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Chapter 3 - The King

“Kill them all” the voice said

“Run” I heard Alfred shout

I jumped out of bed and looked out of the window, a group of armed men were going through the holdfast and killing everyone, I looked around the house to see if I could find any weapons, there was no way in hell that I would let everyone be killed, I knew that the holymen had told me to not let them know I could fight but I could not stand by and watch as they were all slaughtered, yes they would know then that I could fight but I didn’t care, I found two swords in the house and took a deep breath, I ran from the house and began to fight

“A bitch with swords” laughed the first one I came to

“A bitch that will kill you” I said and he seemed to pause for a moment that a slave could talk his tongue, in most of the holdfasts you would find one person that could talk their language and that tended to be the one that had been there the longest, he was not laughing when I stuck the sword in his gut, I had never actually killed anyone before but it felt good to kill the people that had come onto Lafrim’s holdfast and tried to kill everyone else, I felt no sadness or guilt for what I had just done, I was doing it to save my life and the lives of all the others that live here

“Tyrin” another shouted and ran at me I managed to get up behind him and put the sword at his throat

“Go to greet your bloody gods with grace you arsehole” I whispered in his ear it didn’t matter that he knew I could talk the language, he wasn’t going to survive, I pulled the sword across his throat and let him fall to the floor

“Olaf” one of them shouted “this bitch is killing our brothers” he added

“Kill the bitch, whilst we deal with the rest” Olaf shouted back at him

“Run” I shouted spotting Alfred “get everyone out” I added and watched as he ran away into the woods with everyone

“Right you bitch now you die, two against one this should be easy” he said as the two of them paced around me

“You bloody wish” I said and ran at them, it was easy to take them out, they were so sure that they could beat me they didn’t even try that hard, I was just turning to find the rest of them when someone got the drop on me and hit me over the head, when I came too I had my hands tied yet again and was over the front of someone’s horse, I had no idea what was happening at least I could hear them talking as they had no idea that I could understand them, they did not try to hide what they were saying as they believed that I could not understand them

“The Bitch is awake Ragna” one said

“It does not matter, we will take this little bitch to the king, she killed four of our brothers today and because of her our father is dead” said another one, so this was about Hekndar and I was being taken to my father, I could see the one on the horse next to me getting really angry and annoyed

“Olaf, it will be fine, the king will punish Lafrim for what he did to our father” Ragna said

“I would like to know why Lafrim chose to kill our father over this bitch” Olaf said

“I have no idea, I would like to know why he taught a slave to fight, why would you teach your slave to fight they would only pick up arms against you” Ragna replied.

It took nearly two more days for us to reach what I thought was the kings village, I was dragged through the streets and into a large hall at the centre of the village and thrown on the floor in front of a man, that I assumed was the king and my father

“My king this bitch is the reason Lafrim killed our father” He said and kicked me in the stomach, I was not going to scream, not in front of my father

“Why would Lafrim kill Hekndar?” the king asked

“Everyone that we have spoken to that was on the ship said that our father had asked for the girl and Lafrim just killed him” Olaf replied

“My son would not kill Hendar without a good reason,” said a man as he stepped forward from next to the king

“Aldred let me hear them out” the king said so, the man that had smuggled me away from here was still alive

“Sorry my king” Aldred said bowing to the king and stepping backwards so he was once again next to him

“Lafrim needs to be punished and so does the bitch” Olaf shouted and he kicked me again, we all heard a commotion outside of the hall and next thing the doors to the hall burst open and Lafrim came into the hall with his sword in his hand

“What right does an arsehole like you have to come onto my land and kill the people that I protect?, they are my people and you will die” Lafrim shouted and went to attack Olaf

“Lafrim” Aldred shouted and Lafrim stopped in his tracks and dropped to his knees

“Sorry my king but these oaths went onto my land and killed five of the people that I protect and they also kidnapped one” Lafrim said and looked to me

“Stand my boy, I will hear both sides of this story, Olaf will speak first” the king said to Lafrim “speak Olaf” he added

“On the last raid that our father went on, Lafrim killed him” Olaf said to the king

“Is this true Lafrim?” the king asked

“It is” Lafrim replied

“Why would you kill a man under your command?” the king asked

“He disobeyed my order my king” Lafrim replied

“How?” asked the king

“I took nothing from the raid but the girl my king” Lafrim said but the king was waiting to hear more “I told all the men that they would share the treasure between them but the girl was mine, I wanted no treasure but Hekndar would have none of it, he wanted both the treasure and the girl, even when I gave the order that she was not to be touched” Lafrim replied

