Star Ghost I: Annihilation

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Chapter 1 Beautiful and Peaceful Cerinia

Chapter 1: Peaceful and Beautiful Cerinia

A two hundred years ago, a race of Crocodiles discovered an ancient energy source on their home planet called the Exodus. The Exodus was an inexhaustible source of energy that possessed power levels that were off the chart. Through much research and experimentation, the Crocodiles figured out that the Exodus could be connected to technology, making it stronger and faster. It could also be applied to individuals, making them unimaginably powerful. With the Exodus in hand, the Crocodiles invaded the Lylat System. The Exodus made them unbeatable. They crushed everything in their path. Every army that stood in their way was annihilated. Any planet that refused to surrender was destroyed. In a year the Crocodiles ruled over the entire Lylat System. But it was not enough. So the Crocodiles moved onto the Genesis System. The first planet they arrived at was Cerinia. The Crocodiles offered the Cerinians the chance the surrender. The Cerinians refused the Crocodiles offer. Using their planet's unique spiritual energy, the Cerinians attacked the Crocodiles before they could respond. Their surprise attack caught the Crocodiles off guard long enough for the Cerinians to remove the Exodus from the Crocodiles. Without the Exodus the Crocodiles were powerless. The Cerinians nearly whipped out the Crocodile army. The Crocodiles withdrew from all of the planets they conquered and retreated back to their home planet. Afterwards, the Cerinians council decided that the Exodus was too powerful for any society to possess. Since the Exodus was too powerful to be destroyed they appointed five Cerinians to hide the Exodus. The Cerinians hid the Exodus on an unknown planet. The five Cerinians took the location of the Exodus to their graves. For the next two hundred years the Crocodiles have been unheard of and the Exodus undisturbed, that is until now.

Star Ghost's story begins twelve years ago (six years after the Lylat Wars) on the planet Cerinia. Cerinia is located in the outskirts of the Genesis System. It is the oldest and most isolated planet in the system. It is also one of the most beautiful. The planet has a tropical rainforests, snow covered mountains, and dozens of small islands that appear as dot on the planet's surface. There is not another planet like it in the galaxy. But what makes Cerinia truly spectacular is its spiritual energy. The energy is powerful beyond comprehension. Even the inhabitants are still trying to figure out how the energy works. This energy has affected the planet's inhabitants by giving them unique abilities. Cerinia is inhabited by three species: the Blue Foxes, the Blue Cougars, and the Black Wolves. These three species live in absolute peace with each other. In order to preserve the planet's natural beauty, the inhabitants built their society into the landscape. Their society is old fashioned, meaning that they don't use modern technology. The Cerinians prefer hand to hand combat over anything.

Jonathan and Fara are on Cerinia waiting for their discharge papers to come through. Both are pilots/soldiers for the Zaldon military. They currently serve in elite the Wild Cats Squadron. Zaldon is the main military power of the Genesis System. Jonathan, 26, is a Captain. He is the youngest person to achieve that rank. Jonathan has put in eight distinguished years of service in the Zaldon Military. Seven of those years were with the Wild Cats Squadron. Fara, 24, is a Sergeant. She has put in five years of service in the Zaldon Military. They have only a month left of service before they retire from the military. They are waiting for their discharge papers to come through. Both Jonathan and Fara are looking forward to living an easy and peaceful life on Cerinia. When the Cerinian Council heard that Jonathan and Fara are retiring they jumped at the opportunity to get them to train their soldiers. They figured that Jonathan and Fara, with their military experience, would be the perfect instructors.

The sun is just starting to rise over the Cerinian Mountains but the Black Wolves are already up and busy. The training arena is packed with teenage students ready to begin their early morning Muay Thai training. Muay Thai has been the martal art of the Black Wolves for hundreds of years. It is one of the deadliest martal arts that has ever existed. The point of Muay Thai is to destroy the opponent, potentially and easily killing them. It is aggressive and powerful. It primary focuses on elbows and knee strikes to the head. Muay Thai teaches the students to use every part of their body as a weapon. The Black Wolves put in a lot of conditioning into their training to make their bodies as strong as possible and build a high pain tolerance. A master of Muay Thai can kill a man with a single blow to the head.

