fire the arrows and we watched as they began to fall, there was still some coming towards us

“If today is our day to die then I will meet you in the halls of Valhalla” I shouted and ran towards the oncoming men and we killed them all, we walked down the hill and towards the village, I stood at start of the village looking in

“Those of you that are still here come out unarmed and you will live” I shouted and all the people began to come out of the houses and stood in the streets facing me “if you do not pick up arms against me you will live” I said

“But you killed them” shouted one man

“I gave them a choice to drop their weapons and live but they did not they decided to fight so they died” I said

“What do you want from us?” he asked

“I would like to ask you to come with us” I said

“And why would we come as your slaves” he said

“Because you would never need for anything with us” I replied

“John and Anna have looked after you all this time and you are taking them back as your slaves” a woman

“Yes John and Anna are coming back with me but not as my slaves, I know how much of struggle day to day life is here, with the knights coming to collect taxes for your king, I know how hard it is to have enough left to feed and put clothes on your back, as I said with us you will want for nothing, there are no taxes, we all share what we have, none of us are richer than others we are all the same, as long as you do not pick up ams against me I will protect you” I replied

“Can we discuss it?” the man asked

“Of course, the decision is yours, go to your hall and decide what you wish to do” I said and all of them walked away from me and into there hall

“Where are they going?” Lafrim asked

“To decide if they wish to come with us” I replied

“You gave them a choice?” Lafrim asked

“I did, I remember what it was like when you took me, if you give them a choice they will do more for you” I said

“But you did everything I wanted” Lafrim said

“I did but only because I was scared of what you would do to me but I got to know you and realised that you were not scary at all” I laughed

“Thanks” Lafrim laughed

“Go through the village and take everything you can” I shouted and everyone but Aldred walked off into the village to take all of the stuff, I stood and waited and pretty soon they were all coming back with bags full of stuff

“We have plenty to take home, it seems the holy people were hiding alot of treasure” Ragna said as they walked towards me, I went to talk and the people came back towards us

“Have you made a decision?” I asked

“We have” the man replied

“And your answer is?” I asked

“If you keep your promise to protect us then we will come with you” he said

“Good, then let us go home” I said “get anything you need and meet us at the ships” I added

“There is nothing here that we need” the man said and I nodded at him

“Latna” ride to the farm and bring John and Anna to the boats” I said and Latna rode to the farm whilst we rode to the ships and loaded up ready to go home, once everyone was at the ships we set sail to go home, it took us two weeks too get to home, as we got closer to the land I stood at the front of the ship staring out it had been nearly a year since I had last seen this place, I was stood staring out when Lafrim come up behind me and put his arm’s around me

“Are you happy to be home?” he asked me

“I am but I have a lot to make up for, I abandoned everyone” I said

We anchored the ships and went ashore

“What are we going to do with them?” Ragna asked pointing at all the people that had come back with us

“Take them to the village hall, I will met you there tomorrow I have somewhere that I need to go first, I will send Alfred to help you talk to them” I replied

“As you wish” said Ragna

“Everybody you will follow Ragna to the village and I will meet you there tomorrow, I am sending a friend to you to help you to talk to them and do not worry they will not hurt you” I said and all of them followed Ragna and the others back to the village,Lafrim, Aldred and myself got on horses and rode back to Aldred’s home, I needed to apologise to Astrid for what I had done and introduce to Eirik who Lafrim was holding in his arms

“You will stay here until I open the door” Aldred said to me as he walked in

“You hold your son” I said to Lafrim

“It will be alright” Lafrim said

“We will see” I said and stood by the door so that I could hear what was being said

“My love you are home” Astrid was saying

“I am, we found England” Aldred replied

“What is it like?” she asked

“They are rich and have treasures beyond belief” Aldred said “we found something else as well” he added

“What do you mean?” Astrid asked

“We found her” Aldred replied

“Found her who?” Astrid asked

“You know who I mean” he said and opened the door I took it that it was my que to walk in, I stepped in the door and closed it behind me

