One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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After a devestating blow Everyone is broken but Hydra must take her place and proove to everyone she is the queen they need. But Nate still hunts them down and now with sye on his side She must fight or risk the lives of everyone she loves. She fears even one wrong move and all is lost but do not forget the prophecy.Perhaps it has not been forfilled yet.Maybe there is still hope.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Queen Siera

We had all just fallen through one of Theresa's portals and I knew we would never see her again. I had to go and find Siera. Hopefully, these people will accept us and allow us to live with them.

Ele and Terrance joined me as the others mourned. There was a rather large home on the other side of the village so I presumed it was where I would find the current ruler of the people.

Terrance leads the way and gently knocked on the door and almost as soon as he did that the door was swung open wide and a Red-headed man invited us inside.

We walked in and I was in awe at the decor. Everything looked perfect. All except a singed painting of a lady with purple hair just like Theresa's.

We were lead on to hat looked like a throne room and in a grand wooden throne was a Lady.

"Welcome to the Origin village."

I approached cautiously as I could not read her temperament.

"Siera is it? We have travelled a long way hoping to seek sanctuary from those who wish to see us dead."

"I cannot just let you in here without all of you facing the trebulan."

"What is the Trebulan?"

"It is an event where you are put in scenarios that can only be escaped by certain abilities. You will state your supposed ability and the test will be set accordingly. If you fail you will be banished from here but you succeed you are welcome to stay."

"Well, those are some high stakes."

"How many of you are there and please go get them."

"There are seven of us and I will get them now for you."

I left the hall and called the others inside. They too approached slowly and bowed. Siera pointed at us one by one to announce out talents.

"My name is Ele and i control electricity"

"My name is Josh and she is Sammy and we control sound"
"My name is Onyx and I control stone"

"My name is Strike and I control electricity"

"My name is Athena and I am a keeper of Mystic knowledge"

"My name is Hydra and I control Air, Water and earth."

Siera looked shocked."Three of the big five.My that takes power.And you?"

"My name is shelly and I was the mother of the Ethera Queen."

"What happened to her?"

I interrupted "We watched her fall Hundreds of feet to her death only a few minutes ago. We couldn't save her."

"There is nowhere near here that could happen!"

"She teleported us here with the last of her strength not wanting us to meet the same gruesome fate."

"Well, she was who I sent for, to be the new queen."

Athena stepped forward and said, " At time of death the most powerful Mystic will take her place as queen."

"And who might that be?"

I realised straight away."Me"

They all stared at me.

"You cannot be queen until you have completed the Trebulan."

"I will complete it tomorrow and trust me I will pass. And may I ask what is your ability?"

"I am psychic if you must know"

She then ushered us out rudely. I feel sorry for anyone who worked under her.

I suddenly felt all my pain and anguish flood back into me. Theresa was dead. She was my best friend. We were so close. And I just looked and saw the terror in her eyes as she plummeted into darkness.

The pain she felt. I couldn't help but think it was my fault as I could have taken on those men. She did not need to do it for me and die because of it. I should have flown to save her. Why didn't I try to save her?

I began to sob. Strike came over and joined in crying with me.He had known Her for much longer than me and she was like a big sister to him after he lost Breeze. I know how much she meant to him. To all of us.

I knew I should have been preparing but I was too distraught to do anything else but cry. Just because I'm 16 doesn't mean I can't show emotions anymore.

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