The students are standing around talking. All that ends when the master enters. The master is an old Black Wolf named Ezekiel. The students rush to their positions, kneel and bow before Ezekiel as a sign of respect. Ezekiel returns their bow and takes a position at the head of the class.

"Class, today is a special day. All of you here today will get the chance to graduate from training and earn your Wolf Claws."

The Wolf Claw is a status symbol in the Black Wolf society. It symbolizes that the wolf has become a man. It is a big honor. After graduating training, the student is branded with a branding iron on both their shoulders. The iron is shaped into a wolf's claw. Along with the symbol the wolf will also receive their Black Wolf sword. The Black Wolf sword is a powerful weapon. It is made out a metal that is found only on Cerinia that is five times stronger than steel and a third the weight. The sword has a curved blade making it a primary slashing weapon. Running along the back are six inch long, curved blades. The blades are spaced far enough part to fit an arm or another sword in between, meaning that it can easily rip a person's arm off and tear through flesh like a chainsaw. But the weapon has a Cerinian stone on the hilt that gives the sword a special ability. It allows the sword to cut through absolutely anything, including force shields and energy. The sword can also absorb energy from an opponent's attack and turn it into a powerful strike and destroy anything in its path. To activate the energy requires a two handed grip. Unfortunately, unlike other Cerinia weapons that rely on electrical energy to activate it draws its energy from the user, potentially killing the user if they hold on for too long.

In order to get their Wolf Symbol and the Black Wolf Sword, a student has to first pass the test. They have to fight 25 one minute matches, back to back, with no rest in between matches. The only rule is that no techniques that can kill are allowed. The tests shows that the student can not only take hit and has excellent skills but also has the endurance to last in battle. If a student fails they get two more chance to retake the test. If they fail three times they will never become a man.

At that moment another Black Wolf walks into the training arena and takes a seat next to Ezekiel. The students look at Wolf in a sense of confusion. On both of his shoulders are the Wolf Claw's symbol and the Black Wolf Sword is strapped to his side. Very few of them recognize him.

"This man's name is Jonathan Storm. He is one of my best warriors. He is my student. I brought him here to help with the process." Ezekiel says.

All of the student's know that Jonathan is next in line for the Black Wolf throne. But very few of them know Jonathan's reputation as a warrior. One of the students finds it insulting that Ezekiel would bring in Jonathan to help. He bows to Ezekiel in order to gain a chance to speak. During training hours, a student has to bow to the master before speaking. It shows respect. For a student to speak without bowing to the master is a great insult. In the Black Wolf society, honor and respect is everything. Ezekiel gives the student the opportunity to speak.

"He is so young. Will he be able to help at all?"

Jonathan looks at Ezekiel with a look that says "please let me challenge him." Ezekiel nods to Jonathan giving his respect.

Jonathan and the wolf face off. Both take a Muay Thai fighting stance. Jonathan waits for the wolf to attack him. The wolf suddenly attacks him with a powerful roundhouse kick aimed at his head but Jonathan easily blocks it and returns a thrust kick to the wolf's chest, knocking him back. Jonathan then rushes at the wolf, jumps and delivers a powerful rotating punch to the head, knocking the wolf out. Another wolf jumps up and rushes at Jonathan. Jonathan stops the wolf with a quick kick to the knee then delivers a powerful kick to the wolf's chin, knocking him out. Another wolf attacks Jonathan with a kick aimed at his stomach. Jonathan easily blocks the attack then elbow strikes the wolf in the stomach and finishes him with a roundhouse punch to the jaw. A fourth students rushes at Jonathan. He attempts to knee Jonathan in the back but is blocked. Jonathan delivers an elbow strike to the back of the wolf's head, grabs him by the base of the neck and forces him to the ground. Jonathan tosses him aside like he was ragdoll. All this happens in less than ten seconds. The other students just sit there looking at Jonathan, all of them absolutely amazed. Jonathan sees a few mouths drop open. Out of the corner of his eye, Jonathan sees Ezekiel smiling. "Now if there are no further interruptions we'll start the process."

Jonathan looks at the back of the arena. Fara Phoenix is standing by the door looking absolutely beautiful. Jonathan nods at Fara and she winks playfully back at him. She waves goodbye at Jonathan then leaves. Fara has to teach the Cerinian pilots how to fly in just a few minutes.

