One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Ohana means family

Nate continued " Hmmm.... how many heads are here one, two. Sorry, Athena but you aren't worthy of my counting."
Harsh much.
"We are missing someone where is he? Seira could you fetch him for me."
"Sure Hun" Seira kissed him on the cheek. I gestured barfing towards Theresa and she chuckled. Hydra still wasn't looking at me.
We waited in silence glaring at one another and showing how pissed we were. Seira returned and in her hand Was a cloth drenched in blood covering something. Nate then spoke again
"No point having it over here it smells toss it over there will you." He pointed towards us. Seira tossed it over to us and I caught it in my arms.
Sye said, "Well aren't you going to open your gift?" He smirked. Why did he seem so happy?
With an eyebrow raised, I pulled back the cloth fully and screamed in terror. I covered it with the cloth again and grasped him to my chest still screaming.
Theresa came over to me scowling at them and trying to comfort me but nothing can spare me from the anguish boiling inside. She pulled back the cloth to see what I was grasping. In my arms was a severed head. My brothers!
I pulled him closer sobbing so much I struggled to keep myself upright. I didn't care if my shirt was stained crimson. I was never letting him go. Theresa grabbed me tight and hugged me until I could barely breathe but I didn't complain. If it meant I could be with him again I would gladly let death take me.
I felt another set of arms wrap around me and right off the bat knew who it was. She knew my brother well and had become good friends.She may have felt broke as well but it was nothing compared to the hole I felt in my chest and life with him not there.
I knew I had to put his gorgeous head down and as i went to place it on the dirt Hydra made a small wooden stand to place it on. I was glad but I couldn't show it over how distraught I felt.
We turned back to Nate and before he could get a word in edgeways I lunged at him with a knife in hand. Ready to relieve him of his arms. Then his legs. Then his face so he would be this armless legless thing rolling down the road like a turd in the wind and then he would lose his heart. It's not like he ever used it.
I got to make a small slice on his cheek while diving on him before someone forced themselves into me slamming me against the walls of the crater. My back probably really hurt but after what they did to my brother it felt like nothing. Like a prick on the toe of an elephant.
I got up fast but clearly not fast enough as I felt someone's knee slamming into my stomach over and over out of aggression. I kept being winded but someone pulled them off of me ad I looked up to see Sye now Fighting Hydra and Theresa taking on Seira and Nate.
I had to let Nate kill me so I threw my knife at him and with perfect aim hit him right in the side of the neck. He stepped away from Theresa and pulled it out slowly and as he did he was already healing.
I was a bit taken back but I wouldn't let him know that. He kept the knife covered in his own blood in hand. I ran to him ready to fight and I landed a clean blow to his left leg.
I was stupid enough to leave my back exposed and he elbowed me to the ground. I had to fight hard and well so he believed I didn't want to die.
I swept his leg from under him and he landed on the ground with me with a thud. While he was still discombobulated I punched him in the face and rolled away so he couldn't reach me. I jumped up to see him already standing trying to swing at me with the knife. I blocked all of the lethal blows but letting him get some minor ones so he felt powerful. I had to stay alive until Either Seira or Sye were dead. I looked up to see all the survivors staring down watching us. One of them was helping. He was air I knew that as he held Seira and Sye in place as best he could so they could receive blow after blow from my sisters.
I had almost forgotten about Nate who was still striking me, and hard. I bent backwards to avoid a punch to the face and when I came up I headbutted him in the nose. As I made contact I heard the deafening crunch and blood poured out of his nose. The bleeding stopped after a second or two but still. I was impressed with myself.
I had clearly spent too much time gloating as the next thing I knew I felt a sharp sting to my chest. I looked down to see Nate having stabbed me in the centre of the chest. I stumbled back a step before he ripped the blade from my chest grinning.
This was it. I would die and so would he.
I fell to the ground my vision blurred slightly as blood poured out of me. He held the knife out in his hand expecting someone to take it but no one came. He turned around to see a very much dead Seira and Sye.
The grin on his face disappeared so fast. He then bent down to me trying to stop the bleeding but was pulled back by his arms by Hydra and Theresa. He was struggling in their grip trying to get to me but he wasn't getting close.
He must have known that the moment I died he would as well. I began coughing up blood but neither of the girls could come over to me as they held Nate back.
Two men jumped down and took their places as they ran over to me crying. They knew they can't do anything or Nate would live. Theresa placed a cloth over the wound to slow the bleeding so I could stay here longer.
I looked around and They weren't the only ones here. Everyone was stood around me crying.
"Hey guys don't worry I'll be alright" I coughed out.
Strike came over to me and curled up. He sobbed " You saved me why can't I save you?"
"This was my choice Strike I did it for everyone. For you."
"But I don't want you to die"He grasped my shirt. I wiped the tears rolling down his cheek and smiled.
"I will always be there for you Strike but I need you to promise me you will be brave ok." He nodded more tears escaping his eyes.
Theresa placed my hand gently in hers but she held on tight. Just from that notion, I knew exactly what she was saying.
The world around me was growing cold and I could feel the darkness creeping in.
" I will miss you all very much but remember to be strong and stay together. As stitch once said ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind..."
The darkness engulfed me.
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