One Final Stand (Book three of the Mystic series)

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Stand together

Neil, Hydra and Seraphina are stood face to face in a large field inches away from blowing each other into oblivion.
If stares could kill everyone would be long dead. Nate and Sye stand there smirking and then from behind the crowd Seira walks out. Some people look hurt by her betrayal but the faces of most people say that they saw it coming.
Neil screams at her "How could you betray your people?!"
"I haven't. They must follow my orders and my commands, they don't have a choice."
Then from the crowd comes the Gravi Mystic from earlier.
"We do have a choice. All of us can make our own decisions.I can speak for everyone here when I say we would all commit treason if it meant you weren't our Queen! We have suffered your dictatorship Long enough! Everyone here knows what you did when we had to choose a new mystic royal. You forced the announcer to say your name and not Neil's."
"These are all lies girl!"
"I can prove it." The girl turned to face the crowd.
"If you voted for Seira to be queen join her now!Those who did not stay put."
The crowd remained rigid. There were a few laughs from Neil and Hydra but other and that there was still silence.
Seraphina came over to Hydra and said " I need to get something. Hold her at bay while I do."
Hydra nodded setting her hands on fire. The rest of the crowd joined activating their powers. Those without powers armed themselves with weapons provided by Terrance and onyx.
Nate spoke up "You really think I would come all this way without an army." He took a step back rising his arms then from the forest came hundreds maybe thousands of undead soldiers.
The crowd of mystics only got more angered and fired up ready to protect their home.
Hydra looked around for her friends and all of them stood out from the crowd. Ele was trying to stay back with Strike and onyx to keep them safe. Hydra smiled at her and the same thing was returned.
Nate had no worry in his eyes. He believed his army could mow them down with no effort but boy was he wrong.

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