Training continues throughout the rest of the day. By the end of the day, everyone is tired, exhausted, beaten, and broken. Some are in the hospital for their injuries. Out of the fifteen students that took the test ten of them passed. All of the ones that failed are in the hospital. Seeing these students take the tests reminds Jonathan of the time he took the test a decade ago. All of the students that took the tests today were at least 16. Jonathan was 15 when he took it. His outstanding Muay Thai skills earned him the chance to attempt the test early. Jonathan remembers the injuries he sustained which ranged from minor cuts to a mild concussion.

"Good memories"

Jonathan looks at his watch, it reads 4:15.

"Oh crap I'm going to be late."

Jonathan takes off running at a full sprint from the training arena to his parent's house. He has to run through the busy streets to make it there on time. He has to dodge pedestrians and carts on the way. Jonathan almost knocks multiple people over. Several of them shout "watch where you're going moron," "slow down a hole," and "F you" as he runs past them. He either ignores them or laughs to himself.

Jonathan finally makes it to his parent's house. He looks at his watch, 4:29, just barely on time. Jonathan knocks on the door and his answered by his mother Maria.

"Right on time, the matches must've taken a while." Maria says.

"No, I just go is in the t caught up in old memories." Jonathan replies. "Was Daniel any trouble today?"

"He was a little bit trouble. But I shouldn't be surprised, he is your son after all."

"That's true, where is he?"

"He is in the living room waiting for you."

Jonathan walks inside and finds Daniel sitting on the couch. Daniel (four years old at this time) jumps off the couch and runs to his father. He jumps into Jonathan's arms.

"Hey daddy, how was your day?"

"It was alright. Got to see a few people get their butts kicked pretty badly."

"Ah man, I wish I could have been there to see it." Daniel says, disappointed.

"Maybe when you get a little older. When you start training next year I'll take you to the matches. How does that sound buddy?"

"You promise?"

"Pinky promise"

At that moment, Daniel's father Joseph walks into the room. He doesn't say a word but takes a seat in his recliner.

"How did the matches go?" Benjamin asks.

"About the same as they usually do. We had 15 students take the test and ten passed. Some of the students got the bright idea to challenge me before the matches. I put them in their place real quick."

"Good, that's more than normal. How many ended up in the hospital?"

"Nine I think. One of them may never walk again."

"At least no one died." Daniel lies out fully on the recliner and closes his eyes. "So where's your girlfriend?"

Jonathan is used to his father's unresponsive attitude. Joseph has been that way for as long as Jonathan can remember. But it is Joseph get straight to the point attitude that he is not used to. Jonathan is still getting used to it.

"She's still teaching her class."

Joseph just shakes his head like he is disappointed with Jonathan. It pisses Jonathan off.

"What is it dad?"

"Nothing, I just don't agree with you two living together and not being married or at least engaged."

"When are you going to ask her to marry you?" Maria butts in.

"I'm going to ask her in a month at the Annual Cerinian Festival. I want it to be kind of symbolic. As you know I'll be discharged in a month, which is the same time as the festival. To me it symbolizes the beginning of a new life." Jonathan explains.

"That's actually a little romantic. I didn't know you had it in you." Maria says sarcastically.

"Very funny mom, now if you don't mind I have to meet Fara after class. We have a date tonight."

"Alright, I won't keep you. But before you leave can you answer a question honestly?"

"Mom you know the law. I have to answer honestly."

"Ok" Maria pauses for a moment to think about how to properly ask her question. If Daniel wasn't here she wouldn't have to think about wording it carefully. "Have you and Fara ever made love together?"

Jonathan looks at his mother shocked. This is the last question he expected from her.

"No, we promised that we'd wait till we're married. We do sleep together but we haven't done anything."

"That's good enough for me. You better get going before Fara gets upset."

"You've got a good point mom. I've seen her mad, it isn't pretty. Plus, I taught her almost everything I know about Muay Thai so that makes her even deadlier."

"Then what are you doing standing here talking? Go get her."

Jonathan basically takes off running to the air field. He knows that Fara's class ends in an hour and it is eight miles away. His ship is at the air field meaning that he has to sprint to make it. Fara will be pissed off if he is late for their date.

Jonathan manages to make it to the air field with a minute to spare. He ran the entire eight mile distance. As soon as Jonathan makes it to the air field he collapses to his knees. He has hardly any energy left and he can barely breathe.

