Changing my future

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Chapter 36 - Looking to the future

As the sun rose the next morning, I walked to the top of the bank and they were still there and they were ready to fight, they had lined up ready for us, the man that I had spoken to before walked towards me, I walked down the hill to greet him

“Why are you still here?” I asked

“As I told you, we are here for our kin” he replied

“Even though your kin have told you that they wish to stay” I said

“Our king wants them back” he replied

“Your king wants them back because he wants to take everything they earn from them, your king is a tyrant and you will not be taking anyone back” I said

“You will not do it then?” He asked

“I will not, I do not force people to do things that they do not want to, they do not wish to go and I will not force them” I said

“Run scared then” he said

“Why would I run scared from you, there is nothing about any of you that I or my people fear, you are merely ants that we will squash” I said

“You are all drunk we have heard your celebration” he said

“You think us drunk, we celebrate because we have nothing to fear, now, if you are really going to do this then prepare to die” I said and turned and walked back to my army and he did the same

“There maybe an army in front of us but they are nothing compared to all of you that stand with me now, if today is the day that you meet Odin, then enjoy drinking with him, our fates have been written for many years and today is not the day that we fail, they will not take anything from us this day or any day to come” I shouted “kill them all but leave that Idiot for me” I said pointing at the one I had been talking to and I heard their shout to charge “shields” I shouted and shields were raised to protect us “spikes” I said and the spikes that we had hidden under the front of the sand dune were raised up “fire” I shouted as they got close enough and a rien of arrows fell down up them “ Kill them all” I shouted and rann down the sank bank with Lafrim on one side and Ragna on the other, closely followed by Latna, Molka and Dranian, we reached their army and began to fight our way through them, I had gotten seperated from Lafrim and was trying to find him when I heard him shout, I turned to see he was surrounded by ten men trying to fight them all off

“Lafrim” I shouted and ran to him I got there in time to stop one of the swords but the other pierced his side, the others all joined me and killed those that were left around us

“Get him off the beach” I said to Ragna

“No I am staying” Lafrim said trying to get up

“No, you are hurt get him out of here” I shouted and Ragna dragged him from the beach and back up to the village, for ten hours we fought and killed as many as we could, the sun was beginning to set when we surrounded the last group

“Lower your weapons and you can leave” I said

“Never” said the man that had done all the talking

“Come on then kill me” I shouted and he ran at me, I drove my sword through his guts as he got close enough, I pulled my sword out and let him drop to the floor “anyone else” I shouted and they all dropped their swords

“We surrender” one said

“Good” I replied

“Are you going to kill us?” he asked

“I am not” I replied

“What then?” he asked

“I am sending you home to your king” I said

“Why?” he asked

“Because you can deliver a message to him from me” I replied

“What message?” he asked

“I want you to tell your king that I am coming, tell him that I am going to free his country of tyranny, tell him that he will die by my sword and that I will take everything from him” I said

“Why would you tell him that and to not leave you alone?” the man asked

“Why do you all have to ask stupid fucking questions?” I said “but it matters not I will tell you, no person living should live under such rule, they are my kin as much as these here and nobody should have to starve because their king wants to be rich, everyone should live free and equal” I said “now get off my bloody land” I said

“Let them go to their ships” I said and without their weapons they were escorted back to the shoreline and allowed to board their ships, I sat on the beach and watched them sail away

“Why did you let them go?” Maddare asked

“To take a message back to their king” I replied

“What message?” he asked

“The message that I am coming and that I will take everything that he has” I replied and smiled

“Why?” Maddare asked

“Because they will keep coming here and I am bored of waiting for them” I replied “how many did we lose?” I asked

“A few” he replied

“Who?” I asked

“Mainly mine and Aetheons men but” he said

“But what?” I asked

“You lost Dranian” he said and I got up

“Take me to him” I said and was led to Dranian’s body, Latna and Molka were sitting at his side, I picked up his sword and put it on his chest “enjoy drinking in the halls of Valhalla my friend, you fought bravely” I said and a tear rolled down my face “build the pyres for these men now” I said and it was done

“Freyja” I heard Lafrim shout and turned to see him running down the beach

“I am here” I said

“I thought you were dead, they said that we had lost someone and they would not tell me who” he said and hugged me

“Are you okay?” I asked

“I am” he replied

“Good” I replied

“Who did we lose?” Lafrim asked

“Dranian” I said

“Damn” Lafrim said “ the bravest man I ever met” he added and we sat next to him whilst all the pyres were built, once they were ready and all the dead had been placed on them, I stood up to talk

“All the men here fought bravely and deserve their places in Valhalla” I shouted and the fires were lit

“What next?” Ragna asked

“Now we go to war” I said

“What do you mean?” Ragna asked

“I told the English that I was coming to take everything off of them and I meant It those of you that wish to go, will go to England with me and Kill every last one of them that wants to hurt us, they will never step foot here again once I am done” I shouted so everyone could here

“What about your son?” Ragna said

“He will be fine, I am doing this for him” I said

“When do we leave?” Ragna asked

“As soon as we are ready” I replied and Ragna walked away

“You cannot leave our son” Lafrim said

“Then you stay here with him” I said

“You should” he replied

“My fate is to be at the front of the army not sat at home doing nothing” I replied

“But your son needs you” Lafrim said

“Our son needs to be able to live in a better place, where he doesn’t have to watch the sea and wait for ships to come and kill him” I said

“But he is our son” Lafrim said

“I will not I want to make this place safer for him, I want to stop the English coming here to protect him, your parents will raise him until we return, you will be at my side wont you?” I asked

“I will, our son will have the better world that you want for him and I will help you to make it” he said and hugged me and that is were we are at now, waiting to go to war and stop another damn tyrant king, I said in the beginning that I should have been a princess but I never was I became their queen, there maybe more to add to my story when I return from england but that is were we are at now, my life may end in England but I have to try and make the world a better place for everyone that lives in it, especially my son and all children to come, this war and bloodshed needs to stop and with the help of Lafrim and my men I hope that I can stop it all and finally bring peace to all, Just because somebody is king or richer does not give them the right to treat people so badly after all we are all the same and I will kill anyone that tries to stop me from freeing everyone

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