Star Ghost I: Annihilation

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Chapter 8 Battle for Cerinia

Chapter 8: Battle for Cerinia

Ten minutes later Johnny is back aboard the Spectra. The others are in the hangar bay waiting for him. They want to know what happened. They see the Destroyer hover in the hangar as the Spectra flies above Jeremiah's surface. Johnny jumps out and immediately Fara can tell that he is angry and upset. But he is not the dangerous angry at the moment. Johnny looks to be highly disappointed with himself. "Johnny what happened down there?"

"Something that has never happened before, I failed. I've never failed a mission before, especially one as big as this. I let my family down."

Fara places her hands on Johnny's muscular shoulders to comfort him. "It's ok Johnny, everyone fails at some point."

"DAMN IT FARA, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?! EVERYONE I LOVE IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE I FAILED!" Johnny yells. Fara jumps back surprised and terrified. Johnny as never yelled at her before. He's yelled plenty of times at other people, but never at her. Johnny sees the surprise and hurt in Fara's eyes. "I'm sorry Fara, I didn't mean to snap at you like that. I'm just under a lot of pressure. Please forgive me"

Fara looks into Johnny's eyes and sees that he is truly sincere with his apology. She knows that Johnny is under a lot of pressure. On top of that he feels ashamed with himself. Johnny doesn't handle disappointment very well. Fara kisses Johnny softly on the cheek. "Of course I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again, or I'll hurt you."

Johnny can't help but smirk. "Yeah, I'd like to see you try."

Johnny pulls Fara in close and kisses her forcefully on the lips. Fara wraps her arms around Johnny's neck and the two of them embrace so warmly that it effects everyone around them.

"Gross, that is disgusting." Daniel shouts.

Johnny and Fara break away and glare at Daniel. He's ruined the moment. Daniel, knowing what he has done backs off. Johnny and Fara can't help but laugh.

"I hate to break to up the romance" Savannah shouts. "But we need to get back to Cerinia before the Crocodiles do."

"Your right" Johnny replies then turns to Timothy. "Set a course for Cerinia."

"Yes Captain, what is the plan once we get there?"

"I guess our best option is to ambush the Crocodiles. The asteroid field surrounding Cerinia is the best place to it. The Crocodiles will have to travel through the asteroids to attack. We can use that to our advantage."

"That's not much of plan Johnny"

"I know, but it's our best chance. Hopefully we can cause enough damage to make them retreat."

Timothy quickly plots a course for Cerinia. He and Fara look at the course from Jeremiah to Cerinia. Fara notices that part of the path requires them to pass through the Lylat System. An idea immediately pops into her head.

"Hey Johnny, I think I know a few people that can help us."


"Star Fox, this map shows that they are close to the path we must take to reach Cerinia. If we make a quick stop, I should be able to convince them to help us. We need their help Johnny. It's four more pilots that we can add to our team."

"Actually, it's three pilots." Katt admits.

"Three, I thought that there was four pilots on Star Fox?"

"There was, are you familiar with the Titanian Incident?"

"No, I've been in the Genesis System for four years now Katt." Fara replies.

"Well two years ago, I found out about a plot by Captain Shears of the Cornerian Army that he was conducting research on the planet. Being a member of the Hot Rodders at the time, we decided to steal it. But I got Star Fox involved in the mess. A rivalry somehow took place between Fox and Falco. We uncovered that Shears was actually trying to revive Andross by cloning him. We were able to destroy the clone and defeat the traitors. But due to the rivalry between Falco and Fox, he left the team and went solo. I haven't heard from him since." Katt explains shamefully.

"Well Katt, that's something that we're going have to talk about later." Fara says, trying to comfort Katt. "It's still three more pilots than we have. It couldn't hurt to have them on the team." Fara turns to Johnny and looks at him like she is expecting something. "Johnny, do you want Star Fox to help?"

"Of course, the more the merrier." Johnny replies and turns to Timothy. "Tim, plot a course to Star Fox's current location."

