Changing my future

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Chapter 35 - The wedding

Along with all the people that I had brought here we walked over the sand bank and and towards the english camp, the man that had spoken to me earlier stepped forward to meet me

“As I said I would I have brought all of your kin here and you can ask them yourself” I said

“Who speaks for all of you” he asked

“I do” said Daniel and stepped forward

“Is it the wish of all of your to stay here with these savages?” he asked

“It is” Daniel replied

“Why do you want to stay here?” The man asked

“Because as I am sure John told you earlier, we have a much better life here and are treated far better than we have ever been in England” Daniel replied

“You are slaves” the man said

“We are not slaves, we all work together and are all equal” Daniel said

“How can you be equal to the savages?” the man asked

“Because we are none of us have anything more than anyone else, there are no rich people here, we are all rich” he replied and looked towards me

“You are only saying that because she is here” the man said pointing at me

“I have done nothing to them, i have given them anything that they wanted, if they wanted to go with you then they would” I replied

“Lies” the man shouted

“You do not believe me” I said

“No, why would I believe a savage fucking whore” he shouted at me

“Fine” I said and drew my sword from my waistband and handed it to Daniel

“Why?” he asked

“If I have truly trapped you here take the dagger and end it, I will not stop you” I said

“Do it” the English man shouted

“I will not we do not wish to leave here, this is our home and if you attack we will kill each and everyone of you” Daniel said handing me back my dagger and they all turned and walked away

“I told you I had no hold on them, you have seven days, if you are still here after that you will die” I said

“You will die first” A man said and ran at me with his sword, I had my sword in my hand and took his head before he even got to swing his sword

“You whore you will die for that” the other shouted and went to move forward but stopped quickly as an arrow landed in the floor at his feet

“You do not think that I would come down here unprotected, i am not that stupid I grew up in england I ahve read all your books and know all of your tricks, now leave in seven days or die” I said and walked back up the mound “thank you” I said to Lafrim as I reached the top of the hill

“How did you know that it was me?” he asked

“Because I know you, I knew that you would be watching me and that you would not let anything happen to me” I replied and kissed him

“Now what?” Lafrim asked

“Now we wait if they do not leave, we will kill them all” I said and we walked back to Ragna’s holdfast, where Breda and all the others feed us and gave as drinks, we were there for five more days before everyone returned

“Freyja my old friend” Maddare said as he walked into the house

“Maddare thank you for coming” I said

“We are but your servants” he replied

“How is your baby?” I asked

“She is fine thank you, we called her Freyja after you, we hope that you do not mind” Maddare replied

“It is a lovely name and thank you for the honour” I said

“Niece” Aetheon shouted as he walked into the hall and came over and hugged me

“You have got fat uncle” I said

“I have” he replied laughing “why are we here?” he asked

“The english again” Lafrim said

“Let us kill them” Aetheon said

“Not yet they have One more day before we attack” I said

“Why?” Maddare asked

“Because I told them that they had seven days to get off of our land or on the morning of the eighth we will kill them all” I replied

“Will they leave?” Maddare asked

“No” I replied

“Then why give them the choice?” Aetheon asked

“Because it is what is right” I said

“What do we do until then?” Maddare asked

“We prepare for war” I said “but first we celebrate and we will let them hear us, we will let them hear that we are not scared of them” I added

“Celebrate what?” Aetheon asked

“I have no idea” I replied

“Have you two got married yet?” Maddare asked

“No not yet, as you should know I left for a while and have not been back long, we have had much work to do and there has not been much time” I replied

“Then do it now” Maddare said

“There is no one here that can marry us” I replied

“Actually there is” Maddare said

“Who?” I asked

“Either me or Aetheon can do it, we are both kings and can marry anyone?” Maddare said

“Lafrim” I shouted

“Yes Freyja” he said coming over to me

“Did you hear any of that or are you too busy getting drunk?” I asked

“I did not hear a thing I was celebrating to up coming battle” he replied

“As always happy to waiting for death” I said smiling at him

“And you know it” he said “what were you talking about?” he asked

“I was saying that we need to celebrate and let them hear us so that they know that we do not fear them” I said

“Celebrate what?” Lafrim asked

“Us” I replied

“What about us?” he asked

“Do you still want me to be your wife?” I asked

“I do and you know that” he replied

“Then let us do it now and we will have something to celebrate” I said

“How?” he asked

“Maddare can marry us” I replied

“Then let us do it, there is no point in waiting for in a few days we may die and join Odin” Lafrim said

“Aetheon, you are the only male figure left that I have in my life, that is my family will you allow me to marry Lafrim, will you give me to him” I asked

