Adventures on the Train Tracks

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Chapter 4

The first thing Finn felt was a cold wooden floor pressed against his cheek. Then, it was a horrible pain in the side of his head. He blinked, his vision blurry. All he could make out was that he was in a dark room. With a small grunt, he tried to roll onto his back, but quickly discovered that his hands were tied behind his back by thick rope.

He cleared his throat and wriggled on the ground, rolling to his other side and gasping. Lying next to him was Jett, eyes closed, lips parted slightly.

“Jett! Jetttttttt,” he nudged the girl with his feet, but she didn’t wake up.

“So you’re awake.”

Finn gasped, tilting his head up slightly and seeing the older man who attacked them, sitting in a chair. “Mind telling me why you and your companion were close to my property with those robbers? Are you partnering with them?”

A big boy doesn’t cry, Finn reminded himself. “W-What? No! We aren’t stealers!”

“I was wondering why you would think those two kids are robbers, father,” said the teenage boy, walking into Finn’s line of vision and kneeling by his father’s seat. “It looked to me like they were the ones getting robbed-”

“I know! You’ve told me this already!” his father snapped.

“I-It’s true, they wanted my sister’s tiara,” Finn explained. The two men blinked, staring at Finn.

“Why would you have a tiara? You stole it, didn’t you?!”

Finn wasn’t used to taking charge of a situation. Ever since Jett’s family joined his, he’s been letting her do all the talking. After all, she is seventeen. She must know much more than an eight year old. But now, it was his turn. And oh boy, did he have an idea.

His face brightened.

Finn finally had an idea. A terrible idea, but an idea nonetheless. And this situation was his to control.

When Jett opened her eyes, she was on a bed. She rolled her head to the side and saw her Odette tiara resting on the pillow beside her. She blinked, the blur in her vision clearing.

“You’re up!”

She jumped, jerking her head to the other side. Finn was sitting on a stool beside her bed, grinning with pride.

“Those people thought we were stealing from them!” he rushed into explaining. “They are pretty rich and ‘pparently get a lot of stealers, so they were pretty worried. But I talked them out of it!”

“Really?” Jett pushed herself into a sitting position. “Nice job. Ah!” she hissed, clutching her forehead in pain. She realized a bandage was wrapped around her head, and she patted her hair. It was still in its bun. She picked up the tiara and placed it back on her head.

“They were really sorry for hitting us in the head, so they fixed us up,” Finn pointed to the bandage wrapped around his own head. “They say that mine wasn’t too bad, and you may have a minor con...connque…”

“Concussion?” Jett helped.

“Yeah, that.”

Jett pushed herself up off the bed, patting Finn’s head. “I’m proud of you, you managed to get us out of a major problem.” Jett knew that, albeit prone to saying strange things, her stepbrother was mature for his age. “So how did you convince them we weren’t robbers?”

Finn wasn’t sure if he wanted to answer, bowing his head and holding his hands clasped together. “Uh...see that’s the problem…”

Conveniently cutting him off was the sound of a door being opened. Jett turned and watched as their attackers came in. An older man and a younger boy, both with curly blonde hair and skin darkened by the sun.

“You’re awake!” the son gasped, bending into a bow. His father did the same. Jett tensed up, staring down at them with surprise.

“Yes, I am…”

“Your stepbrother explained your whole situation, Your Highness,” the father said, still in the bow.

Jett blinked, astonished.

“Will you join us downstairs for a meal?” the son asked.

“Uh huh…” Jett breathed. “Could I just have a moment with my brother?”

“Of course, princess,” they bowed lower and left the room quickly. When the door closed, the only sound in the room was their heavy breathing. Jett slowly turned to glare down at Finn. He shrunk under her gaze, giggling nervously.


Finn twiddled his thumbs.

“You told them...I am...a princess?!” Jett gasped. Finn flinched, squeezing his eyes shut.


Jett let her head fall into her hands, groaning. “I can’t trust you with anything! We’re practically kidnapped, and all you can do is goof off!”

“They wanted to know why you had the tiara.”

Jett’s eyes grew dark. “And you didn’t...just tell them...the truth?” she growled through clenched teeth.

“I couldn't! Well, maybe I could. I don't know! At first it was just a fun prank idea but don’t understand, Jett, these people! They’re...weird,” Finn tried.

“Weird?” Jett questioned. “Weird enough to believe that I’m a princess?”

Finn nodded. “Come on, I’ll show you,” he grabbed Jett’s wrist and dragged her towards the door.

“Ah!” Jett used her free hand to clutch her forehead, feeling like a hammer was pounding on the inside of her head. “Slow down, will you?!”

Finn threw open the door. “LOOK!”

Jett’s jaw dropped as a hallway stretched out in front of her, the walls entirely of stone. Along the hallway were painted portraits of armored men. An empty suit of armor stood at attention, marking the turn into a new hallway. The floor was decorated with a fine red carpet. A banner with the family’s coat of arms.


“They think we’re in the olden days, Jett,” Finn explained quietly. “They think they’re knights.”
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