One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Worst idea ever!

" Home is wherever we choose it to be as long as there is food water and good company"

" Well, we can check two of those off."

"What cant be ticked off"

"Good company"

"Hey" Hydra shoved Strike and he fell onto his butt laughing. Children never grow up, do they?

They cleared any sign of them being there and left to find home.

Hydra and strike travelled for three days and could not find a home.

Hydra said, "Why do we keep going to a place that we don't know of, that doesn't exist and is impossible to find."

"Sis, just give it time three days travel can only take us so far. There is still the rest of the world.We will find somewhere I promise."

"Your right i *cough* we cant give up.But i know you will know so please tell me what does ele think of me."

"She was non-stop crying. She thought she had done this to you and that you didn't deserve her.I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you..."

"Tell me what" Hydra's body tensed up.

"Ok ok it's not my fault but I'm just a messenger. She said that she had broken up with you."

Hydra began to tear up but she wiped them away as if they were never there "Never liked her anyway"

Hydra picked up her pace and Strike knew she was still crying but wanting to look strong.

"Hydra just because you had feelings for her doesn't make you weak when she dumps you."

"I'm not crying do you see any tears" she quivered pointing at her bloodshot eyes.

" C'mon Strike lets keep moving we need a place to camp before sundown." She moved on.

Strike followed behind not saying a word.He knew Hydra was hurting but she refused to admit it.

The sun and set and the only visible light were the embers of a small fire. Hydra sat there shaping a ball of water. She created a memory. An old one.The memory of her first kiss with Ele. she watched as it played through. Strike came up behind her and watched. He accidentally snapped a twig and hydra crushed the water in her hands. She scowled at Strike and said, " Can't a girl get some privacy Huh."
She created a tree below her and was whisked 20 feet into the air. Strike felt a bit lonely and frightened. Ever since he was little he had been afraid of the dark and nothing had changed. He felt that in the dark thing could creep up behind him and hurt him and he would never see them coming.
He curled up by the tree seeking safety and watched as the embers died off. He kept hearing noises in the trees and got really nervous something was coming to get him. He heard chirping stomping howling and speaking. He turned to face the noise and before he could do anything a pair of beady eyes were staring at him through the trees and he was shot in the chest.
He collapsed to the ground. He felt cold hands pick him up and drop him in a sack. He was picked up and slammed against the captors back. He tried to ignore his surrounding so he could focus on staying alive. Blood was pouring out of his chest and his breath became wheezy.
While listening he was able to separate at least 20 different people. Then he heard gunshots and a light shone in the bag. He was pulled out by none other than Hydra. She held him in her arms and saw the blood pumping from his chest. She put pressure on it and he winced.

"Sorry brother but I have to to keep you alive."

She kept talking to him to keep him conscious but he blacked out and went limp. She shook him to wake him up but she couldn't wake him. She had one idea left and it was really stupid. She picked him up again and flew into the sky travelling at deadly speeds. She needed to get him to the village but it was a three day trip by foot and she was unsure if he would make it.

She began having tears stream out of her eyes but it only made her go faster. She went so fast that she broke the sound barrier but she wasn't slowing down now. She got faster and faster when the other air Mystic joined her.

He asked in haste "What happened to him"

"Shot in the chest by scavengers Help him!"

" Get him to the infirmary."


"It's a good thing you brought him here cause a human hospital would raise suspicion on his fast healing and such. But you both cant stay here for long because Seira will find you. I can keep her out of the infirmary but don't think too hard or have deep emotions or she will find you."

"Ok I won't"

They flew into the infirmary and doctors rushed over putting him on a gurney and shouting what seemed like random thing at one another.

Hydra still covered in his blood collapsed to the floor. A nurse rushed over but the Air mystic shunned her away. He carried her over to a waiting room so she could rest and regain consciousness. He knew how far she must have travelled in a few minutes cause of the clotting and the speed she was going at. She must have used all her energy stores to get him here then collapsed from hypoglycemia (Lack of glucose).

He asked a nurse to come over and give her a steady drip of glucose while she rested. It should help perk her up a bit.

After about 6 hours the sun began to rise and Hydras eyes flicker open. She was still sat in the waiting room with a drip in her arm leant against the boy who helped her. She tried to get up to see strike but fell to the ground straight away but was caught by a gust of air. Not her own.

"May want to take it easy you were really warned out"

"I.. need... to ... see...strike..." She heaved out.

"You will but for now rest. You need it more than you need to see that kid."

"He's not just a kid he is family..."Hydra drifted off again so exhausted from doing so little. The boy comforted her and fell asleep with her.

A few more hours past and The boy was woken by a doctor.

"The child will live but he will need to stay here for a few days so we can monitor him."