“Of course” he said

“Shut up you ugly bloody idiots” Lafrim shouted “Freyja and myself are going to join together, I am to become her husband on this night, let us get ready” he shouted and the tables were all moved to the side of the hall and Maddare stood in front of everybody, myself, Lafrim and Aetheon stood and faced Maddare

“Lafrim do you want to have Freyja as your wife?” Maddare asked Lafrim

“Yes” he replied

“Freyja do you want him as our husband?” Maddare said pointing at Lafrim

“He is an arsehole most of the time but yes I want him as my husband” I replied and smiled at Lafrim

“Bitch” said Lafrim

“And you know it” I said

“Aetheon will you allow Lafrim to take your niece as his wife, do you allow Lafrim to take over her protection? Maddare asked Aetheon

“If you ever hurt her I will gut you” Aetheon said looking at Lafrim

“If I ever hurt her I think that she would gut me” Lafrim said laughing

“I would” I replied

“Then yes I will allow it” Aetheon said

“Good, now there is no one here that says that these two cannot be joined, so therefore as King I pronounce that they are finally wife and husband” Maddare said and everyone cheered “kiss her then” Maddare said looking at Lafrim and Lafrim began to kiss me and I kissed him back he picked me up

“Leave it out Lafrim, you are meant to do that bit later” Laughed Ragna

“I am not worried if you want to watch” Lafrim laughed and kissed me again

“You might Learn something” I said

“I do not think he can teach me anything” Ragna laughed and Lafrim put me down

“Let us celebrate” I shouted and so the drinking and the music began, we celebrated into the early hours of the morning, I stood up and looked out at everyone, i started to walk away it was time to rest at least for tonight

“Where are you going?” Lafrim said grabbing me

“To sleep you drunk fool” I said and pushed him away

“Then I am coming with you” he said and stood up

“You may as well stay and drink, you are far too drunk to do anything else” I laughed and pushed him back, he fell backwards and landed on the table, everyone around him laughed

“I told you that he could not teach me anything” Ragna said laughing

“Maybe you could teach him to hold his drink better” I said I walked from the hall and to the house that had been made up for me to stay in, I went to bed smiling finally I was Lafrim’s wife although it may not last very long because we may be dead the next day anyway when I woke the next morning it was just after dawn and Lafrim was just walking into the house

“Fall asleep in the hall” I laughed

“I did” he said “I am sorry for getting to drunk” he said

“You had every right to, you were celebrating” I said and stood up and put my arms around his waist

“I was” he said and started to kiss me, we made love in the little house that we were in, in front of the foire on a fur that was on the floor, there was a knock at the door

“Come in” I shouted and Ragna walked through the door, I stood up as I entered and he averted his eyes “what is it?” I asked “and do not go all shy, it is not like you have not seen me like this before” I said and Laughed putting on a top

“Daniel and all the others wish to talk to you?” he said

“I will be out in a second” I said and got dressed in all my armour, we could not walk around unprotected especially as the English were on the beach

“Join me when you are ready” I said looking back at Lafrim and I walked out of the house and they were all waiting for us

“What can I do for you Daniel?” I asked

“We want to hope” he said in old norse

“I think you may have the wrong word, talk in English” I said

“No, we are your kin now and we will talk in your tongue” he said “the word I wanted was help” he added

“Help with what?” I asked

“We want to help protect this land” Daniel replied

“If you mean fight, the answer is no” I replied

“Why?” he asked

“Because they are trained to fight you are not and I will not risk your lives, I told you that I would protect you and I will, if we have to fight and we win, then I will teach all of you to fight” I said

“But this is our land now too” he said

“I know that and I understand that you want to help but you cannot, all of you and any women and children that are here will ride back to the village tonight” I said

“As you wish” he said looking sad

“Do not be sad I gave you a promise and I will not break as I said if we win I will teach you all” I said “Ragna” I called

“Yes Freyja” he said

“Get them all ready to leave and send any women and children including Breda and your son with them, I want anyone that is not in any of the armies to leave here and head back to the village” I replied

“As you wish” he said and walked away to do as I asked

“Prepare the armies, if they are still on our beach tomorrow morning they will die” I shouted and all day we prepared to go to war as the sun began to set, we ate and drank into the early hours

“It is time for rest because tomorrow if the English still invade our beach we will kill them all” I said

“Aye” they shouted and began to filter out of the hall

“We will win?” Lafrim asked as we walked back to the house

“That I do not know” I replied

“Then do not leave my side” he said

“Why?” I asked

“Because if we are to leave this world then we leave it together” he said

“I will stay at your side, if only to protect” I said laughing at him, we laid down in the bed and fell asleep hugging one another.

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