The survivors

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Its about a group of kids runnig from there fries

Adventure / Horror
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The surface

Chapter one summer It was an avrig day fo these 5 kids and therenames are lucy,meg,trasy,mick,greg know all the was do that day was walking out of school well the girls were the two boys were out side wait or fighting the gorks walked oi the door as a girp run to them "greg mick fight help them"she screamed the three girls ran to the rescuebut it was a trap see in the group there is all was a gay and meg was that gay to put ti that way the school bullie harry is is name and he hates gay want a basted u know so he told mick and mick told greg and they werent having it so they went after harry

Harry"well hello fag"

Meg webt in to shock she k ow every on k ow that she is a lesbian but every one was to shocked to mack fun of her

Meg"let the boys go vergen"

Harry"what...well thanks th your friend lucy im not haha"

Mick got up and punched harry in the face

Mick"dont you ever talk about her like that"

Mick got his bag and grabed lucy a way trasy pickwd up greg and his bag and walked of will meg was string in to the disnts and saw her dad she ran to jer friends and told them

Meg"guy...guys his here help me pl..."

Befor see could finish she saw his hand on her sholder she puched him a way ans ran be hind the girls

Megs dad"come on megie"

Greg"leave her a lone"

Megs dad"what...oh your the boyfriend"

Lucy"meg is staying at mine to night so leave"

Megs dad"i know tou lucy why wand you wont a gay misstac i your home"

Mick and tracy got ever one tin the car and brove off they disidied to stay at there hide out im mean its summer why not they called there parents and told them on the way the rests saw there fiere lucy her dead brother

Tracy saw greg hang from a tree micks saw his harry runing for him and gregs was his parent in a grave geting beried right nexted to his and well megs was her dad

Meg"are you ok"

Tracy&lucy"did you see that"

Mick"i saw my worrted night mera

Greg"same what the hell is going on"

The teens felt frier all around thim but they made it to ther hide out they fried that night but it didnt stop there

Chapter two safty

Two days went on from when they went to the hide out and saw there horridal fris but one day meg called


With meg

Meg was lang on the floor right nire the river will harry and his gang was beating her and calling her fag and uther names

Harry"so fag give up"

Meg"no and my friends will ahow up to safe me"

Harry knocked her out just as all for megs friends came megs body some how moved in to the river and started to floot of lukyly of her a girl was simming so the girl picked her up and walked bacn to the frends were harry got them all to the ground but lucy he locked her in a car the girl put meg on the floor and presied to brake the car window to safw lucy.lucy crouled out of the car and atacted harry she helped tue ythers get up harry got in hus car and drove off the girl how safed meg started to do seper and safed her by mouth to mouth meg watch ul and saw the girl and well fell in love the girl in tejusted her self and her name is alex

Alex"well i safed you"

Alex looked up and saw meg under water dead

Alex"did you guys see that"

Mick"see what"

Meg"i sa2 it is that real yoir frie "


Meg said go to the hide out and so parents were called and off they when on the way alex explained that she nnow here and came beacuse she had a bream of a girl how she fell o love with ofcours they know how the girl that she fell in love with was meg but the didnt say any thing they arived to the hide out and saw some thing they didnt wont to see

Chapter three the run

They got out of tue car and walmed up to the entrance it had a note on it that said

Well a new comer thats great but this is for the 4 aringal people if you dont listion some on parents wilm die know give us meg and walk a way do it or you will see blood in your home when you go home tomorrow.

They didnt wont to ley meg get taken or killed so they just said kill them there all gang memders so they didnt care so the nexted day they went home expecting blood and it was there and some fiers for not doing as they were told.

Chapter four cry


Theu all run to echutger and said we need to stop this know the cops were called and they all mover to megs mum old mansion see megs dad stol of megs mum but he did it 7 times so sje divorsted him and she became rick from her comperny free woman tips.

They all moved in but alex went crazy

Alex"i dont know any of you how am i here is it beacuse i kissed you or was... no no no it was to safe you"

Meg"thats ok dont worry"

Ever one carmed down and alex confested that she liked meg and well they got to gether but they all know how hates them all so muck harry so they went to his and found him there with alex's baby brother she wont to run in but harry slit the little boys throt and then alex ran in to kick his ass but if one gay fights so dose the uthers so meg went in to harry was pind will tracy called the cops and lucy and mick wet to find more people but there was nun but they foumd picture of meg tracy and lucy

Lucy"what the fuck is wrong with you you creep"

Meg cryed wen she saw the picture will alex kicked im and broke his nose greg punched hom and hug tracy to cun fert her it took an hour for the cops to show and wen they arived to take him a way greg had and questions

Grrg"Why did the firs look so real"

Harry"because the were hahaha"

Cops pulled him out of there and the teens went to pack and run a way since that day no one has see them a gain people say mick and lucy setales down so did tracy and greg but meg and alex are still runing from homophodia people how wont them died.

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