Changing my future

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Chapter 34 - Taking my place

“Good to see you my lady” Alfred said

“It is good to see you to Alfred, thank you for your help here” I said

“Your welcome” he replied and I went at sat at the back of the hall in a chair that I had not sat in for awhile

“Shut up” I shouted “ I want to apologise for abandoning you, no matter what was happening in my life I should never have left you, if you will have me I would like to stay as your queen and help to take these kingdoms to a better place, if you will have me” I shouted

“Aye” they all shouted

“Thank you” I said

“John and Anna please step forward” I said and they both stepped forward “there is a farm on the edge of our holdfast that is yours if you will have it, there are lots of bees there that make honey, if you can the honey can be used to make mead if you know how to” I said

“We do know how and thank you” John said

“Although we may need some help” Anna said

“I know how you have always wanted children but it never happened for you, there are some children here that could do with a new home if you want them to come and live with you and help you” I replied

“We would love that” Anna said smiling at me

“Ragna, bring in the children who have lost their parents” I said and he left the hall coming back moments later with four children “your names?” I asked

“Sven, Drax, Melik and Frigga” Sven said pointing at them all as he said their names

“You will go and live with John and Anna and help out on their farm, you will do as they tell you do you understand?” I asked

“Yes” Sven said

“Freyja, we cannot talk to them” John said

“I will send Alfred with you, he can teach you to speak our language” I said

“Thank you” they said and with the children next to them they stepped back

“Ragna step forward” I said

“Freyja” he said bowing his head

“I Know that you have a house in this village but the commander of my fleet should have a holdfast, the land to the east has a large holdfast and many homes, there is also grapes growing there, we will get all the houses rebuilt there and you will go there” I said

“As you wish” said Ragna

“Where is Breda?” I asked

“She is here” Ragna said

“Breda step forward” I said and she did as I asked her to although she looked terrified at what I may do to her, after all it was her fault that I left this land because she had lied

“My queen” she said

“Freyja” I said

“Yes, Freyja” she said “I am sorry for what I did” she said

“You come into my house and lied to me, you tried to take the man I loved away from me because you believed that if you married him you would be the queen, even after he told you that I was the queen you did not admit the truth, you did not admit that you had come here to try and take it all from me because you wanted it all for yourself, I know you only told the truth because Lafrim tried to kill you, if he had not I am sure that you would be married to him know” I said

“I am sorry” she said again and knelt down

“Freyja please” Said Ragna stepping forward

“Let me finish” I shouted at Ragna

“As you wish” he said

“There is nothing that you can say that will make me trust you, you broke that trust and will not earn it back so easily, I will not forgive your greed but I understand why you did, I understand that any mother wants the best for the children, I do not trust you but I do trust your husband we have been through a lot together and I would trust him with my life, I therefore trust that he will keep you truthful and help you to see the right path that you should be on” I said

“Thank you” Ragna said and helped his wife up off of the floor

“You are welcome, when the east is ready and rebuilt you will take all of the others that we brought back and they will help you run the land, do not mistreat them and they are not to be made to do all of the work you will help, do you understand?” I asked

“I do” Ragna said

“Everyone else listen to me, I have made it so the village that you saw to east that was destroyed will be rebuilt and you will all go an live there you will help out on the loacl farms, you will have lessons on our language and you will be given all that you need” I said

“Thank you” one said

“Now let us eat and drink and get back to normal” I shouted and we spent the night drinking and eating, the next morning when we awoke it was time to start getting things ready, I walked into the hall and found Aldred already telling people what to do

“Good morning my Lady” Aldred said

“Aldred how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that” I said “we must get ready to go east and rebuild it” I added

“I was just preparing to go” Aldred said

“I would like you to and Astrid to come with us, I would like to help but I will need help with Eirik”I said

“As you wish, I will get everyone ready” he said and walked away

“What do we need” Lafrim asked

“There should be enough stuff there to rebuild what we need” I said

“Then let us ride” he said and we walked and went to get our horses, for the ride east Lafrim Carried Eirik all the way there, it took us three days to get to the east and when we got there we set up the camp as the houses could not be lived in yet

“Let us start on the main hall and the largest of the holdfasts” I said

“As you wish” Ragna said and began to organise everyone into doing the jobs, I stood looking at the sand bank, trying to decide what to do with it

“What are you looking at?” Lafrim asked

“We need some sort of defence on the beach” I replied

“Why?” he asked

“Because the english will come and we need something there” I replied

“Like what?” he asked

“Spikes” I said

“What?” he asked

“Latna” I called and Latne came over to me

“Yes freyja” he said

“I would like you to get some men and dig a large trench that spikes will be able to lay down on” I said

“They will be no good laying down” said Lafrim

“I know that but I do not want the english to see them, when they arrive” I said

“Why?” Lafrim asked

“Because if they cannot see our defences they will underestimate us” I replied

“As you wish” Latna said and walked away to begin the tasks that I had set out for him, it took three weeks to rebuild the east and make it good enough for all the people to live in, once it was done Lafrim and myself went back home and began to rebuild our holdfast, it took us nearly two moons to get it back to how it was, it was nice being back here but instead of sleeping on the floor I know slept in Lafrims bed, we was still not married yet but it didnt really matter, we were just getting up and ready to go and rebuild all the animals fences, when the door burst open and Molka came running

“They are coming” Molka said

“Who are?” I asked

“The English their ships appeared on the skyline last night” He replied

“Lafrim get our weapons ready we ride now” I said

“What about Eirik?” Lafrim asked

“We will drop him off with Anna and John on the way past” I said and we both prepared to ride, within minutes we were on our horses and heading to the coast line, we stopped at John and Annas