"Need a hand Jonathan (in Cerinian)?"

Jonathan turns around and sees Krystal (currently 19) and Savannah standing behind him. Krystal is the heir to the Blue Fox throne. She is also a powerful warrior, an excellent fighter pilot, and very attractive. Savannah is a Blue Cougar. Like Krystal, she is the next in line for the Blue Cougar throne. But like Jonathan, she is a fighter pilot for the Zaldon military. She is also Jonathan's former girlfriend. They started dating after Jasmine passed away. But their relationship ended badly. It surprises Jonathan to see them offering him anything. Barely a year ago, Krystal made an attempt at Jonathan by telling him about her feelings for him. Jonathan denied Krystal by telling her that she was too young and immature. The situation ended with Krystal slapping Jonathan in the face. Jonathan hasn't seen her since.

"I could use some water."

Savanna tosses Jonathan some water. Jonathan downs in less than ten seconds.

"Thank you, what are ya'll doing here?"

"We're both here to take Fara's class." Krystal answers.

"Really, no offense but I thought that ya'll would be the last two to take anything from her. I mean, after what happened the last time I saw both of you we didn't get along. I figured that both of ya'll hated me and Fara as a result."

Krystal and Savannah look at each other and laugh.

"Jonathan, what makes you think that we hate you?" Krystal says between laughs. "Sure you denied both of us a relationship with you but that doesn't mean that we can't get along. Besides, we're both good friends with Fara."

"You are?" Jonathans says surprised.

"Yes, she didn't tell you?" Savannah says.

"No" Jonathan looks at his watch and panics. "Uh I wish that I could stay here and catch up but I have to go. I gotta date with Fara and I'm late."

"Then you better get going before she gets mad. We've seen her mad, it's not pretty." Krystal says and points toward the main hangar. "Last time we saw her she was in there."

"Thank you"

Jonathan takes off running to the hangar. He finds Fara inside checking her ship. Fara still has the Arwing from her days with Star Fox. She has kept it well maintained over the past six years. During her time in the Wild Cats Squadron, Fara was able to update her Arwing, making it stronger, faster, more maneuverable, and more powerful. It has double hyper laser cannons and can carry up to six Nova bombs. Fara also painted it black during that time. She calls it the Ghost Arwing. Right next to Fara's ship is Jonathan's ship, the Phantom (based off of the real life F117 – Nighthawk). The Phantom is a stealth fighter in the terms that it has plating that prevents it from being detected on radar. The ship does not even make the slightest appearance on a radar. It has two hyper – lasers and can carry up to ten Nova bombs. Because of its stealth capabilities the Phantom has been used as a bomber. It carries up to ten precision missiles and JDAM bombs that can be used on ground targets. Both the Ghost Arwing and the Phantom are equipped with the Ghost Program. The Ghost Program is a new cloaking system that can be installed in Starfighters. It is the first program that allows ships to fire their weapons while cloaked, giving the pilots a huge advantage in battle.

Fara doesn't see Jonathan enter the hangar. Jonathan decides to sneak up on her. He slowly and quietly approaches Fara from behind. Jonathan sneaks up right behind Fara and whispers in her ear. "What's up beautiful?"

Fara spins around and attempts to strike Jonathan in the head. Jonathan barely blocks Fara's attack. She comes within inches of striking him.

"Getting closer" Jonathan says sarcastically.

"I was your best student, and you're late"

"I'm really sorry, the matches took a little longer than I thought they would."

"As long as you got a good a reason." Fara replies then walks back to her ship. "So where are we going tonight?"

"I'm taking you to sunset point."

"Alright, but there's just one problem with that. I'm not built for the cold like you are Johnny."

Jonathan's people, the Black Wolves, are originally native to the planet Zathora. Zathora is an ice world. On a lucky day it may get to the single digits. The temperature usually stays between -60 and -20 degrees. To stay warm the Black Wolves have adapted to having long fur and thick skin. When they came to Cerinia the Black Wolves built their society into Cerinia's snow covered mountains. Fara, being a Fennec Fox, is built for the exact opposite kind of weather. She doesn't like cold weather very much.

"That's why I told you to bring a coat. You did bring a coat didn't you?"

Fara climbs into the Ghost Arwing and pulls out a coat then jumps back down.

"Alright, are you ready to go?" Jonathan asks.