"Yes sir"

An hour later

Fox, Slippy, Peppy, and R.O.B. 64 are relaxing in the cockpit of the Great Fox. The past six years have not been kind to the team. Peace has not been good to them. With no one to fight after the Lylat Wars, the team fell on hard times. The team hasn't received any income for six months now. The Great Fox is starting to deteriorate. Even the conditions of the Arwings are starting to suffer. Due to a lack of income, Slippy has had to downgrade the Arwings. Now they have only a single laser, can only carry one Nova Bomb at a time, and the maneuverability of the Arwings has gone down significantly. It takes an outstanding pilot to be able to fly them. But the worse effect is on the team itself. Peppy has stepped down from piloting and resides on the team as a mentor. Slippy has also stepped down to become the team's mechanic. R.O.B. is starting to deteriorate as well. He needs new parts and repairs, something that Slippy is overburdened with. Fox is the only real pilot left on the team. But the lack of missions has had the greatest effect on him. Fox is bored out of his mind. It's gotten to the point where he'll take almost any mission from anyone just to get any excitement.

Fox and Slippy are currently engaged in a flight simulation game on their HHGD (Hand Held Game Device). Slippy just put the finishing touches on the game a few days ago. Already, Fox has achieved an expert level on it. He is beating Slippy badly.

"Oh, I win again." Fox shouts, waking up Peppy who was taking a nap.

"Dang it Fox, try to keep it quiet, I'm trying to sleep here."

"Sorry Peppy, I'm just trying to pass the time."

"Well do it quieter."

Fox and Slippy go back to playing their game. Peppy tries to go to sleep. But R.O.B. brings a sudden halt to the boredom. "Fox, an unknown ship as just dropped out of warp speed within 500 miles of the Great Fox."

Fox jumps up and runs to the window. He can see the ship in the distance. Fox doesn't recognize the ship, but he is impressed by its military design. "R.O.B. are they friend or foe?"

"I don't know sir. But they are transmitting a message to us as we speak. Do you want to receive it?"

"Yes, let it play."

R.O.B. puts the message through and Fara's face appears on the holograph. Seeing Fara's face against shocks everyone.

"Fox, it's good to see you again."

"Fara, it's been a while. Are you looking to restart our relationship? I'm thinking about retiring soon. Now would be a good time for us to start over."

Fara can't help but laugh at Fox's comment. "No Fox, it's a little too late for that. I need your help. Can we talk?"

"Sure, we can talk."

"Good, I'll be right over."

Five minutes later Fox, Slippy and Peppy are standing in the Great Fox hangar waiting for Fara. Fara flies into the hangar piloting the Ghost Arwing. Right behind her is Johnny in the Phantom. They land and jump out. Fox walks up to Fara and tries to hug her but Fara shakes his hand instead. Slippy almost jumps on her. He is excited to see her. Fara lets Peppy hug her. "I great to see all of you. I wish that we could meet under better circumstances."

"What do you mean Fara? What's wrong?" Fox asks.

"My home world needs your help?" Johnny butts in.

"Who are you dude?" Fox glares at Johnny.

"You don't recognize me Fox. I'm Jonathan Storm. We met seven years ago on Papetoon. I saved your life."

"Oh you're that John Storm. Sorry man, it's just been a while."

"As long as you help us I don't care."

Fox turns to Fara: "How did you end up working with this stiff?"

"Careful Fox, that's my boyfriend you're talking to."

"Oh" Fox heart sinks a little. He was desperately hoping to renew his relationship with Fara. She's the only woman he's come close to loving. "So what's the problem?"

Fara fills Fox, Slippy, and Peppy in on everything that's happened. Fox recognizes the urgency and importance of the matter. "We're in"

"Really, you're in that easily?" Johnny replies a little shocked.

"Yes, anything to get a little excitement. Plus I'll help Fara with anything."

"Alright, let's get moving. The Crocodiles will be there soon."

