The last Act of Valour

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"Fear... what does fear really takes from us brother?", Achyuta asked him ,walking slowly keeping a distance. Now , Agendra was never a man who feared anything but this was one answer he always seeks. Adhita being a profound scholar of wisdom and art had the answer to all . He calmly looked towards the moon who was now close to his favorite shining star , which Adhita always referred to as his dear wife shining from the sky above. "The courage to act" , yes this is what it takes from us. Adhita thought reminding himself of the last time what fear took from him. The cold eyes that directly stared into him. A sword covered with blood stuck halfway into back. He could've stopped it only if he had courage to act. This is when the true meaning of fear struck Adhita. Fear never leaves us or comes suddenly ... its always there.. deep inside .. the problem is , we never know when will it strike us. Agendra knew what Adhita went through. Loosing the only person you loved most in the world that too just because you didn't have the courage to act? He denied the answer but kept to himself, coz he knew there will never be a time when the son of Acalapati will stand away in fear. Agendra smiled as was he encouraging the courage he had and walked towards the mountain with two of his dearest friends. But little did he knew what destiny had for three of them especially Agendra.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Adyansh Agendra Avaidya

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