“Freyja” Astrid said

“Yes, I am sorry” I said

“Sorry you ruined everything my son is gone because of you” Astrid shouted

“I never meant to cause any of this” I said

“Why did you bring her back?” she asked looking at Aldred

“Because here is where she belongs, she is our queen” Aldred replied

“My son is gone because of her” Astrid shouted

“You will find that I am not gone” Lafrim said as he walked in the door

“Lafrim” Astrid said “how is this possible?” she asked

“It is possible because of Freyja, I was only lost because I had lost Freyja, I gave her no reason to trust me that is why she left, I was lost because of my own stupidity yet again” he replied

“I am sorry for shouting Freyja” Astrid said looking at me

“There is nothing to be sorry for, I understand how you feel and you have every right to feel that way, I have a lot of things to make up for” I said and Astrid was looking at Lafrim strangely, Eirik had started crying

“Whose child is that?” she asked

“It is your grandson” Lafrim said and passed him to her

“How?” Astrid asked looking down at him

“It would seem that Freyja was carrying him when she left here” Lafrim said

“Are you sure it is yours?” Astrid said

“Mother that is enough, he is mine can you not see that when you look at him, Freyja has not been unfaithful to me” Lafrim said

“His name is Eirik” I said to Astrid and she began to cry, “Are you okay?” I asked

“I am fine, I never expected for this day to come, after what happened to Lafrim, I thought that any hope in this happening had gone” Astrid said

“Can you take care of him, I need to go and wash I smell like a pig” I said

“It would be a pleasure” Astrid said and sat down staring at Eirik

“You will find water in the barn” Aldred said and I walked from the house and to the barn, I found a large tub full of water and stripped off my clothes, I was washing when I heard the barn doors open, I turned to see Lafrim walking towards me, he put his arms around me and tried to kiss me, I pushed him away

“You need to wash” I said

“I have recently” he replied

“What in pig dung, you smell awful” I said laughing so Lafrim stood in front of me and took of all of his clothes

“Wash me then” he said

“You think that I am going to be washing you, it is you that should be washing me I am your queen” I said and he came towards me and tried to hug me again “get off you idiot” I said and pushed him, he tripped backwards and fell into the water trough that was there

“Well I am getting clean” he said and splashed me with water

“If you think that I am going to kiss you with that thing on your face you have another thing coming” I said

“I like it, it makes me look good” he said

“It makes you look old” I said

“I do not have a blade to get rid of it” he said

“It is lucky that I do” I said and bent down to my clothes and picked up a small dagger, Lafrim stood up and let me cut off his beard

“That is better” I said and dropped my dagger on the floor

“Do you remember the first time you stood in front of me like this, it seems like a lifetime ago” Lafrim said

“I do remember, it was by the lake, it was not so long ago nearly 3 years, I stood in front of you like this but you did not do anything, so I lifted your hands and put them here” I said lifting his hands up and put them on my breasts but just like the first time he only stared at my face

“It has been a while” he said

“It has” I replied and kissed him

“You did not have this many scars when I first saw you like this and all of these scars are because of me” he said running his hands over my body

“They are not because of you, they are my story of how I got to where I am now, without them I would not be the person that I am now” I said and I pulled him to me and started to kiss him and we made love on the barn floor

“We had better go back to our son” I said laying my head on Lafrims chest

“We had” he said stroking my hair, we got up got dressed and went back to the house

“I see my son has returned” Astrid said

“You knew I was back” he said

“I knew you were back but I know it for sure now you have got rid of the silly beard” she laughed

“You did not like it either” I laughed

“no , I did not” she laughed back we spent the evening sitting in the hall and drinking, all the while Astrid was holding Eirik and just kept staring at him, after a good nights sleep it was time to go to the village and deal with all the mess that I had caused, we rode to the village and walked into the hall, where everyone was waiting for me

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