An hour later, the whole team is situated in the asteroid field waiting for the Crocodiles to show up. Star Ghost has a total of ten fighter pilots (Johnny, Fara, Savannah, Fox, Slippy, Peppy, Katt, Fay, Miyu, and Katrina) and two mother ships (the Great Fox and the Spectra). The Crocodiles have hundreds of fighters and dozens of battleships and cruisers. The battle appears to be one sided.

Fox looks back at Cerinia. "Man that planet is beautiful. No wonder you're trying to save it."

"Thanks Fox, it's a nice place to settle down and raise a family." Johnny replies.

"There are plenty of beautiful women for you to meet Fox." Fara cockily says. "Some of them would love to meet you."

"I don't doubt it. But what gets me is that we're going to get any support here. Don't the Cerinians have an entire fleet they can send to help us?" Fox asks.

"Yes, but they are busy evacuating the planet." Johnny answers.

"So what you're saying is that our job is to hold the Crocodiles off while they evacuate?"

"Kind of, our job is to defeat the Crocodiles."

"And how are we supposed to beat them? Didn't you say that the Exodus makes their ships stronger and faster?" Fox almost shouts.

"The element of surprise my friend. We're going to use the asteroids against them. You remember those meteor looking things that we laid in the asteroids?"

"Yes, I would very much like to know what those are."

"We call those meteor bombs. Timothy invented them a few years ago. They have the blast power of a Nova bomb, only they are more discrete. Because they look like meteors, enemies fly right up to them without knowing it. We've used them a lot in the Wild Cats Squadron. This time, we placed them in the only opening in asteroid field. So the Crocodiles are going to fly right to them. I think we've placed at least twenty of them in there." Johnny explains.

"That's impressive, it should take out a majority of the fighters. But what about the battleships and the cruisers?" Fox asks.

"That's what the asteroid magnets are for." Timothy answers.

"The what?"

"We've placed four asteroid magnets in the opening. When activated, they will pull the asteroids towards the middle, creating a bottleneck. The large ships will not either get stuck or destroyed. It'll buy us the time we need."

"Alright, that sounds like a good plan. But we're still probably going to die." Peppy says.

"Hey this is our only option at the moment. If you got a better plan I'm all ears." Johnny replies.

At that moment, Timothy comes on all the radios: "Hey guys, I hate to interrupt the moment but the Crocodiles are here."

"Thanks Tim, everyone get in their positions, attack on my signal."

Everyone hides in the asteroids except for Johnny, Fara, and Savannah. They activate the Ghost Program in their ships and hide close to the Crocodiles. As soon as Johnny detonates the bombs they will fly in cloaked and catch the enemy by surprise. They will stay cloaked as long as possible to cause as much damage as possible. Katt, Fay, Miyu, and Katrina are positioned on the left flank and Star Fox is positioned on the right flank. After Johnny detonates the bombs they will flank the Crocodiles and attack from the sides. The Great Fox and the Spectra hide strategically in the asteroids. They are the last line of defense for Cerinia. If any of the Crocodiles manage to make it through their job is to take them out.

Johnny can see the Crocodile Command ship. It is positioned in the middle of the Crocodile fleet, making it well guarded. Positioned on top of it is the largest cannon that Johnny has ever seen. Johnny knows that Exodus is hooked up to the cannon.

"Dear God, we need your help here. I know that we cannot defeat these beasts without your help. Give us the strength and the power to win this battle. Guide and direct us Lord." Johnny prays out loud.

The Crocodiles do exactly as Johnny planned. They fly straight through the opening in the asteroids. The move makes them vulnerable to attack, even with the Exodus. Johnny knows that the Crocodiles are aware of this. But Crocodiles are so confident that they continue on without looking.

"Dang those Crocodiles are cocky and stupid." Fox says.

