One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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My queen

Grace's POV
I felt tears tumble down my face as Athena's body went limp. I watched her chest rise and fall for the last time. She had done her duty as a friend to everyone but now I must do my duty to my queen.
I turned to face Nate and watched as a white smoke consumed him. He did not deserve to die in such a peaceful way for what he did here.
Without a second thought, my rage and sorrow consumed me. I created two very small gravity spheres. Before anyone could say otherwise I swung them at his already raise hands. They were forced in that position and I made the spheres slowly grow bigger putting more pressure to pull his arms right from there sockets.
He deserved to die a painful death. With the rage boiling inside I flung the spheres away from him ripping his arms off in the process. He screamed in pain and I just smiled. I then flipped him on his back and tor his legs off in one swift movement.
He screamed in agony and had no limbs. The white smoke had almost taken him so I walked up to him holding his face in my hands. " Don't mess with the Mystics Bitch!"
I crushed his face in my hand as tight as I could hold it then the smoke stole him from me. The smoke dissipated and I turned around to face Hydra covered in blood spatter.
My breathing was heavy and deep but I felt I had avenged Athena well. I turned my gaze to Hydra and she looked very angry. I felt a pinch of fear grow inside me.
"Hydra what did I do wrong?" I asked slightly shaking.
"You didn't let me help you." She then smiled. I released a breath I didn't know I was holding. Not caring that I was covered in blood I hugged her tight then quickly let go and kneeled before her.
Hydra's POV
I watched as Grace knelt before me and I found it a bit strange. I looked behind me and everyone else was knelt down. Even Theresa. I came down to her level and said
" Theresa you bow to no one."
"I bow to my queen."
She looked up to me and smiled. Using the strength I had left I raised the crater to the surface and looking around everyone was down on one knee. I looked around and saw Neil also bowing to me.
I stepped up to him and pulled him up. He looked at me confused then I whispered in his ear "I do need a king by my side."
I looked to his face and he was blushing so hard it was unreal. Out of instinct, I gave him a peck on the cheek and he blushed even more. I honestly didn't think it was possible. I pulled him to my side but then he stood tall and held me to his side. I don't even need a response to know what he meant.
We stood tall and proud of our people. We will rule together. Stand together with whatever the world throws at us.

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