One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Trebulan trials

The point of view has now transferred back to Hydra.I hope you enjoy the book so far!

We were lead into a large stone arena that sat below the ground. I could see as 200 people sat in the stands, waiting to watch us. I had no idea there were so many different sub-elements.

Seira walked into the centre of the arena. From looking at her I could see she was talking at a normal volume however I could hear her as if she was sat right next to me.

"We gather here to test a new band of Mystics who wish to seek sanctuary. They are facing the trebulan and we will begin with the banshee twins."

She left the arena and Sammy and josh entered a little bit skittish.I looked in the distance and saw Terrance and someone else throwing rocks trees and all sorts at them.

They quickly merged and screamed them away. I then saw as a cage was opened and out came a beast. He was 30 feet tall and looked similar to a Griffin but instead of a lion, it was a leopard. The thing flew up and dove down for them.

They screamed and formed a barrier around themselves. The moment the beast touched it, it fell to the ground scraping at its head. I watched as it retreated into its cage.

The crowd were in awe at the abilities presented and the twins disconnected and went over to Seira. She invited them through a door then the next name was called.

Strike was called in but Ele refused to let him go alone.I gave her a small kiss before the two of them entered the arena. I watched as each person entered and fought off flying objects monsters and all manner of challenges.

Then Seira came out and said " Now our final competitor if she succeeds can claim our throne so her challenge will not only be showing her abilities but trying to prove she can hold all the qualities needed for a queen and if she stays so may Shelly. The mother of our recently diseased Ethera queen."

She left and I heard "You will not complete this"

I watched as she left to her seat and I flew out of the room we were in. I stayed in mid-air and I looked at the ground seeing about 5 people all using their powers against me. I was shrouded in darkness by one then someone kept shooting at me with fireballs. I used a wall of water to block them as best as I can.

The darkness cleared and the people were gone i looked around a bit confused. Then in a chair below me was a man. I flew down to him and instantly recognised him.

Back when I lived on the mountain he came to me giving me food and necessary tools so I could stay there Seira said "This man killed 3 of our people. Punishment for this is death. Complete the deed."

I looked at him and he began to cry and look at me begging for forgiveness. How could I kill him? He saved my life. I looked down at him. He was my friend. I haven't seen him in 6 months.

I looked at him and untied the ropes that bound him. He stood up slowly and I saw Seira in the corner of my eye looking happy. From what I knew Sye could make the others see things that weren't there.

I then noticed he spoke and said: " Who are you?"

I then created a dirt box around him and filled it with water. I heard his dying screams and I began to cry. This was so much harder than I thought it would be.

When the screaming stopped I set him free. His limp body now lay on the ground.

All of a sudden the illusion left me and I saw it was a scavenger in ragged clothes. He may not have meant to kill them but maybe he did.

Then I couldn't look at the people anymore so I made a small house for me to hide in. There were people shouting trying to get me to come out but I refused. I have killed before but I knew it was necessary. This man did not pose a threat to me. And I felt as if though I killed my friend.I'm guessing they got worried cause next thing i knew Ele was in there with me. She was holding me up to her trying to comfort me but I just kept crying.

I can't even describe the feeling of killing someone. Hearing their last screams of desperation before you rip the light from their eyes. It becomes so much more personal when it was someone you knew once. A dear friend.

Ele was very understanding of me. She too knew grief and death.I'm not sure she really understood what it meant to me.

She helped me up and we left the house and I set it back into the ground. The crowd stood in anticipation for Seira's judgement.

I joined the others in a row awaiting judgement. She read out a list of names.








I waited for her to read out mine and shelly's name but she looked at me and smiled with an evil slight to her grin.

Seira turned to face the crowd and announced."Hydra came here with a claim to my throne. Her claim was valid so we allowed her to compete. She prooved her powers very valiantly however when faced with the decision of killing someone she believed innocent she hesitated. This makes her an unworthy ruler of the Origin village."

There were many gasps in the crowd and the odd boo. They must have thought I did just fine.

"As part of our agreement if she did not make it as queen this human may not join us. You may be wondering who is she? this is the mother of Our Ethera queen who died protecting these people. Therefore they have been exiled and if they enter our borders again I will have them executed and anyone caught harbouring them will suffer the same fate."

Two people came out with cyanide gas and one breath and we were out like a light.

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