The Crocodile fighters lead the way. They fly right past the asteroid magnets. Johnny doesn't activate the magnets yet. He waits for the first battleship to fly in close then he activates it. The asteroids start to close in on the battleship. Before the Crocodile battleship can respond, the asteroids crush it like an ant. The battleship explodes and closes the gap, creating a perfect bottleneck. The rest of Crocodile big ships cannot move forward. Their fighters are separated from their carriers. The fighters try to find a way around and head straight into the meteor bombs. Johnny detonates the meteor bombs with the Crocodile fighter's right in the kill zone. The blast is so powerful that Star Ghost can feel it from their positions. It causes the sirens on their ships to start going off.


"Thanks, that was bigger than I thought it'd be."

The blast took out well over a hundred of the Crocodile fighters. It stunned the rest. The blast even severely damaged one of the Crocodile battleships.

"ATACK!" Johnny orders.

Star Ghost flies straight towards the horde of Crocodile fighters. Each of them fires a Nova bomb at the group and detonate them at the same time, taking out dozens of fighters. The Crocodiles have no idea where the incoming fire is coming from. Johnny, Fara, and Savannah fly right through the middle of the group, firing at the same time. They take out several Crocodile fighters. The four girls and Star Ghost attack the flanks, trapping the Crocodile fighters in the kill zone. The Crocodiles are so caught off guard that they have no idea how to respond. Dozens of Crocodiles fall within the first couple of minutes. But the Crocodiles eventually recover and put up a fight. They outnumber our heroes at least 50 to 1, if not more. To make things worse, the Crocodile battleships are trying to make their own way through the asteroids by blasting anything that stands in their way. They'll be through in a matter of minutes. When the Crocodile fighters notice this, several of them take off towards Cerinia. The Great Fox and the Spectra focus on taking them out.

"Johnny, we need a new plan now." Fox shouts. "Once those battleships make it through we're screwed."

"Tell me something I don't know Fox. We need to take out either the Exodus or the Command ship. If we can do one then the battle is ours. Seeing that the Exodus can't be destroyed, our only option is to take out the Command ship." Johnny explains quickly while taking out another two Crocodile fighters.

"And how are we supposed to do that? If some of us leave the fighters will overpower us that remain. We need more fighters."

"May I help?" A mysterious voice comes over the radio.

The heroes look up and see a completely white Arwing coming in the distance. Johnny and Timothy recognize the pilot immediately.

"The Phantom" Johnny and Timothy says in awe at the same time.

A group of Crocodile fighters take off towards the Phantom firing. The Phantom easily dodges their attacks and fires back. He doesn't miss once, at a distance of ten miles. The Phantom flies straight into the middle of the battle. He takes out dozens of Crocodiles in minutes. The others recognize that the Phantom is easily the best pilot in the fight. His presence is enough to tip the battle towards our heroes.

"Star Ghost, we'll handle these guys. You guys go and take out the Command ship." The Phantom orders.

"Yes sir"

Johnny, Fara, and Savannah fly towards the Crocodile Command ship. They have less than a minute before the Ghost Program deactivates and they are visible to the Crocodiles. If they happens while they are in the middle of the Crocodile fleet they're dead. Star Ghost flies as fast as they can past the other Crocodile ships.

"Star, Flash, I'll take out the ship's shields and Flash, you take out the ship's engines. Star, once the shields are down you launch a Nova Bomb into the hangar." Johnny orders.

"But Captain, their Command ship is too big to take out with Nova bombs. I think that we're going have to fly inside and take it out." Fara replies.

"I think your right." Johnny replies back. "Make sure that you're weapons are ready. We're gonna need them."

Johnny finds the shield generator on the right side of the ship. He locks onto the generator and takes it.

"Flash, attack now"

Savannah launches a Nova bomb right between the ship's engines, taking them out. The Command Ship is now completely disabled. Fara flies right up to the front and fires a Nova bomb into the hangar. The Nova Bomb does very little damage to the ship. But it clears out the hangar, leaving no resistance for Johnny, Fara, and Savannah. They land inside the hangar and find it in shambles. Over a hundred of Crocodiles lay dead before them. Except for them, the hangar is completely empty.