“Anna” I called

“Yes Freyja” she said

“I see you are learning” I said

“We are, how can we help you?” she asked

“Keep Eirik here and keep him safe, your kin are here” I said

“As you wish” Anna said

“I will ride with you” John said

“As you wish, let us ride” I said

“Keep safe my love” Anna said

“I will keep him safe” I said and rode to the east, it took us the day to get to Ragna’s holdfast

“Freyja, you came” He said holding my horse

“I did, why did you think I would not?I asked

“I do not know, I just was not sure” he said

“These are my lands and you are all my kin, I will not sit by and watch you all die” I said

“I know” he said

“how far are they?” I asked

“They will land at dawn” he said

“Good, I will greet them with Lafrim” I said

“But” Ragna said

“No, there are no buts, the rest that can fight will stay behind the fence line until you are needed” I said

“As you wish, would you like some food?” he asked

“That would be good” I said and Breda brought us out some food and drink, we sat fir a few hours drinking and then went to rest for the night, the sun was not even up when Lafrim and I rode to the beach, we went down the sand bank and made a fire sitting by it and waiting for them to land on our beach, Ragna had been right it was just after Dawn when they started to land on our beach, once they were all off of their ships, they finally noticed that we were sitting there and five rode towards us, whilst the rest set up their camp

“We wish to speak to the one called Freyja” he said

“Why do you want her?” I asked

“You speak our tongue then” he replied

“I do, now why do you want to speak to Freyja?” I asked

“We wish to offer her terms” he replied

“The last person that offered her terms did not get to go home” I said

“So, they did make it here then?” he asked

“Yes, they made it but there ships are at the bottom of the ocean and they have all gone to meet their gods” I replied

“Why were they killed?” he asked

“Because they picked up arms” I replied “what are your terms?” I added

“we will give them to her now go and get her whore” he said

“I am here, now what are you fucking terms” I shouted

“You are Freyja?” he asked

“Did you not hear me the first time that you have to ask again, I am who you want to talk to” I replied

“You will give us back our people or you will die” he said

“Is that it, you do not wish to take us with you this time?” I asked

“no , we only want our people back, you took and entire village last time you landed on our shores” he said

“I did but I did not force them” I said

“What do you mean?” he asked

“I asked them if they wished to leave your tyranny led land and they said yes so, you see I took no one who did not want to come” I replied

“They would not have come with you” He said

“If that is what you wish to believe then believe it” I said

“Why did you come here alone?” he asked

“I do not need anyone else to talk to you” I replied

“So, I could kill you now and end this” he said

“You could try, but you would not get your sword out before I slit your throat” I replied

“We want out people back” he said again

“What if they do not wish to go” I said

“They would never chose to stay here” he said

“Why don’t you ask them?” I asked

“How?” he asked

“John come here please” I shouted and John came down from behind the sand bank where he had been waiting

“Yes, Freyja” he said

“These men want to talk to you” I said

“What do you want?” John asked

“We have come to take you home do you wish to?” he asked

“I do not and neither does anyone else that came here with me” he replied

“Why?” the man asked

“Because we are treated better here than we have ever been in England this is our home and these are now our family” John replied

“You are being threatened into saying this” the man said

“We are not” John replied

“You wear their armour” the man said

“I do, I wear it because they are now my people and you are now my enemy if you attack, nobody here that was born in England wants to return” John said “can I go?” John said looking at me

“Of course” I said and John walked back off of the beach “you see I did not force anyone to come here and they do not wish to return” I said smiling at him

“You have made them say that” he shouted

“I have done no such thing” I replied

“What the hell is he saying?” Lafrim asked

“He wants to take his people back and does not believe that they wish to stay” I replied

“Who is he?” the English man asked

“He is mine” I said

“And why is he here?” he asked

“He is here to stop me from killing you” I said

“How would you be able to kill me, you are a woman” he replied

“That is what is wrong with all of you, you believe that women are weak and useless, If your man Ed was here he would tell you not to underestimate me or you will lose your head, he is here so that I do not take your head and cause an uneccesary war” I replied

“Tell him to get off of our land” Lafrim said

“I will” I said “now you will listen to me, I will bring you all your people and they can all tell you the same thing that they do not want to go with you, you have seven days, if you are still here on the dawn of the eighth day you will die” I said and stood up

“We will see” he said and walked away, I walked over the hill and back to the others

“What does he want?” Ragna asked

“He wants his people” I replied

“But they wish to stay” Ragna said

“I know, fetch all of them here, he wishes to hear it from all of them, he believes that I had some hold on John” I said

“As you wish” said Ragna and walked away to fetch everyone to me

“Latna, Molka” ride north and bring maddare and his army “Dranian when Ragna returns you and he will ride west and fetch Aetheon” I said

“As you wish” they said and nodded, I waited there until all the people had turned up

“Ragna said you wished to see us” Daniel said

“I did” I replied

“What can we do for you?” He asked

“The English over there have told me that they have come to take you home and will not believe that you wish to stay, John tried to tell them but he believes that I have a hold on him that made him lie, I wish to know if you do wish to stay?” I asked

“We do, we have been talking about this a lot and in the short time that we have been here our lives are ten times better than they ever were in England” Daniel said

“Well, then let us go and tell them” I said and we got ready to walk over the hill

“Lafrim stay here” I said as I noticed he tried to follow me

“I am not leaving you” he replied

“Lafrim I am safe, prepare for war, if they are not gone on the morning of the eighth day they will die” I said and Lafrim smiled and walked away

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