One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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The return of a great warrior

Seraphina's POV

I place my hands and force my powers deep into the ground Then in front of me black smoke rose from the ground in an evergrowing spiral. Colours began to appear. Purple peach blue bage green white silver. Then all the colours began to fuse together in magnificent patterns. he smoke began to concave and before me stood a great warrior. A Great sister. Theresa was Back!

She stood facing me arms placed gently at her side staring at me with a grin creeping across her face. I saw the tears forming in her eyes and I instantly pulled her into a loving embrace. She pulled me even closer smiling as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks.

She patted me down making sure I was real and then she said

"Wha... How?"

"Being the lady of death as you so elegantly put it has its advantages. One of which is being able to talk to the dead and bring them back to complete deeds."

"Then why am I here?"

"Nate and Sye teamed up with Seira the "Queen" and are trying to kill off the mystics."

"What c'mon we have to go help them!"She pulled at my arm trying to get me to follow.

"I can't" She released her grip.

"What do you mean you can't?"I just looked at her with a tear in my eye.

"Seraphina What did you do?"

"To give you your humanity I had to give up mine."

"No no no no NO! You can't go They need you!"

"They need you more."

I began to feel a tingling sensation in my hand and saw the black smoke swallowing it whole.

Theresa began to ball into me. She was normally so strong.

"It's ok hun. Just go. I may see you again. But not here. This is a relief for me. It's the only way I can die.I have walked the earth for 7247 years most of it was spent in a cage.This is not a bad thing don't cry, please. I did it for everyone who needed you. A friend who is strong enough to kill Nate and Sye."

I looked at the smoke and it had consumed both of my arms now. I walked up to her and wiped away her tears. We looked at each other in the eye.

"Goodbye sister" Theresa whimpered.

"Goodbye, sister.In another life maybe." I saluted her and stepped back.

The smoke had now consumed my entire body and my head was covered with the smoke and I was gone.

Hydra's POV

I was doing my best to help everyone take down the undead but we weren't srtong enough and more kept coming.I knew that i had to take down Nate.

I flew straight towards him my hand on fire ready to finish this.But before i hit him I shot a stream of boiling water at him but he moved out of the way as if it was nothing.OOOH he was getting on my nerves.I picked up my speed and i saw The gravi girl helping to move me faster.

I shot down at him and closed my eyes moments before i hit the ground.When i opened my eyes i was laying in a large crater. But Nate wasn't there.I stood up and he was by the edge of the crater laughing.

"You honestly think you can kill me"

I marched out of the crater infuriated by his snide remark.I then gatherd my flame water air and earth and shot him with what i could It crashed into him like a ton of bricks but he did not move.Al i heard was "Tut tut tut do you people ever learn i am immortal."

I was boiling with rage and concentrated so much on him i didn't see the hoards of the undead charging for me.I quickly diverted my attention to defending my self but just as i thought i wouldn't do it something extraordinary happened.

A purple flame engulfed them and they were turned to ash. There was only one person who could conjure such power.

But... No, I watched her die She could not be alive. I heard a voice "You miss me?"

I ran to the voice crushing her in an eternal embrace. She was alive.

"Oy I might be back but I still need to breathe." I quickly let go.

"Theresa How When?"

" A few minutes ago... Seraphina she.." She started to cry.

"She died for me to come back."

"No no she is immortal she can't die."

"That's what I said but it was the only way for her to die. For the elemental spirits to take her back."

"What do you mean Take her back.?"

" I figured it out. Both Seraphina and Nate have their powers like a scale. They can only control their own powers. However once and only once they may use the other's gift but it will cost them their life. The spirits saw Nate's evil so gave them the curse to help and to hinder them. You see for Nate to die all he has to do is kill someone. For Seraphina, it was to give life Whether it meant having a child or bringing someone back." She gestured to herself.

"But who will have to die?"

"I don't know it is their choice." Theresa looked a bit saddened by this.

"I'll do it"

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