"What's the plan Captain?" Fara asks.

"Simple, you two go and take the bridge. I'll find the Exodus and kill King Croc."

Johnny reaches into his ship and pulls out a bomb. "We'll meet back here in ten minutes. We'll leave and blow it up."

"Sounds good to me. Just be careful Johnny." Fara replies and kisses Johnny gently on the lips.

"I will"

Johnny reaches in the Phantom's cockpit and pulls out the automatic shotgun. He's going to need the firepower. Fara and Savannah are each using blasters. They separate and head towards their targets.

Fara and Savannah head to the elevator at the end of the hangar. When they get there they see that the elevator is already on its way down. Fara and Savannah take positions on both sides of the radio. The elevator door opens and five Crocodiles jump out. They walk right past Fara and Savannah and don't notice them. Fara and Savannah shoot all five of them.

"Ok Savannah, the bridge will be on the top floor. Hopefully, this elevator will take us straight there. We take it right now we catch them by surprise."

"Sounds good to me."

Fara finds the bridge button in the elevator display. It takes them straight up. Savannah sees Fara pulling out a flash bang grenade. "Won't that stun us too?"

"Not if you shut your eyes and keep your mouth open. Wait for it to explode then enter the room. We'll have at least five seconds before they start to recover. That should give us plenty of time. Just remember to watch your corners, shoot the kill, and mind the gap."

"Alright, I'll do my best."

"I'm not asking for your best. Either you do it or you don't. I'll go first. I'll take the left, you take the right."

Fara and Savannah hide on the sides of the elevator. When the doors open, Fara tosses in the frag grenade. The grenade goes off and stuns the Crocodile. Fara and Savannah enter the bridge. They find ten Crocodiles in the bridge. Everything appears to be moving in slow motion. Fara sees two Crocodiles on the floor in front of her. She shoots them both. Two Crocodiles are standing to her right, both crotched over in pain. Fara shoots them as well. Savannah sees a Crocodile standing in the right, next to her. She shoots him twice. Two more Crocodiles are trying to recover from the flash bang. Savannah shoots them before they can recover. Fara walks to the front firing at another Crocodile as he tries to recover. The Crocodiles falls down backwards over the controls, his blood short circuits the controls. Fara notices another Crocodile on the ground trying to hide. Fara immediately shoots him. Another Crocodile jumps up from behind a control panel and aims at Fara. Fara shoots him twice in the chest and once in the head.

"We're clear" Fara shouts.

"That was easy"

"Drop your weapons" Fara and Savannah turn around and see a Crocodile with a grenade. The pin is pulled.

"Not a chance" Fara answers and shoots the Crocodile twice in the head. The Crocodile drops like a sack of potatoes. The grenade drops to the floor. Savannah jumps and grabs the grenade. She throws it into the elevator. Fara and Savannah quickly take over behind the control. The grenade explodes, disabling the elevator.

"Good thing there are two elevators up here." Savannah sarcastically says.

"Yeah, now you cover the other elevator. I'll disable the ship's power."

By disabling the ship's power, Fara shuts off the transfer of the Exodus' energy to the other Crocodile ships, significantly lowering their firepower. Our heroes distracting the Crocodile fighters notice the difference right away. The battle becomes one sided with our heroes gaining a significant advantage over the Crocodiles.

Five Crocodiles are guarding the door to the Exodus. They don't know that Johnny is crouching behind a wall.

"So what happened to the ship?"

"I don't know, I was told to guard this room at all cost."

"Does that mean your lives?" Johnny jumps out and mows them down with the automatic shotgun. Johnny walks up to the door but hears two Crocodiles coming behind him. He turns around and blasts them. While Fara and Savannah have encountered very little resistance, Johnny has encountered dozens of Crocodiles. But thanks to the tight corridor, the Crocodiles were bottlenecked right too Johnny. That's what the automatic shotgun was made for. Johnny has mowed through everything in his path.