"They cant stay for a few days! They maybe have a few hours and he needs to be walking."

"He should heal quickly, because of his abilities ,but that wound put a hole in his chest cavity and it will be a long time for the vacuum to reform. He will struggle to breathe for at least a day and for about three days after that he won't be able to take deep breaths. You don't realize how severe it really was. It doesn't help that he is electric so we cant hook him to heart monitors and such as a surge could blow out the whole village."

"Ok I understand but still he can't stay here for long."

The doctor left and the boy comforted Hydra while she rested. Before long Hydra was awake and alert again. She was then lead to Strike.He was wide awake after surgery and was glad to see her.

Hydra came over to him and hugged him gently so as not to break the stitches.He had a cathida sticking out of his hand and a bandage around his chest. For being such a strong person he looked so weak and helpless.

Hydra began to cry again and Strike said "Don't worry I'm not that broken"

Hydra chuckled at his remark but still had tears in her eyes. She helped him stand up and he was still a bit wobbly but Hydra was there to support him in anyway way she could.

Hydra stayed by his bed side for a day and a half when she got to thinking. Everyone here knew they were banished and the punishment for letting them stay here but they did it anyway. She called a nurse over and asked "Why have none of you lot ratted us out to Seira?"

"About two years ago we had to vote on a ruler for the village.There were two candidates. Neil and Seira. Neil was everyones obvious choice as he is so calm and fair to us all where Seira is very angry and cruel.When the day came for the announcement everyone was waiting for them to call out the new leader we all expected a king but Seira was called.We had no choice but to follow her.I am almost certain she forced the announcer to say her name and not his."

"So who is Neil?"

The nurse left the room and pointed to a boy.It was that air guy who helped me and Strike!He should have been King. walked over to him and sat in the chair beside him.

"You and me are the same you know"

"I know we are both air elementals."

"Not in that sense I mean we were both meant for greater things."

"What do you mean?"

"We are both meant to be royalty."

"I'm not"

"But that big vote you were expected to be king."

"But I'm not am I Seira was chosen by the people.She gets to rule Salutem not me."


"It is the original name of the village. It means safety."

" Cool..."

"Don't you want to be king?"

"With all my heart but I cant just take it from her the people will hate me."

"Our people know I am the rightful Queen so I can just demand the thrown and our people will stand by me. Every Queen needs a king."

"That means we would need to marry and have kids..."

"Yes, but we can get to know one another and maybe fall in love. But we must keep the people in mind.Even if a sacrifice must be made."

Neil stood up."I suppose you are right but how will we get everyone on our side."

"What if I lure a load of scavengers here and you and I kill them all protecting the village."

"That could work but how will we get a load of scavengers here."

"Give me a few hours and they will be swarming us."

Neil and Hydra hugged and hydra left the infirmary knowing Strike was in good hands. Hydra flew up to the closest woodland access point to the village and began to burn. The heat wasn't painful. It felt powerful.

She then began shooting water jets everywhere and creating a huge scene practically telling the scavengers where they were.

She focused her eyes down to the tree line and saw around 100 men and women running out.

She flew closer and that is when Neil joined her.

"A few hours? I didn't even get time to stretch."

"Suck it up homer and let's go kill some little pieces of shit shall we."

"After you." He gestured Hydra forward in a chivalrous manner.

She shot down to the men and straight away drenched the first wave then froze the water. Neil swooped down and created an air pool drawing everyone in the vicinity inwards so Hydra could shish kabob them. They thought it was over but then something came flying at both of them knocking Hydra out of the sky.

Neil was able to dodge the flying object and watched as hydra fell out of the sky. He dived bombed her but realised he wouldn't reach her in time.

Just as Hydra was 10 feet off of the ground she stopped moving.

Neil was confused at first but then he saw a girl below her. She was creating a force field to stop her from falling. He flew down and said, "How are you doing that?"

"I'm a gravi mystic."

"English please."

"I manipulate gravity I think it's a sub-element of air."

"Cool so can I have my umm..."

"Your what"

"My.. My.... friend?"

"Ok here"

The girl moved hydra to the floor and had her lean upon Neil.

"Thanks..." He said sarcastically.

"Your welcome"

"That was sarcasm"

"No, it was polite. Men are so dumb"

Neil looked at her a bit confused but the girl just smiled a cheesy grin. Hydra began to come around but just as her eyes began to open Two people walked out from the tree line.

Neil's POV

It was two men. Well teens really.I had no idea who they were or what they wanted.

I looked behind me after hearing voices and the hole village was behind us. Seraphina walked forward and said "Brother you slimy son of a bitch why cant you die already."

"Sorry sis but the living need a leader."

"Well noone is looking at you for help."

"Not yet but they must follow their Queen"

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