One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Trebulan training

Terrance lent me a hand and pulled me to my feet. I wiped the tears that had escaped my eyes and held Strike close to me. Terrance leads us all to a nice sized cottage and he welcomed us inside. I was warry at first but Athena looked so grumpy she just shoved me inside.

I scowled back at her but she did not respond. Uhh, I just didn't care right now.

I walked inside and the place felt quite relaxing. There was a crackling fire in the fireplace and mostly bamboo furniture. It felt like a zen garden. The kitchen was quite well modernized and there were at least six bedrooms.

One of them had a large four-poster bed. For a village in the middle of nowhere, they are quite well off.

Terrance assigned us all a room and thankfully I was assigned a room with Ele so I got to spend more time with my girlfriend (Yes you read that right.)

I and Ele had grown so close throughout all of this chaos andI'm glad to have someone who will sit there and listen to me but I will gladly listen to her.

We got into bed that night and she cuddled up to me holding me tight. Tomorrow out training begins for the Trebulan and #Terrance agreed to show all he knows about it to us.

I shot awake the next morning to a scream. I ran into Sammy's room to see her screaming. How?
She cant emit noise. She detects it. this makes no sense.
"I can talk"
"I think it was phsyco-somatic"
"What English please!"
"It was all in my head. I guess I was just too afraid to try because of the sounds I make when bonded to josh."
"Well, who cares about the reason. You can talk!"
The houses lept into an uproar of joy. There were a lot of "Horray!" and "Congrats".I think I even heard the odd "Never doubted it for a second."
But enough with jubilations. It was time to train.
Terrance set out some barrels and crates for us to use as target practice. I filled a barrel full of water then flew it into the air having the ground follow it then turn it into splinters.
I watched as everyone used their powers and I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't proud of each and every one of them.
Strike had grown so much in height and strength. Athena has learned to control emotions and when it was best to share wisdom. Josh had shown you don't need to be strong-willed or gentle. You can be both. Everyone has learned one thing or another on this voyage we have been on and it has to lead to them all becoming great people.
This next bit is in Shelly's point of view. I hope you enjoy the book so far!

I spent years hunting for my daughter and after 6 months she is stolen away from me! The rage was pulsating through my every bone. My child.My life and soul. I can't believe I even pretended to follow those people. They murdered my daughter!

I don't care if I am meant to train all I wish to do is loom over the loss of my Theresa.

Ele came over to me and I felt her hand on my shoulder.

"We all miss her shelly but we must not dwell on the past. She gave her life so we could come here. We can't ever forget that. Look if we want to stay here we must all train. Even if you don't have powers I could teach you a bit of hand to hand combat."

I wiped my tears and looked up at her. She smiled down and held her hand out to me and I took her offer.

She leads me over to a fence. She pointed at it and said, "Punch it."

I stared at her in disbelief wide-eyed."I'll break my hand"

"You won't. Trust me."

I took in a deep breath and punched once. My hand was a bit red but it was fine.



"You try to do damage with just your arm. Force your entire body into it."What do you mean?"

She stepped forward and punched. As she pulled the punch back she spun her body slightly then spun back hitting the wood. Her hand went straight through.

I stepped forward a bit nervous but I did as she did. I didn't penetrate the wood but I definitely made it weak.

Ele looked a bit be founded. Did she really think a 37-year-old woman couldn't hit a piece of wood?

She leads me to a cinder block and said: "Pick it up and throw it with one hand."

Once again I was confused but I went along with it. I grabbed it and threw it into the fence.

Once again she said "Weak"

"Try doing what you did before by using the whole body. And start near the shoulder."

I grabbed another one and threw it as instructed and I toppled the fence. I was impressed I had the strength to do that.

She then grabbed a jug of water and poured it into a dip in the ground."get the water out with your feet"

I pulled my foot back to kick it but she stopped me.

She directed my leg to sweep through it. I did that no problem but I removed very little water. This time she pushed me down into a squat and pulled one leg out so I could try again.

I couldn't quite get the momentum so she said: "Start tall end low."

From standing I spun down into the position sweeping all the water from the whole. Ele seemed happy.

This time she said "restrain me"

I leapt at her and grabbed her hands but she kicked me away.

This time I circled her and lept at her back but she flipped me over her shoulder to the ground. I jumped up and thought about what she showed.

I turned back to her and she punched me in the face. She would regret that. I caught her next punch and she seemed a bit shocked so I forced it back and punched her stomach. I spun down and swept her off of her feet and she was on the floor. I grabbed her neck and held a punch toward her head.

I was prepared to take the punch but she kneed me in the back and flung me off. I was winded then I found her on me in the same position but I couldn't move my legs.

I tapped her arm and she released.

A little girl with fire hair then came over and said: "It is time to be tested."

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