One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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For the greater good

"I'll do it"

Who the hell just volunteered to die? I turned around to see Athena standing there looking strong.

"What no Athena you can't-"

" When I agreed to join you on the adventure what did I say. I say whether in my life or death I can protect you then I will."

"That's in the past you don't have to do it."

"Theresa it would be my honour to die for my queens"


"Oh, you don't know. umm... Now that Seira abandoned her people Hydra is automatically queen."

I look to Hydra. She gasped and said, "So I rule Salutem?"

"Technically yes."

Hydra took in a deep breath and stood up tall and proud. I am so happy for her. She always carried that leadership quality about her.

I bowed down "My queen" She looked a bit... What's the word? Flabergasted.

I stood back up and said, "So what's the plan?"

Hydra looked a bit nervous and then spoke up "I know he will just send the undead after us to protect himself so we have to get him somewhere they can't reach without him realising it.No wall or they will break through and nowhere high up like in the sky or he will suspect something."

A girl came over and said "What about there." She pointed to the crater. "If you make it deeper so when the undead goes in they will be dead again but we push Nate in he will survive and no suspicion."

"That's a great idea what is your name?"

"Grace I'm the female Gravi mystic."

"Well, would you like to help slay the beast."

"I've got nothing better to do, "Grace said. I chuckled.

"Well, we need to get him over there first."

Grace spoke up again and said, "Leave it to me."

She stepped away from us and went over to Nate. I quickly signalled for Hydra to lower the crater. She saw my signs and lowered it down as far as she could get it to go.

I looked over to Grace and what she had done was place a gravity sphere in the crater drawing everything inwards. She also held down all the mystics so they wouldn't fly in.

Everything was being pulled into it and i could see the blood running from her nose. This must be so hard for her. Eventually, I saw Nate Sye and Seira fly into the crater.

Grace noticed as well because the second they were in she destroyed the sphere and collapsed to the ground.A few of the little ones rushed over to her to help.

Athena's POV

I reminded the other two of what we were doing pulling them out of there trance and back to the battle. We walked over to the crater and Hydra used her wind to pull out every single undead soldier and placed them on the surface where the village finished killing the rest of them.

We focused our attention to Seira Sye and Nate. We were practically having a standoff. I was in front of Seira Theresa was in front of Nate and Hydra was in front of Sye. The three of them just stood there looking at us feeling smug.


Nate looked to her and said " Tut tut tut Once again Hydra you know nothing. You honestly think we wanted to see the Mystics die out. You should know better. We wanted you. You Theresa Seraphina and Eric are the only threats to my thrown. You must be wondering how are we a threat and none of our friends.Well, you see Theresa being Ethera is very strong and my friend Sye here learned while in her head he can't put her in a trance. Now that is what I planned to do with you if my unwitting sister brought you back. I knew she would so here you are. Instead, I will have to kill you. A waste of talent and the end of an entire Mystic race but sacrifices must be made. Hydra you are too smart for your own good and have a claim to the thrown and we can't have that now, can we?

Eric is the mystic knowledge caretaker. He protects the wisdom. Now he. This is my favourite; he could reveal powers new ones and skills you lot haven't learned and those could just well, kill me. I don't plan on dying so instead he will."

"How dare you insult my family!"

"Family? Athena these people are not your family. Eric is but not them."

Hydra was getting really angry."Athena what does he mean?"

"Oh you haven't told them" Nate was acting like a little child.

"Well Hydra Theresa, She is Eric's brother."

Both of them were shocked at me but not in an angry way. It seemed slightly sympathetic.

"Oh wait that's not even the best part. She isn't even a Mystic! Ha"

Theresa looked at me even more shocked at me.I could see tears building in her eyes.I should have told them sooner. I had to hide it though or I never could have come here.

Hydra refused to even look at me. I turned to face him. How dare he insult my family and betray my secret!

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