Johnny comes to the door and finds it locked. It requires a finger print to open. But just as Johnny is about to cut off a dead Crocodile's hand to unlock the door, he realizes that the door also requires a specific clearance level to open. None of the Crocodiles he's killed has that level. "Alright, I guess we do this the hard way."

Johnny pulls out his sword, double grips it (activating its special ability), and stabs the door. He easily cuts his way through the door. The door is no match for Johnny.

Johnny finds the Exodus hooked up the Crocodile's energy transmitter. The Exodus' energy is being transferred to other Crocodile ships. Johnny walks to the Exodus and is about to disconnect it when he hears someone standing behind him. He turns around and sees King Croc standing behind him. King Croc is wearing some kind of mechanical energy suit (try to imagine that it's like the suit that Ivan Vanko wore in Iron Man 2). It appears to be some kind of armor. It makes King Croc ten feet tall. The only part of King Croc that is visible is his face. On his arms are electrical whips.

"Still alive huh. Maybe I should've killed you myself."

"I'm like a cockroach. I'm hard to kill and I always a pain in the ass."

"Well you're one cockroach that is about to be squashed."

King Croc swings his whip at Johnny. Johnny jumps back, barely avoiding the whip. King Croc grabs the Exodus and hooks it up to his suit. It makes him much stronger. King Croc swings at Johnny. Johnny ducks and the whip cuts through ten inches of solid steel wall like a knife through butter.

"Oh crap" Johnny reaches for the HPC but drops it. He is too honorable to fight King Croc like that. Johnny wants to fight King Croc with honor. He pulls out his sword and takes a fighting stance.

"Really, you're going to fight me with that thing. You don't stand a chance." King Croc laughs.

"Yes, unlike you I have a sense of honor."

"Alright, this will be over quickly."

Johnny and King Croc circle each other waiting for the other to attack first. Johnny knows that he cannot attack King Croc at the moment. He is too powerful to take head on. Johnny knows that his best option is to wait for an opening and take it. He already has a plan. Johnny double grips his sword, activating its special ability. His sword glows blood red.

King Croc swings his whip at Johnny. Johnny blocks the attack with the flat end of his sword. He feels his sword absorb the energy from the Exodus. Johnny feels the energy coursing through the sword and into his body. It feel good, like getting a small electrical shock. King Croc continues to pound on Johnny for what feels like forever. Johnny blocks every attack, allowing the energy to transfer to him with each attack. He makes it look like King Croc is wearing him out.

After two minutes, King Croc sees an opening. He strikes the floor beneath Johnny, cutting a hole. Johnny slips through and falls ten feet on his back. The landing knocks the wind out of him. Before Johnny can recover, King Croc jumps down. He grabs Johnny's leg and throws him into the wall. Johnny's body leaves a huge hole in the way.

"Ouch, that kind of hurt."

Johnny looks up and sees King Croc rushing at him. King Croc jumps in the air in an attempt to crush Johnny. Johnny rolls out the way in the last second. He makes a run to his sword. King Croc swings his whip and wraps it around Johnny's ankle. Johnny falls to the ground just inches from his sword. He reaches for his sword but King Croc tries to drag him away. Johnny reaches with all his might. His fingers touch the hilt and guide it into his hand. Johnny double grips and slices the whip wrapped around his ankle, cutting it in half. He rolls away and hides behind a wall to access his injury.

The whip cut deep into his ankle. Blood is oozing out of it. It's almost bone deep. The electrical charge that Johnny felt through the whip isn't helping. It's making it almost impossible to move his ankle.

"You know little man, I was expecting more from you." King Croc taunts Johnny. "This was kind of disappointing."

Johnny stands up and walks out of his hiding place. He walks up behind King Croc.

"I'm right here." King Croc turns around and sees Johnny standing there like he is ready to die. Jonny doesn't even take a defensive stance. "If you're so powerful then why don't you end it?'

