Changing my future

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Chapter 7 - Lafrim learns the truth

“Ask her if the food is ready and ask her to tell you about her life on the island” Aldred said to Lafrim

“”Freyja is the food ready and can I ask you about your life before here, about your life on the island” Lafrim said

“He would like to know if the food is ready and he would like to talk to you about your life on the island” Aldred said

“Yes my lord I will bring it over and what would he like to know about the island” I replied to Aldred not realising that he had spoken to me in norse all I had heard was Aldred’s voice, I was to busy trying to work out how he knew it was me

“I knew that you could understand me” Aldred said “I knew from the moment I met you in the king’s hall, the way you looked at everyone when they spoke, the way you smiled at Olaf when he was told that you would receive no punishment” he added

“You can speak our language properly” Lafrim shouted standing up

“Lafrim please let me explain” I said

“You lying bitch” Lafrim shouted and went to walk towards me

Lafrim sit down and I will explain to you why she did not tell us” Aldred said and Lafrim did as he was told “Freyja please come and sit down” Aldred said and I did, I walked over to the table and sat down next to him, “do you know who you are?” he asked looking at me

“I do, I know that I am Freyja and that your king Ultred is my father” I replied

“Yes do you know why you were on that island?” Aldred asked

“Because my father was an arsehole and wanted me dead” I replied

“You are king Ultreds daughter” Lafrim shouted

“Lafrim be quiet and listen or get the hell out, you will understand” Aldred said and Lafrim fell silent

“Your father wanted you dead because you were a girl and he only wanted a son as his first born, he ordered me to kill you” Aldred said

“I know my lord, I know as well that it was you that got me away from here” I replied

“You know that it was me, how?” Aldred asked

“The letter that you sent with me, the holy men that raised me never once lied to me about who I was and they told me of you, I have always known who I am, I knew that it was you the moment I heard your name and I knew that you recognised me the moment I told you my name” I replied

“I did know by your name but also by the mark on your shoulder” he replied

“Why lie?” Lafrim shouted “you have understood everything I have ever said to you” Lafrim said still shouting at me

“yes I heard you in the boat and every word that you have said since, I heard Hekndar on the boat mention king Ultred and I knew then that you were his men, I did not know who I could trust, my father is your king, you are his men and you are loyal to him and he wants me dead” I replied

“You have been here many moons” Lafrim said

“I am sorry Lafrim, I should have told you at the lake but I was scared my father is your king” I said

“I loved you” he shouted

“Lafrim enough boy, if you cannot see that she did not tell you to protect you and keep you safe and to protect everyone if the truth came out, then get out now” Aldred shouted at Lafrim “I am sorry my lady I taught my son better than this, he has taken a hit because you lied” he said

“This is no lady, she is a lying bitch” Lafrim shouted and threw the drink he had in his hand across the room and walking from the house

“I am sorry my lady” Aldred said

“Please do not call me that my lord, he has every right to be angry with me, I have been lying to him from the moment that he first met me” I said and drank a glass of beer

“You need not call anyone my lord you are a princess” Aldred said

“I am not and I never want to be” I replied

“You mother would be so happy to know that you are alive” Aldred said

“No, I do not want anyone to know that I am alive” I said “if my father found out that I was alive then it would not only be my life that is in danger but everyone who knew about me” I added

”I would give my life a thousand times over for yours, your father has become a tyrant” Aldred said

“I do not want anyone to give their life for mine I do not want any of it, I know how your customs work, kill the king and you will take his place” I said

“It is not that easy, there are many that have grown rich from his tyranie, they would not stand for a new king, it is your destiny that Odin set out for you” Aldred said

“Your gods, I do not believe in the same gods as you and I do not believe in destiny, I will make my own” I replied “let his son’s take his place” I added [Text Wrapping Break]“He had no more children, your mother said that it was punishment from the gods for killing you” Aldred said

“I do not want that life, I want the life that i had here before Lafrim found out” I said looking out of the door

“I will say no more my lady” Aldred said

“Please do not call me, that” I said again

“As you wish, give Lafrim some time he will see that you did the right thing, he will never tell anyone who you are, you are what makes him whole, without you he will lose his way” Aldred said

“He is what makes my heart whole” I said playing with his ring that was around my neck

“He will see but I have to go now I will come back as soon as I can I have work to do” he said standing up and walking from the house, I sat at the table waiting for what seemed like hours for Lafrim to come back in and talk to me but he didn’t, I laid down on my fur and went to sleep

“The next morning when I woke up, I got up and continued with my tasks, I noticed that lafrim had not slept in his bed and was not in the house, I was part way through the cleaning when lafrim walked into the house and sat at the table, I went behind him and started to stroke his hair

“Lafrim can we talk?” I asked

“I have nothing to say to a lying bitch” he said and started to drink

“Please Lafrim let me talk to you and explain” I begged him “I only did not tell you because if you knew who I was, if my father ever found out then you would be killed” I added

“My name to you is my lord” he shouted “and you have nothing to say that I want to hear so unless you are spoken to you will not talk, if you talk then you will die” he shouted at me, it seemed that he was still angry at me “you are a lying bitch” he said and got up from the table without even looking at me, tears were rolling down my cheeks but I continued to clean and do my jobs so that I did not have much time to think about everything, one mistake by me had cost everything that I loved, I was preparing food when Alfred came in

