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Chapter 5- The Lake

I was outside working with Alfred cleaning out the animals when Lafrim came up to us

“Alfred I want you all cleaned today, we will go down to the lake” Lafrim said

“Lafrim wishes for us to go to the lake today and get cleaned” Alfred said to me

“Why?” I asked

“I assume that he thinks we need it” Alfred replied

“What did she ask?” Lafrim said “you need to teach her faster so that I can talk to her” he added

“She is learning my lord and quiet well” he replied “he wants to know what you said?” Alfred asked looking at me so I looked at Lafrim

“Why my lord” I said to Lafrim in his tongue

“Because we smell like animals, tell her that she will come with me now, as I wish to teach her to fight better, you will join us when all the work is done” Lafrim said

“All I understood was something about smelling like animals” I said to Alfred

“Yes he says that we smell like the animals, he wants you to go with him now so that he can teach you to fight like they do” Alfred said to me and Lafrim walked off, a few moments later he returned with two horses

“Get on” he said

“Yes my lord” I said and got onto the horse with his help, we rode to the lake with Lafrim watching me smiling all the way there

“Why are you looking?” I asked in his tongue

“Because you are beautiful like the sun” he replied

“The sun” I said

“Yes like the sun” he said still smiling at me, he helped me down from the horse, he took two swords off of his saddle and handing one to me

“Show me” he said and again as at the holdfast we began to train,

“Stop” he said a few moments later “you need to hold the sword higher” he said

“Higher like this” I said

“Yes that’s good” he said smiling and we continued to train, it continued that way for a couple of hours with Lafrim keep stopping and starting to show me different things that would help me fight “stop we need food and drink” he said

“Drink and flood” I said in his tongue trying to make him think that I still could not talk that well in his tongue,

“No food” he said guestering the his mouth and sitting down, I fetched the food and drink from the saddle bag and handed it to him, I did not sit with him I went and stood by the edge of the lake staring out over the water after a moment or two I heard Lafrim get up and the next thing he was putting his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder

“I wish that you could understand me more than you can so that I can tell you that you are as beautiful as this lake and that you are what makes my heart whole” he said and kissed my neck,

“You think me beautiful” I said

“I do” he replied and kissed my neck again, Lafrim was right the lake was truly beautiful and I had never seen anything like it, I pulled away from Lafrim and faced him I needed a way to tell Lafrim that I knew how I felt about him but I would not have been taught the words that I need to tell him that but I knew what to do, I took my clothes off and stood facing lafrim as naked as the day I was born but he did not do anything just stared into my eyes, I lifted Lafim’s hands up and placed them on my breasts, he still did nothing so I walked backwards into the lake

“Come” I said to Lafrim and his took his clothes off and followed me into the lake, he came over and put his arms around me

“I will not do this if you do not want to, only if you say yes” he said looking at me and waiting for an answer as he wasn’t sure that I had understood stood him

“Yes I want you to” I said and I kissed him to make him see that this was what I wanted, he started to kiss me back and I let him take me in the water, at first there was a little pain and I gasped a little bit

“Are you okay” Lafrim asked

“I am” I replied “I have never done this before” I added and started to kiss after the first bit of pain it was great and I had never felt enjoyment like it before, once it was over he kissed me and began to swim around the lake, everyone else form the holdfast turned up and joined us in the lake to get clean, once we were all cleaned we got out and got dressed, me and Lafrim rode back to the holdfast whilst everyone else walked, Lafrim helped me down from the horse and kissed me again, we walked into the house and he sat me down at the table and got me a drink sitting next to me and looking at me

“You are truly beautiful” he said putting his hand on my face and kissing me again, I smiled at him “I did not hurt you?” he asked

