One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Her cell

Hydra slowly opened her eyes to try and work out where she was. She felt the cold hard earth beneath her and a sharp wind slicing at her cheek.

She could hear the clanking of chains and the scurrying of rats. She began to pull herself from the ground using the little strength she could muster. There was a small light coming from a crack in the wall. She looked through to try and see where she was but she didn't recognise anything.

The cell door began to creak open and Strike stood on the other side of it. Tears were running down his face. He ran over to her and held her in a loving embrace.

Hydra pulled herself away and skulked into another corner. Strike followed her as he didn't want her to feel alone. Hydra knew what she had done was wrong so did not want comfort from Strike. She looked back to the door and watched as they locked him in there with her.

She wiped her tears away and asked: " What is going on?"

Strike looked at her with a smile and said " They decided to kill you but I made them a deal. They let shelly stay to take my place here and I would be an outcast from here and we would both leave together."

" Why would you do that because now for the rest of your life you will be hunted down just like me."

" You have been like a big sister to me since I lost breeze and I couldn't bear to lose you and her."

Hydra began to cry and dragged Strike into her arms. One of the guards came back and said " Murderer" Towards Hydra.

She was confused. She hadn't killed anyone. Maybe wounded a few but didn't kill. She looked to Strike and he said " After your fiasco, they found a girl. She had become the fire elemental after Ash died and They found her severely burned and dead. Everyone blames you."

She grew wide-eyed and tears began to fall like rain in a storm. She killed that girl. She seemed so nice.

Out of self-rage she launched Strike across the cell and tried to draw stone from the bottom of her cell. It came through in the form of a sharp blade. Just as she went to plunge it into her heart a man rushed in and turned the blade to dust. He left soon after.


"Why would you do that?" Strikes eyes began to swell.

"I thought you would never try to leave me. If you died I would be out there all on my own. To fend for myself. How could you do that to me? You didn't think about that, did you? You were so selfish. And I know you did not kill her. You want to know how? I pulled all the lightning into me so no-one would get hurt. Why do you think there were no scorch marks. Why only one person got hurt. You Were Framed. Someone doesn't want you here. Someone wants to keep you from your throne. How have you not seen that."

Hydra stood up and punched the wall. How could she have been so stupid. She was even told she would never be queen before the trials. She had to find proof it was sabotage.

She tried to conjure a flame in her hand but the cell fought back and doused her in water. Someone had engineered to identify and prevent the use of our elemental powers. Clever.

Strike left Hydra to her devices and sat in the corner listening to the few noises in the distance. Hydra got up and went to the door of the cell. She ran her hands over the edges and felt a raised screw. This could be useful in her escape. There was a small window with a thorned bush sticking through. She broke the branch off and took off one of the thorns.

This was quite large so could be used to untwist the screw from the door. lowly she used it to remove the screw. Strike saw what she was doing and came over to help. She removed the rest of the screws and took the thick back panel from the door. She placed it up against the wall so she could look out through the hole to get a better view of her surroundings. She was level with the floor so escape could be easy. She could see that part of the wall was broken and that she could remove the rest of that brick. She now had a solid heavy tool.

She indicated for Strike to start screaming and he did just that. He screamed bloody murder and just as intended a guard came rushing in.

He was confused at first then Hydra hit him round the head with the brick and he was out like a light. They grabbed his outfit and Hydra put it on. She cuffed Strikes hands together and left the cell acting as if it was a regular cell transfer.

She leads strike down a maze of halls and right out the front door. They unchained him and ran.

She knew that if they exiled them they would be taken much further away and that they would have no way of getting back here so they had to leave on their own terms.

They ran into the woods as deep as they could go leaving small markers as they went by. Once they found cover both of them fell to the ground laughing. the fact that no one thought it was weird that a prisoner was being let out of the prison. But it did look like a cop was chasing him and that is not abnormal.

They were both so relieved to be out of there. Strike did miss the comforts but it was only short-lived. He will get over it. They spent the night with a smokeless fire to avoid revealing their position.

They enjoyed that night sat by a fire warm full bellies not a care in the world.

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