“I know that you can understand me, Lafrim has given orders that once you are finished your tasks you will clean out the animals and that is where you will make your bed” Alfred said

“Why?” I asked

“My lord said that you are an animal and as such that is where you belong, you are to do your tasks and take your food in there to eat” Alfred said

“Okay” I said so that was how it was going to be, this was going to be my life from now on, I would clean and cook and then go to the barn, lafrim could no longer bare to look at me and for the next lunar cycle he would be drinking from the moment he woke, until he passed out, I had just served his dinner and was about to leave, at least staying in the barn I did not have to watch him drinking all the time, I hated seeing him become this person, this was not the man that I loved but instead he was what I had made him by lying to him, why couldn’t he see that I only did it to protect him, why he could he not see that I did not want to hurt that I just wanted to make sure that he was safe, why couldn’t he understand that if my father found out that I was alive he would kill anyone that knew that

“All of you stay” he shouted “the new raiding season is about to start and I am again leading a boat, your roles here have not changed I want the field sown and the meat prepared for storage by the time I come back, Alfred you are in charge of them all” he said

“Yes my lord Alfred replied

“You” he said pointing at me

“My lord” I replied

“Shut your mouth bitch” he shouted “that was not something that needed an answer and I began to cry he could not say my name and he could not bare to hear my voice, he looked up for a second and I saw sadness in his eyes, sadness that I had caused him “you will do what ALfred asks or you will die, now get out of my sight” he shouted, I ran from the house and to the barn, I spent all of that night crying, I loved Lafrim more than anything in the world and nothing was ever going to change that but now because of me he hated me, I wished at that moment, that when they had first attacked the church I had picked up the sword and let them kill me, that way I would not go through the heart ache and I would not have to see him like this, Aldred had told me of destiny and I did not believe in it but it would seem that this was my destiny, to stay silent and watch the man that I loved drink himself to death

When I woke the next morning and started my chores I noticed that Lafrim had already left, at least I did not have to look at him and suffer, I did not speak to anyone what was the point, it seemed that not one of them wanted to talk to me the looks I was getting off of them and I could hear them talking about me behind my back, Lafrim had been gone for two weeks when he rode back onto the holdfast with yet more slaves[Text Wrapping Break]“You with me” he said as he rode past, I walked up to the house as he was getting down from his horse, he untied the woman that he had with him and passed me the ropes “get in” he said to the woman but she just cried “tell her” he said to me

“He would like you to go into the house,” I said to her

“What is he going to do to me?” she asked me

“What did she say?” Lafrim asked

“She wants to know what you are going to do with her” I said

“Whatever I want” Lafrim said “Now bring her in” he added and walked into the house

“I do not know but it would be easier if you did as he asked” I said and led the woman into the house

“Tell her to undress and get in bed” he said to me, I looked at him and saw hatred in his eyes, so because of me he had become the viking that I had always been told about

Lafrim you do not need to do this, this is not who you are,” I said

“Just tell her bitch” he shouted

“He wants you to take your clothes off and get on the bed” I said and the woman started to cry but she did as she was told, once she was undressed and on the bed I turned to leave, this was not something that I wanted to watch

“No you will stay” he shouted at me and I turned around so that I did not have to watch “no you will watch bitch” he shouted so I turned back to look at him “tell her that a slave does not deserve to be made love to, tell her that all slaves are bitches and liar, tell her I want her on her knees” he shouted at me so, this poor woman was going to go through hell because he was still angry at me, this was all my fault “tell her” he shouted this was his way of telling me how he felt

“He wants you on your knees” I said to the woman with tears rolling down my face and watched as she turned over on the bed so that she was on her knees and Lafrim took her by force, I could not bare to watch so I closed my eyes but I could still hear her scream “open your eyes bitch and watch” He shouted and I did as I was Instructed crying the entire time watching him do that to the woman all the while he was looking at me his eyes full of anger, when he was finished he got up and put trousers on he walked passed me and brushed my arm, when he did he paused for a second he went and got a drink and stood by the fire with his back to me “tell her to get out,” he said

“You can go” I said and the woman got dressed and ran from the house crying, I stayed where I was but he did not say a word,I know what he had just done but I still loved him, he did this because of me, I walked up behind him and Put my hands around his waist kissing his back, he turned around and picked me up and began to kiss me, I thought that he was going to make love to me as he walked over and put me down on the table, I thought that this meant he had forgiven me for what I had done to him but he hadn’t he let go of me and hit the table with his hands

“Get out” he shouted

“Please Lafrim this man here tonight is not you” I said “I love you” I added

“Get out” he shouted and this time I did as I was told, the next morning when I woke up Lafrim was gone, I tried to find the woman from the previous night to check she was okay but I could not find her anywhere, instead I found Alfred

“Where is the woman from last night?” I asked

“Dead” he replied

“what?”I said

“She killed herself in the night, she could not live with what the Lord had done to her, Lafrim burned her this morning” Alfred replied and he walked off, it was another four weeks before Lafrim came back again, this time it was not just slaves he had brought back it was his men as well and some woman

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