“No” I replied

“I am glad” he smiled “why have you never done that before?” he asked

“I just never have” I replied “What is your age?” I asked

“I have been alive for 22 winters” Lafrim replied

“22” I said

“Yes Freyja make food” he said

“Yes my lord” I said

“Call me Lafrim” he said

“Yes Lafrim” I said smiling at him and did as I was asked, it did not matter what was happening between us in the eyes of everyone else I was his property and I knew that, I went and prepared the food and had it ready by the time all the others had made it back from the lake, we all sat down at the table with myself sitting next to Lafrim, after we had all eaten Lafrim had his hand on my leg under the table, whilst everyone drank. It was so hard not to turn to him and start kissing him but I could not, not in front of anyone else that was here

“Go feed the animals” he said looking at me

“Fish the animals” I said

“What did she say” Lafrim asked Alfred

“She said fish the animals my lord she misunderstood you” Alfred said and Lafrim laughed

“Tell her what I meant” he said still laughing

“He wants you to go and feed the animals” Alfred sad

“Yes my lord” I said although he had asked me to call him Lafrim I would not do it in front of everyone else, I went to the barn and began to feed all of the animals, I was there a few moments when I heard the barn door open and turned to see Lafrim walking in, I don’t know what he had said to the others but he had got away from them I stood watching him walk towards and when he got close enough he picked me up and started to kiss me, that was how it was for the next three lunar cycles, Lafrim finding me jobs to do so that we could be alone together or he would make the others leave the house so that it was only us there, I was beginning to fall in love with him but I would not tell him that not yet, I could at least talk to him a bit more as Alfred was supposedly still teaching me, I awoke one morning to find Lafrim outside saddling two horses

“Alfred, Freyja” he called and we both walked over to him

“Yes my lord” I said

“I need to go hunting, we are running out of meat and I want you to come with me to help me prepare the animals and to cook for me” Lafrims said and he looked at Alfred

“Did you understand that?” he asked

“He said something about hunting and me going with him to help him with the meat” I replied

“He is going hunting and wants you to go with him to cook and help him prepare the meat” Alfred said

“Yes my lord” I said smiling at Lafrim

“We will be back in a week or so, I need to go further away from here the food here is getting scarce” He said

“Yes my lord” Alfred said and walked away to the house

“Get on” he said and helped me up onto the horse, we rode out from the holdfast, we ended up at the lake and he got down and helped me to get down, he sat down in front of a tree

“Sit” he said patting the ground between his legs, so I sat down and leaned back into him, he puts his arms around me

“Why are we here and not hunting?” I asked

“I want to be alone with you” he said

“Why?” I asked

“Because at the holdfast we have to be careful about who see us, here I do not need to worry,” he replied

“Why would it matter who saw?” I asked

“People see you as a slave” he replied

“I am” I replied

“You are more than that,” he said

“Lafrim you brought me back as your slave and that is what I am, I am not one of you, you are the lord of the holdfast and can do what you like to whoever you like” I replied

“You are not” he said

I did not answer we sat there for a while looking out over the lake, it was nice just being able to sit here with him and not have to worry about anyone watching us, I got up to go and get some food and drink and a fur off of the horse and took it back to him, I put it done next to him and he pulled me onto his lap so that I was looking into his eyes, he kissed me

“Freyja” he said

“Yes Lafrim” I said

“You are the most beautiful person that I have ever seen and you make my heart complete, you are the only thing in this world that I need, my heart belongs to you” he said and I looked at him strangely to make him think I did not understand

“My heart is yours” he said

“And I am yours, you own me” I said

“No that is not what I meant” he said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I love you” he said

“I love you too Lafrim” I said and kissed him

“Do you understand what I said?” he asked

“I do and my heart is yours” I said and he took a ring off of his finger and gave it to me, it was far too big for me so I put it on a piece of chord and tied it around my neck

“Why?” I asked

“So that everyone can see that you are mine and mine alone,” he said

“And how will they know that?” I asked

“Because anyone that knows me, knows that the ring is mine and they will know that if you are wearing it you are also mine” he said and for a few days we stayed at the lake and just spent time together

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