Changing my future

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Chapter 6 - Aldred knows

“We must go and get food, we cannot go back without any”he said smiling at me and helping me up onto my horse

“Yes Lafrim” I said and we rode to find some animals to hunt,

“Stay there why I kill some” he said

“I can hunt too” I said

“You can?” he asked

“Yes I can, let me help you” I said and we walked into the woods with a bow and arrow each and started to hunt, I saw a deer in the clearing and stood and took aim

“He is too far away” Lafrim said

“I can get it” I replied

“You will miss and scare the others” he said

“Trust me” I said

“Go ahead and show me then” he replied and watched as I pulled back the arrow got my target and released, the deer fell to the ground and I smiled

“Maybe you could get it then” he said smiling

“I did tell you” I said and walked towards it to pick it up

“I thought that because you were well a woman you would not be able to do it,” he said

“Yes I am a woman” I said

“That is not quiet what I meant, I wish you could speak more” he said

“I speak enough” I said and we continued to hunt until we found enough to take back so that everyone would see that we had been hunting, we arrived back at the holdfast and Alfred took all the meat off of the horses and we rode them back to the stables, once we had the horses away, we started to walk from the barn

“I will tell them today” he said and then we looked up to see four horses riding towards us and we could see that it was Aldred

“I see that you have done something about it” Aldred said

“I do not know what you mean” Lafrim said and smiled “go and get food” he said to me and I heard his father as I was walking away

“You do know what I am talking about she wears your ring around your neck” Aldred said

“It is not mine” Lafrim said

“You need not lie to me I recognise the ring are you going to tell everyone?” Aldred asked

“Why are you here?” Lafrim asked as they started to follow us back into the house

“Can I not come and visit my son” Aldred said as they walked into the house and sat at the table

“You can” Lafrim said handing him a drink

“Your mother sends her love and cannot wait to meet the girl that has you so captivated” Aldred said

“She does not have me that captivated” Lafrim said

“Where have you been for the last 7 days then, I came then but you was not here?” Aldred asked

“I was hunting” Lafrim replied

“What at the lake?” Aldred said

“I have no idea what you mean I have not been to the lake” Lafrim replied

“I saw you the first time I left here, I was going to stop and rest there but noticed you were there with Freyja” Aldred said

“Yes, I have spent some time with Freyja and yes it is my ring and before you ask, I love her” Lafrim said

“You need never hide anything from me, I am your father after all” Aldred said

“I did not want anyone else overhearing me”Lafrim asked

“What does it matter if they heard you?” Aldred asked

“Because she is a slave” Lafrim

“What difference does that make?” Aldred asked

“Because it is what they all see her as and I do not want them to think me stupid for loving a slave and someone from a froeigh country” Lafrim replied

“It does not matter what anybody else thinks, it only matters what you think” Aldred said

“I will come and see her soon and I will bring Freyja” he replied

“Are you going to take her as your wife?” Aldred asked

“I will” Lafrim said and turned to smile at me, I smiled back at him and noticed that Aldred was looking at me strangely

“Send everyone out” Aldred said “leave” he added to his own men and they walked from the house

“Why?” Lafrim asked

“Because there is something of much importance that I need to talk to you about” Aldred said

“Everyone get up and get out” Lafrim said and everyone did, I went to leave as well putting down what I was holding

“No” Aldred said looking at me “I want you to stay” he added

“My lord” I said

“Please continue to cook” he said

“Why are you letting her stay?” Lafrim asked

“Because it is about her” Aldred said

“What do you mean?” Lafrim asked

“You will see” Aldred said “where did you find the girl?” Aldred asked

“On an island” Lafrim replied

“Do you know what island?” Aldred asked

“I do if you have a map”Lafrim said

“I brought one with me” Aldred said and laid it out on the table for Lafrim to look at, he looked at the map for a moment and then pointed to something on it

“That island there” Lafrim said

“That is interesting” Aldred said

“What is?” Lafrim asked

“Do you remember I told you that I had sunk when you was a small boy and ended up on an island for three winters” Aldred said

“I do” he asked

“Well that is the Island that I ended up on” he replied

“It is just luck” Lafrim said

“It is not, do you remember that I told you, I got a baby away from here” Aldred said

“I do but you never told me who it was” Lafrim said

“I think that it may be Freyja” Aldred said

“Think or know?” Asked Lafrim, crap did Aldred really know that it was me and who I really was and was he about to tell Lafrim that I had been lying to him since the day that I had come here, how did he know that it was me, had I said something that made him suspect me, I stood there watching and going over all the times that I had been around Aldred and could not think of one moment where I may have let him know who I was

“I am not sure, it could be fate that you happened to find the same island that I sunk on and she could have just been there by chance but I have to find out” Aldred said

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