One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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light and dark

The rest of this book will be written in the third person unless a chapter specifies otherwise. I hope you are enjoying the book so far!

First, there was darkness. From the darkness came a light. So small and so significant on a black shadow.Everything ever to be good was seen in the light. It may just be a dot but even a dot can hold power. It may have grown bigger or maybe it got closer. The woman watched it grow ever bigger and come ever closer. The purity radiating from the soul of the light would blind all evil. Once the light was in reach the women raised her hand to it and the light sprung to life. It zipped around stopping every now and again to look at her. She tilted her head hoping to get a better view but the light copied her.

Upon closer inspection, there was a black dot in the centre of the light. It was so small she was lucky to spot it. Now pay close attention here as if you blink or stop reading you will miss a lifetime of adventures. The light grew ever curious to the girl. As if she had never seen anyone like her before.

To and froe they went trying to comprehend the reason for the other’s existence. The light grew ever more fluorescent as i could not explain why there was a woman her in the black shadow. The women raised her hand to the light and it found sollice from her and its glow dimmed. Only slightly. Their bondage grew but the light grew duller and duller.

The woman was on her knees begging for it to stay but it continued to fade from existence. She held the light in her hands and wept.It began to flicker and it grew more tiresome.

After some time it touched the palm of the woman's hand and turned black. She set the light down and wept but it was not over.The darkness dissipated like fog and revealed a moment in time.A woman fighting off another but not with vengeance but to protect someone. She stood up and left the image.

Another light appeared but it was a dark light. All that lived in it was evil and hate.This light was combusting but not disappearing.This one felt the women and showed that it was familiar with her.However, she disregarded it. The light began to grow more white then showed an image. A women’s furry being expelled through the suffering of a man. This image left the women scarred. Scars do fade but are always remembered from the stories they tell.

All of the darkness then shot upwards as if someone had grabbed it and pulled it upward.

"The prisoner is awake!"

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