One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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I slowly opened my eyes feeling a ringing inside my head. I clutched my head as I sat up. I looked around and only saw trees. Shelly lay beside me still unconscious. I had faster healing so it wasn't worrying. I had no idea where we were or why we were there.

All my memories came flooding back to me. The Trebulan.Seira. Everything. We were all alone. The rest of our family had been awarded safety while we were banished for life. This could not be it. I refused to go out like this. To be tossed aside as if my life has no meaning.No purpose.

I will most likely never be with my family again.

I shouldn't think like that. There is hope even in the darkest of places if one only remembers to turn on the light. I knew I would need to wait until nightfall to attempt at returning to reduce their sight and so shelly could wake up and join me. But first I had to work out where I am.

I flew upwards and looked around. I could see a small light in the distance. Perhaps that was the village. However, if I have air and ca fly that means someone else can too. If we go in by air there are so many people who could spot us.

I flew back down and thankfully Shelly was awake and had even made us a fire.

" Since I know you going to try and get back in I want to help."

"I guess I can't stop you but you need a weapon."

I looked down to the ground for something to make her a weapon from. Sticks some stone water. Not much to make a weapon from. I look to my left and there is an old moose antler. Perfect!

With using some of the stone shards I chip away using my powers and form the head of a double-headed axe. I create a stone handle for it and then give it a vine grip. The edges are coated in lava I made from the rocks and it forms a sharp edge perfect for battle.

Shelly picks it up and swings it at a tree slicing the tree from its roots. She was impressed and terrified of it at the same time. I just chuckled.

I sat by the fire as we watched the sun fall and the moon rise high into the sky.

I made a small stone platform for her to sit on with her axe and I launched us both toward the light. I had to bring us to a sudden stop as i saw a man patrolling the sky. He must have been what 26 27 and he had clear hair. I pulled some black clouds over the moon to help hide us as we ever so slowly snuck past him.

I looked down for extra guards and I could see a few of them. I recognised one of them I think but from such a hight I had no way to be sure. I slowly brought us to the ground trying to give us as much cloud cover as possible without being too suspicious.

I got us down to the ground and We moved toward one of the guards. A girl. She looked fairly harmless until she saw us then metal began flying at us so I blocked what I could but some still sliced at my skin. While she was distracted by me shelly had snuck behind her and knocked her out cold.

We continued to move towards the town hall so to speak and were able to remain undetected. We encountered a guard but I recognised him. It was Terrance!

He saw us and said, "You got to be shitting me I don't want to kill you two why can't you just stay away."

Vines began to climb around us and force us to our knees. I tried to break the vines but each time I did he would just grow even more to replace it. I was failing to see a way out. I formed and ice ball in my hand and sent it flying at Terrance. He tried to grow a tree to block it but he wasn't fast enough and I struck him in the chest. I heard a small crack and he fell to the floor clutching himself. I think I broke his ribs.

I forced some vines around him to help steady his chest he looked slightly grateful as I knew he had little strength. I quickly shouted, "Help!" Then we ran for it. We ran straight past the guards but none of them pursued us. They acted as if they had no sense of body or mind. Like they were in a trance.

Siera knew we were here. I quickly stopped and shelly looked exhausted. I think she noticed too due to the worry across her face

I took a sullen step backwards and before I could even take a breath we were surrounded by everyone who was on watch. I had one idea left and it really was a terrible one.

I leapt up into the sky with shelly on my back and I knew the other air dude was watching but I shot back down and caused a shockwave to pave its way throughout the village. I won't have killed anyone just incapacitated them.

I made sure Shelly was ok then sent us flying straight into the town hall. And there on the makeshift throne was Siera. All proud as if she had won. I got shelly down from me and approached her enraged and abruptly.

However, Seira was not afraid of what she knew I could do to her. What did she know? I slowed my approach but kept a fierce look about me that way I could show I am not afraid.

She got up and walked around her chair. She paused after a lap to brush some dust off and said "I know you were coming"

"I know that you know that we were coming"

"I know that you know that you know that I knew you were coming."

"I know that you know that we know that you know that we know that you knew we were coming"

"Wait what "

"I don't even know anymore."

She rose her hand and signalled for someone to come in. I knew who he was in an instant. It was Blake. How was he alive. But was he here? But if not how would Seira know about him. Only us and ...


" Took you long enough to figure it out."

"It broke her when she found out who he is, That she killed him."

I searched her face for some remorse or regret but all that i saw was a sort of *are you stupid* look.

"You wanted Terrance to bring her here broken so you would remain, Queen, the people would see her unfit to rule. She struggled to remain sain!"

She smiled.

I bolted outside with revenge pulsing through me.

I lunged my self at the injured Terrance and with tears streaming down my eyes I screamed at him "DID YOU KNOW?"

"Know what?"


He looked at me as a tear rolled down his cheek. I throttled his throat and stabbed him with ice shard after ice shard. I crushed his legs with stone and watched as his face turned blue. People began grabbing at me trying to get me off.

They tried burning me knocking me out. Even killing me but i wouldn't budge until this traitor was dead. I looked up from him and saw all my friends standing there. The little ones were crying.

But not for Theresa but for me. Ele looked at me with empathy and told people to back away from me.

I still only felt hate and anger but now fear. She began to have tears stream down her face then strike got in front of her and they both pointed the hands towards me.

I let go but then a flash of light and they shot the largest lightning strike I had ever seen and I felt every inch of my skin burning but it wasn't a bad pain. I absorbed the lightning. and flew into the sky turning the clouds black and they swirled around me. I began sparking lightning from my hands and everyone fled for cover. I created a lightning storm that covered the whole village and more. It struck down hundreds of bolts upon them all.

I looked below me while the storm raged and a figure wandered out of the clouds onto a small hill peek below me. Two people. I moved closer and both had purple hair. No, it can't be. Blake was there. And... no. She was dead. I watched her die. No one could have survived that fall. Theresa.

This had to be a trick. A roose to get me to come down. They had to die. I was about to jet down when a light came towards me it was a flame. How though. The fire spirit said, "The final flame is spent."

What if it meant not gone but already apart of a new host.Two fire women at the same time. I looked at my hair. It wasn't blue anymore. It was half red. I tried making a flame in my hand and it worked. It didn't burn but its heat was comforting. I slowly lowered myself to the ground and it drew the storm to a close. My family had remained close and saw the flame in my hand. They were all just as shocked as I was.

I had four of the five elements of this world. Earth water fire air. This was incredible! I began to feel very faint. Ash was right sustaining a flame was very taxing. I tried to stay balanced but I was too weak. I fell onto my knees gasping for air. I was suffering yet no one dare approach me. I fell on my back struggling for air when finally Ele approached and she placed her hand on my head. I felt a small spark then everything began to ease into nothing.

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