King Croc swings both whips at Johnny. Johnny quickly activates his sword's special ability and blocks both of the whips. The whips collide at his sword, allowing it absorb the energy from both. Johnny absorbs all of the energy he can. The attack is so powerful that it takes everything Johnny has withstand it. His sword glows so bright that is blinds them. It absorbs so much energy that it creates a small explosion. The blast stuns King Croc. Johnny uses this to his advantage. He directs the energy he absorbed through his sword and creates an energy blast. Johnny aims it King Croc. The blast hits King Croc right in the chest. King Croc flies backwards into the wall.

The blast had very little effect on King Croc. The Exodus protected him. But Johnny is nowhere to be found. "Where'd you go insect?"

"Up here"

King Croc looks up and sees Johnny flying through the air. Johnny brings his sword down on King Croc, cutting the Exodus away from him. With the Exodus gone, King Croc is powerless against Johnny. Johnny slices him across the chest, a fatal wound. King Croc falls to the ground before Johnny.

Fara and Savannah run into the chamber at that moment. Fara found the location on the ship's monitor. They decided to head there to help Johnny. They find Johnny standing over King Croc. In Johnny's hand is the Exodus.

King Croc grabs Johnny's shirt and tries to pull himself up. "What gives you the right to deny my people our rightful place? We were destined to bring order and control to the galaxy. Without us in control chaos will reign."

"I don't know where you get your delusions but you must realize that you cannot bring peace to the galaxy by ruling it, especially not the way you operate. You Crocodiles think that you can bring peace through war. All that would bring is chaos and death. So I believe that gives me all the right I need to take this from you."

"You cannot keep it from us. If I can't have it then another will."

"I beg to differ."

Johnny runs his sword right through King Croc's chest. The blade slides through him like a knife through butter, penetrating all way to the hilt.

"Goodbye go with God (in Cerinian)."

Johnny pulls out his sword, dragging out King Croc's guts. King Croc collapses on the floor in a pile of his guts. His death is slow and painful.

Johnny hears someone throw up. He looks up and sees Fara and Savannah standing in the distance. Savannah is bent over puking her insides out.

"Dang it Savannah, this isn't the first time you've seen this."

"I know, it's just really disgusting."

Johnny and Fara both laugh. All three head to their ships in the hangar. They find several Crocodiles trying to scavenge their ships. Johnny, Fara, and Savannah open fire on the Crocodiles and more them down. Fara and Savannah climb aboard their ships while Johnny sets the bomb.

"Bomb is set and ready to detonate. Everyone head to a safe distance." Johnny radios to everyone.

Johnny, Fara, and Savannah fly out of the kill zone as fast as they can. The Crocodile battleships try to shoot them down but miss. They find the others still fighting the Crocodile fighters. There are so few of the Crocodile fighters left. They ignore them and fly as far away as they can.

"If everyone clear of the kill zone?" Johnny radios everyone being cautious. He doesn't want any of his friends to die.

"Everyone's clear"

"Alright, three, two, one, fire in the hole."

Johnny detonates the bomb. Instead of exploding like everyone was expecting, the bomb creates a black hole. The Crocodile Command ship is sucked in upon itself. The black hole is so powerful that the other Crocodile ships are sucked in as well. Those that try to flee find it futile. Everyone Crocodile ship is sucked in. The black hole sucks in nearly a tenth of the asteroids, creating a large hole in the asteroid field. But to everyone's surprise, after five minutes the black hole sucks in upon itself, disappearing like it never happened. Everyone looks at Johnny for some explanation but he is just as surprised as everyone else.

"That was a black hole bomb." Timothy says breaking the silence. "I invented it a few months ago."

"Well Laser I've got to say, I'm very impressed. You've outdone yourself this time." Johnny replies.

"That's one way to clean up a mess." Fox jokes.

"I figured that the best way to end all this was to eliminate the Crocodiles. A black hole seemed like the best way to do it."

"I'm not going to argue with that." The Phantom says.

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