Fara grabs Jonathan hand and kisses him on the lips.

"Ready when you are?"

Jonathan is awakened by someone a knock on the door. He groggily opens his eyes and looks at Fara lying next to him. Jonathan cannot take his eyes off her. Fara is an absolutely stunning vixen. Jonathan is attracted to her beautiful blue eyes, her sweet and attractive face and body, her sand colored fur, her short blond hair, and her unusually long ears. Though most people find Fara's long ears a little weird, Jonathan thinks they make her look adorable. But Jonathan will not say that Fara is cut to her face, she finds it offensive and demining. To Jonathan, she is one of the most beautiful creatures to ever live. Jonathan smiles remembering the fun night they had together. They cuddled and kissed a lot but that's all they did. Jonathan and Fara both want to take it further but remember the promises they've made to wait till marriage. Jonathan looks at the clock next to the bed, 3:24 am. He tries to go back to sleep thinking that the person at the door will go away. But his hopes are dashed with Daniel comes running into the room, waking up Fara.

"This had better be good son." Jonathan says sleepily.

"Bobcat's is at the door."

"Alright, tell him I'll be there in a minute." Jonathan says and slowly gets up.

Jonathan walks to the door and standing there is Colonel Bobcat Harrison, leader of the Wild Cats Squadron and a close personal friend to Jonathan and Fara. Bobcat is small in size, standing only 5'6" (being a Bobcat), but carries a lot of command and respect.

"How you doing Johnny?"

"Good, until you woke me up?" Jonathan replies sarcastically.

"Sorry about that Johnny but this is very important. Our unit is called into action."

"Serious, I only got a month before retirement. Couldn't command wait a month?"

"Trust me I wish they could. I want to see you retired safely. But command says that this is important. Fortunately they said that this mission will take only a couple of weeks. By the way, do you know where Fara is? I heard that she was living here now but I can't find her."

"Fara's living with me and Daniel. And to answer your next question we are not having sex."

"Ok" Bobcat says nervously and suspiciously. "How soon can you and Fara be ready to deploy?"

"Soon, just let us get packed and drop Daniel off at my parents."

"Alright, I'll be at the air field waiting for you."

An hour later, Jonathan and Fara arrive at the air field packed and ready to go. Daniel is with them along with Maria and Joseph. Bobcat is standing next to his ship the Striker (based off the real life F – 35 Lightning II), the standard ship for the Wild Cats Squadron. The Striker has relatively low armor but makes up for it with its speed, maneuverability, and high grade weaponry. Each Striker in the Wild Cats Squadron is equipped with the Ghost Program.

"What took you guys so long?" Bobcat shouts sarcastically.

"It took us a while to everything packed. We weren't expecting to get called up." Fara shouts back.

"I told Jonathan that I was sorry but I don't have a say in the matter. Now load up guys, we have to be on Zaldon by the 2000."

Fara and Bobcat immediately jump into their ships and take off. Jonathan stays behind for a moment. Joseph and Maria stop him.

"Jonathan, what are you going to do with Daniel while you and Fara are on your mission?" Maria asks.

"What I usually do."

Ever since Daniel was born, Jonathan has taken Daniel with him when he has been called into action. That a way Jonathan gets to see Daniel more often than he would if he left Daniel on Cerinia. Since Jonathan and Bobcat are good friends, Daniel usually stays with Bobcat's family. They got no problem looking out for Daniel while Jonathan is out on missions.

"How long do you plan on being gone?" Joseph asks.

"Bobcat didn't say anything specifically. He said maybe a week or two. I should be back in time for the festival."

"You better be Jonathan." Joseph says. "You missed last year's festival so you're obligated to make it this time."

"Don't worry dad, we'll be back safe and sound."

Jonathan climbs into the Phantom along with Daniel. Daniel sits on Jonathan's lap to make room. They blast off after Fara and Bobcat, who are waiting in the atmosphere for them.

"What took you guys so long?" Fara shouts in the radio.

"I had to say goodbye before I left."

Jonathan, Bobcat, and Fara blast into warp speed towards Zaldon. They should arrive in fourteen hours. In Jonathan's mind is the thought that something bad is about to happen to Cerinian. Jonathan doesn't know what it is but the thought doesn't go away. He just hopes that the thought is just a thought.

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