Star Ghost I: Annihilation

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Fara slowly exits the pool dripping wet. She's been in the pool for three hours. The first thing she notices how little Jonathan has changed the last fourteen years. Time has had very little effect on him. If anything, he's gotten stronger. He's gained a little weight around his waist but that's normal with retirement. His fur has gotten significantly darker and rougher. His hair is no longer tied in a ponytail. Jonathan hasn't cut his hair since he was discharged from the military fourteen years ago so it flows almost to the ground.

Fara notices that April is asleep in Jonathan's arms. That amazes Fara because Alisha, Hunter, and Marcus are shouting at each other. Fox and Krystal are trying to control them. Daniel and Jennifer are just sitting there not saying a word. After reliving her memories, it shocks Fara to see how much they have grown. Daniel's become a handsome man, the spitting image of his father, except for his blue fur. Daniel is stubborn like his father but hyperactive like his mother was. It's hard for Fara to believe that Jonathan is in his final days at the Cornerian Flight Academy. He's got his father's martal art skills, his classmates fear him because of his skills. He's already signed a contract with the Cornerian military to become an officer. Jennifer has grown into a beautiful young woman. She looks exactly like Fara, with a little bit of Jonathan thrown in. Being Fara's daughter, she is very beautiful, which means that boys are always coming for her, at least they were until Jonathan stepped in and scared them away.

As soon as Fara gets out of the pool Jonathan jumps up and hands April to her. Fara cradles April in her arms. Krystal surprises everyone by walking up and punching Jonathan in the arm.

"That was for telling Fara that you didn't think that Fox and I would make it."

"The Wolf Sense was the only intuition I had about you and Fox at the time. It told me that your relationship wasn't going to last. Now I'm speaking from the heart here, I'm truly happy to see you and Fox together. You two are the perfect couple, outside of Fara and me."

Marcus walks over to Daniel and stands right next to him.

"So how much of this do you remember?"

"All of it. I was very young but I remember all of it like it was yesterday."

Alisha and Hunter hear Daniel. They jump up and rush at him. Daniel moves so fast that Alisha and Hunter hardly see him move. One second he's sitting in front of them, the next he's standing behind them. Daniel grabs Alisha and Hunter by the neck from behind and holds them back.

"You knew about mom and dad's past and you didn't tell us they were so awesome."

"They made me promise not to tell anyone. But I told you last night that they were cool. You should've listed to me."

Everyone heads back to Fox and Krystal's house. Their children have a brand new respect for Jonathan and Fara. Marcus is evening considering dropping his parents as his idols. Jonathan has to reassure Marcus that Fox and Krystal should remain his idols instead of him.

That night Jonathan and Fara are taking Alisha and Hunter into bed. Fox allows their children to sleep in the living room. Jonathan and Fara have a room to themselves, except for April who sleeps in the same room with them. Fara doesn't want to let April out of her sight. Marcus is walks into the room as Jonathan finishes tucking Hunter in.

"Jonathan, Fara, I want you to know that I think that you guys are awesome."

"Thanks little man. Now why don't you ask your question?"

"How do you know that I'm going to ask you a question?""Remember, I'm Cerinian like your mother."

"What does that mean?"

Jonathan has to remember that Marcus is only five. Marcus doesn't fully understand his mother's telepathic abilities or his Cerinian heritage.

"Well, I have this ability that allows me to see a person's true emotions. It told me that you were about to ask me a question."

Marcus looks around awkwardly.

"So do you know what I'm going to ask you?"

"Nope, I'm not Savannah"

"Oh, well I was going to ask you if there's more to your story, as Star Ghost."

"Oh no, there's so much more to tell. What you saw was just the beginning. We had so many adventures together that it'd be difficult to tell them all. But I promise, I will tell them to you some time."

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