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What would happen if the government had full control? Allonia, at the age of 10 watched first hand as the government gained full control over the nation. Murdering innocent people and destroying families. Ten years have passed, and Allonia is numb to it all, understanding that no change is coming. The only peace she finds is in sneaking into the woods with her friend Lenna. This is the only place they won't come. Rumors have spread about these foresters, but these foresters become reality after finding out that officers murdered her father and kidnapped her young brother. Making her seek the help of these foresters in the hopes of saving her brother. Will they help her, or will she have to do it alone? This book does contain foul langauge and violence. Read at your own risk. Enjoy, and thank you for reading. This is also updated on Wattpad as well under the user: Orangekoala All rights are reserved to Orangekoala.

Adventure / Other
Aurelia M
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Before you read

This book does contain foul language, violence, gun violence, etc. If any of this is triggering please do not continue. There will be some triggering scenes, so if those could be bothersome please only continue at your own risk. If you do wish to continue I do hope you enjoy.

It has been a while since I have written on this platform so I am getting used to it again. I will try and post as frequantly as I can. All as long as my brain wants to write. Writers block is a horrible thing. However because we are in quarantine It gives me more time to write and brainstorm ideas. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is way beyond me.

Everyone is welcome to leave any comments or to message me about anything involving the book. I will try my hardest to respond to the comments, however I am a college student so bare with me. I appreciate you as well as the time you are taking with my work. This is my baby so please do be respectful. Now that I am done rambling, at least for now, I hope you enjoy Instinct.

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