“Olaf, lafrim was commander on that last raid and your father disobeyed a direct order from him, no commander can have disobedience in their ranks by our law Lafrim was right to kill Hekndar and set an example to the other’s” the king said

“Yes my king” replied Olaf but Olaf did not move it seemed that he had something else to say to the king

“Is there something else that you wish to discuss Olaf?” Aldred asked

“There is” replied Olaf

“What is it?” the king asked

“My brothers my king” Olaf replied

“What about them?” the king asked

“They were killed my king” Olaf replied

“By who?” the king asked

“The girl,” Olaf replied walking over to me, he grabbed my top ripping it off of me and punched me in the face a few times, I saw Lafrim walkover and he grabbed Olaf by the shirt and punched him in the face

“You touch her again and you will die” Lafrim shouted at him

“Lafrim” shouted the king

“Sorry my king” Lafrim said

“Olaf if you touch the girl again I will let him kill you, do you understand” the king said

“I do my king” Olaf replied

“Girl why did you kill his brothers?” the king asked me

“Sorry my king but the girl cannot talk our language” Lafrim said

“I can ask her the questions that you have my king” Aldred said

“Go ahead” the king said

“”What is your name child?” Aldred asked stepping forward and putting his cloak around me to cover up my body, I felt him pause for a second

“My name is Freyja my lord” I replied and Aldred seemed to pause for a second

“And your second name?” he asked

“I do not have one my lord” I replied

“Why did you kill that man’s brother’s?” he asked me and pointing at Olaf

“That fucking man sent his men armed onto my lords land whilst he was not there and they started to slaughter everyone” I replied

“The girl said that they came onto Lafrim’s land whilst he was not there and started to slaughter everyone” Aldred said looking at the king

“Who taught her to fight?” the king said

“The king would like to know who taught you to fight?” Aldred said looking back at me

“I did” shouted Lafrim he had not but I assumed that he was trying to protect me

“The girl will answer” the king said

“Well” Aldred asked me

“My lord did” I replied

“She says that Lafrim did my king” Aldred said

“Lafrim, why were you not at your holdfast?” the king asked

“I received word four days ago that you had summoned me” Lafrim replied

“I did not call for you” the king said

“I was told that you wanted me and that it was urgent my king”Lafrim replied

“Why? Has it taken you four days to reach me then?” the king asked

“I stopped on the way here my king, to trade, I needed more seed for my holdfast and was told that it was this day that you needed to see me” Lafrim replied

“Olaf” the king shouted

“Yes my king” Olaf replied

“Did you send word to Lafrim that I had requested his presence?” the king asked

“I did” Olaf replied

“Why?” the king asked

“Because I knew by the time that we took his holdfast and got the girl it would be today, we wanted Lafrim to suffer the way that we had, we lost our father when we were not there and we wanted Lafrim to lose everything he had whilst he was not there and make sure that there was nothing he could do about it” Olaf replied

“So, let me get this straight, not only did you mislead Lafrim you went onto his holdfast unprepared” the king said

“What is her punishment my king?” Olaf asked

“None” the king replied

“But she killed my brothers” Olaf shouted and I looked at him and smiled, the fucking Idiot thought that he was going to get revenge on me but he wasn’t (they never really swore it was not in their language, my language was learnt from father Damian he always used it and I seemed to have picked up that bad habit off of him)

“She may have wielded the sword that killed your brother’s but it is your fault that they are dead, every man here knows that you do not enter another man’s land until you know what every person on it can do” the king said “the only person that deserves punishment here is you, you wrongly entered another man’s land and killed his people as such it is Lafrim that will deal the punishment” he added

“My king” said Olaf

“What is the punishment?” Lafrim asked

“Death” the king replied

“I will deal the punishment my king, if his brothers understand that I did this on your orders” Lafrim said “I do not want them to attack me for this as well” Lafrim added

“We do” they said “and we will not take revenge for this it is on the kings orders and we did not know that they our father disobeyed your orders” one said

“Olaf knelt on the floor and lowered his head, Lafrim drew his sword and took Olaf’s head, Olaf died out of battle and would not be greeted by Odin at the gates of Valhalla, only one fallen in battle would go there, it was what everyone of them hoped for, Lafrim cleaned his sword and came over to me

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