One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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9 years ago-

“Athena I need you to listen to me little sis m’kay”

“Ok eric”

“Now out here you won't be able to protect yourself but I found a solution. There is a bond I can create with you to give you all my current knowledge. You will eventually adapt to it and may even get a few visions and prophecies but you are still human.”

“So I will be super smart, like you?”

“Do you want that?”

“Yes I want to be really smart so I can tell you what to do.”

“This may hurt a bit but it will be over quickly.”

Eric sliced his neck on the side and removed a piece of skin. He then told Athena to take a deep breath. He did the same to her and she screamed in pain. He placed his bit of skin on her wound and said “participes enim donum"

The skin fused to her and her screaming stopped. He did the same to himself then lay down beside his little sister while she rested.

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