One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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The battle of the mystics

Everyone had anger written across their faces. Onyx came forward in line with hydra and said: “Go away you big meanies!”

She stuck her tongue out at them. Nate just laughed then signalled forewards.The army came rushing towards them.

Ele’s pov

I pulled Onyx and strike back and watched as The village began the assault. The undead were being consumed by the earth and burned beaten drowned gassed thrown. It was a minefield out there.

I was so sad to see people dying as well. Where thirty or so would surround them and practically eat them. It was disgusting. I looked behind me to make sure Onyx and strike were ok.

As I looked forward about a Hundred of the undead were running at us. I had to protect them. I mustered all the strength i could and shot a lightning bolt at them. It fried most of them but some were still coming.

I got into a fighting stance ready to use hand to hand combat. Just as they neared I looked behind me and Onyx and strike were fighting back.

Strike was shooting bolts at them while Onyx was crushing them with rocks. Once they were far enough back she built me a sword.

I motioned thanks and electrified it to improve its deadliness.

Josh and Sammy's POV

We joined together and began to scream this flung the enemy back but not very far. We tried screaming even louder but it still wasn’t killing them.

Sammy: “What if we used the scream to fly below them and shoot them upwards so they die from the fall”

Josh: “Great idea”

We began to scream again to get below them then laying on the ground our scream shot them into the air.Josh rolled us aside and we watched them fall splatting on impact.

Grace’s POV

Only a few undead were running at me so using my gravity pull i forced them into the ground pulling them down as far as they would go.

I pulled a few towards me and as the came towards me at blazing speeds I put my fist out so as they went passed they were relieved of their heads.

I looked to my right and saw a group of the undead heading for a group of young children so I reduced the gravity on the making them lighter than air. They began to then float away. The children looked really happy and we all saying thanks.

I looked back to the battle seeing that it would be a while before this was over.

Shelly’s POV

I’m glad Ele taught me a bit of hand to hand combat or else I would have been long dead. I had gotten lucky with most of the undead as they weren’t as skilled as the first lot we fought. I knew they retained core memories like defence and such but these guys acted like they had never fought in their life.

I was able to take them all out quite easily but one or two knew what they were doing. One of them got a really good punch to my left eye. That was certainly going to leave a bruise.

I punched kicked and flipped everyone that came near me but I was getting tired very quickly. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Sandy’s POV

I draw as much sand as I can from the ground around me and create two men to fight with me. The undead begin to attack us and I try to fight them off.

My sand creatures mimic my every move and when needed they block incoming attacks. My ability is to manipulate sand and glass but I can't make either of them. It has to be near me.

I try to fight my way to the small riverbank as I will be able to collect masses of sand. While I am drawing sand from the river my creations are taking multiple hits and I do my best to keep them standing while making more of them.

I look into the sky and I see umm... what did they say her name was. Hydra that’s it. She comes down to me and burns the undead alive.

“You can control fire!” I say a little bit stunned.

“Yes, I can.”

“Could you turn these guys into glass for me.?”

“Ye sure.”

She begins to blast them with extreme heat and they turn into glass.

I thank her then They all run into the battle crushing the undead in their arms. They hold all of my fighting memories so use that to adapt to the fight.

Hydra flies off to help the others and I continue to fight off the undead.I look to the woods and see even more running out. I do not see this ending well.

Dustan’s POV

I am being swarmed by the undead and I am struggling t hold them at bay. I throw stone spear after stone spear but to no avail. They barely scrape the undead.

Why is my aim so bad? Just as I go to form another one something jumps up from behind me and slams my head into the ground.Before I have a chance to do anything my head hits the boulder and I hear my neck crack as it goes off the edge.

My mouth begins to fill with dark blood and I can’t move to cough it out. I look up and watch the sky and I slowly go numb and then black spots fill my vision. Someone stands over me and then darkness.

Seraphina’s POV

I know there is only one person with the strength to kill Nate and it isn’t me. When we moved here Seira gave me a small hut to live in. It was perfect for what I had planned.

I sat down cross-legged in the circular room and say

“I call to the elemental spirits to return a soul so we may seek advice and help in a war. We wish for her to not only return in spirit but in the body. Let her mind remain as sane as it was when she left us. The sacrifice in which you require for her return will be paid in full. The soul in which I give to you willingly is my own.
I call upon the dead to find Theresa Ethera Blake. Queen of the Mystics."

"The spirits see your request and will return her until her quest is complete.You have 5 minutes."

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