One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Royal wedding

Hydra's POV

It had been 1 year since The death of Nate and I was so nervous. Today was the best day of my life. Salutem would officially get a King and I would marry the love of my life. I'm not sure if I can do this. I'm only 17 and pregnant.

"Hydra you look beautiful." I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I saw that young girl who lived alone on the mountain. The girl who made friends for life and found a family who will love her for the rest of her days. I was wearing a pure white satin princess dress. The boddess had a light floral design with a silk belt.The bottom half has white flowers scattered down it. It was blissful.

"I'm not sure I can do this." I looked at Theresa and she just smiled.

"You'll be fine he is a great man." I took a deep breath. I can do this. I can do this.

Don, don , don don

"Go on Hydra as your maid of honour I know you can do this." She stuck both fingers up and rushed around the back to where she was meant to stand.

I took one final deep breath in and out then the doors swung open.I walked down the aisle to the pace of the music.I looked forward into the eyes of my soon to be husband.

I couldn't help but smile. He was so gorgeous and I'm glad he is my husband. I approached the altar and stood opposite him handing my small bouquet to Theresa. We did not have a priest here so we asked the village elder to wed us.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and woman in holy matrimony.They stand before the watchful eyes of the elemental spirits and request for them to bind them to one another for eternity.Hydra Stratford, do you agree to this joining of souls?"

"I do " I blushed a bit.

"And do you Neil bennet agree to this joining?"

"I do" He shot a smile at me.

"We must now summon a spirit to bind you. Please place your hands in the bowl." We both let go of one another and placed our hands in the bowl.

"I will prick your fingers to release a drop of blood from both of you. The bowl will either generate water fire earth air or a purple flame. This will determine the spirit who will bind you."

He pricked our fingers and the bowl then produced a flame water earth air and the purple flame.

"It seems all the spirits wish to bind you."

We removed our hands from the bowl and looked to the five pedal stools behind us and all five of the spirits were here.They took the forms of the First Mystics.

Ethera spoke " A beautiful match of love and duty. One worthy of our blessings.The binding will form around your hands and will last until the end of time."

Fire spoke " Fire for passion"

Water spoke "Water for peace"

Earth spoke "Earth for strength"

Air spoke " Air for life"

Ethera spoke last " And Ethera for magic. I have never given my blessing before as it is powerful. Too much for some. However, one of your children is strong enough to receive my gift. My line will end with Theresa and your child will be my heir."

We both looked down to our hands and tattooed on them was a flame, a water droplet, some dirt and a gust of wind. The pedal stools were empty and we were married. I leant in but Neil beat me to it and we kissed. It burst with passion and life.

The room erupted in cheers as we pulled away.

"Hello, Mr Bennet."

"Hello, Mrs Bennet."

I kissed him on the lips again as we walked back down the aisle hand in hand. A husband and king by my side a child on the way life couldn't get any better.

The following morning I was sat eating breakfast with my new husband when there was a knock on the door. I pulled myself off the sofa and to my surprise was Theresa.

"Hydra, I need to say goodbye." I got a bit worried.

"What do you mean goodbye?"

"The spirits aloud for my return but only until my mission was complete. That was to give Ethera an heir. You have one now so..."

I looked down to her legs and the black smoke was consuming her.

"No no Theresa you can't go, not again I won't survive. I need my best friend."

She patted me on the shoulder." You will be ok. You have Neil to protect you. Grace, Strike Sammy Josh My mum. They may not be able to replace me but you can't forget about them. They need you to be strong ok." Neil had now joined me at my side. I could hear him snivelling.

"I don't care I can't watch you die. Not again. What will I do with myself? How will I --" She grabbed my face.

"You have your people to watch over and I will watch over you I promise. Just don't let them down okay."

I nodded my head tears now streaming down my cheeks.

"If you ever get scared or need help just say ' In Altera vita ' and you will know what to do." She took a step back and I nuzzled into Neil who was crying just as much as me. The last of the smoke covered her and then she was gone. I cried into Neil and he held me tight trying to look tough but I knew he was just as sad as me.

It had been five years since Theresa's passing and it still tugged on my heart strings.
My husband and i had had one child in that time. A little girl who we named Terrie.She was the highlight of my life and the most beautiful creature on the planet.
When she was born she had purple hair so i knew she was going to grow up to be just like her Aunt.
Shelly asked after she was born if she could adopt me so i could be Theresa's sister and i didn't hesitate to say yes. I loved shelly and she is the best mum a girl could ask for.
Grace had grown really close to josh over the years and me plus everyone else are waiting for him to pop the question.Sammy was so happy for him and i think she fell in love with grace but in more of a sisterly way.
Strike spent alot of time with me and Neil and was the perfect god parent to Terrie.They were like best friends and i think she favours him as we both came back from a month-long outing to visit the elemental heart and when we came back she ran straight to him and asked if he wanted to come play.
That girl is very cheeky sometimes.
I am sad to say that not long after Theresa's passing Ele passed away. Even though she was my ex i still loved her with all my heart. Ele had commited suicide but the worst part was her body wasn't found. She left a note saying she couldn't bare to live anymore so was going to die somewhere she called home. I knew where she meant. Her old home.
I had banned anyone from approaching the area so she may rest in peace.
Onyx was so saddend by this but found comfort in a boy named Timmothy. He was a mute so had taught her a bit of sign language. He was the male water mystic so sometimes just wrote in water what he wanted to say.
They have become great friends over the years and even though Onyx is 14 i think she may have found her soul mate.
It would be the celebration of death festival soon. This was a festival i made to connect to our lost loved ones. Seraphina had somehow contacted me and told me to make one in a dream so she could visit us. It was nice getting to see her every year for a day.
We had to recreate the moment of her birth so i had to combine all the elements in great strength. It draws alot of energy from me and the first year it nearly killed me. I was unconcious for a week but Seraphina left me a note.
She would tell us how Theresa and Ele were and if they were doing ok. I just wish she could stay forever.
My charming daughter ran up to me and grasped my leg. I looked down to her and scowled playfully. The amount of times i had told her not to do that.
I peeled her off and she ran to the kitchen counter and scoffed down the fruit pie Neil had made for us. I walked passed him and he pulled me close and kissed the top of my head.
I pushed him off and went to clear up our mess. When i became queen i dismissed the servants and guards as a proper family didnt need them.
The only help we got was from Grace Josh and Sammy when they came to babysit while we were working.

I'm glad to finaly have a home and to know my family is safe.I knew there were other Mystics outt there in hiding but we will keep them all safe.No harm will come to my people

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