The priness and witch

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Its a bout a pincess in to forsr marrige and so she run a way to the fordidon forest

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The princess and the witch

Chapter1 the fight

Once a time a go there was a princess oh fell in love with a witch but the princess father didnt like it and wont the witch dea well let get in to it

There was a princess her name was rose and she hated life she hated her dad and her forst married that was coming up

Rose"fuck of dad i hate this guy"

King"you will marry him rose"

Rose exsapted her caslt and run she ran for days ok she ram for 2 hours in hills wow but she wasnt bun her mum did the same thing when her dad wanted more from her mum kingbom dont no one nows wete she is know anywas rose stoped runing and a crossed a cadon she knoked but no one answered so she sat there untill a young girl roses age come and said

Girl"om hi why are you at my house"

Rode scread and said sorry

Rose"um i need a place to stay" girl"ok come in i have an extra room"

Wow she is soo nice so rose went in and sat at the table will the girl put stuff in Cubaeds

Girl"oh snd im pastal and im 18 so your fine"

Rose was wonding were her parents are and pastal said that the king coptuerd them because they were from the queens unnow kingbom and thats were pasral is going rose exspland that she was the princess from tge caslt but that she had to take them to hwr mums kingbom pastal said yes she will do any thing for her parents so they trand a week and paned a way in but will they were rose fell for pastal and they end up end rose with rose telling pastal that she know magic from her mum but pastal toled more

Chapter2 free

Pastal explained that her and her family were witchs and wizerds and thats why they were taken by the king and why to queen went to hiding rose fell more i love and told pastal,pastal was shock because well the first day she saw rose she fell heave in love.The day came to geting pastals parents and as they walked into the caslt there was a lady nexted to the king

Rose"farther i have returned"

King"go...rose move guredsgit her"

Pastal"you lied to me rose"

Rose"no no leaver alone

About 5 men graded pastal and chanded her and walked her to the bunchun were she found the dead bodys of her mother and fathe she started to cry and tryed to pall away to see them for the last time but looked at the lady body and know that wasnt her mum her mum wad the new queen.Rose ran to the bugun and saw no site of pastal so keept on walk and saw the new queen talking to her so she lisend in

Pastal"why did you not come for me"

Queen"well im not magic any more so i hate you and your usless father haha"

Pastal casted a spell and made her mum bang her head on the cell bars

Pastal"hahah he wasnt uless he was the best"

Rose run to un tie pasltal and to run a way with her.

Pastal"why you here"

Rose"*kiss*to save my love of myy life"

But right be gind them was roses new husband phill

Phill"ew dont kiss a witch wow go wash your moth and then go to the cort yared ok"

Rose was taken a way to chang outfit will see was she packed clothes for her and pastal but as sge went to the cort yared she saw pastal on a gilleten geting ready for death so rose used the ohlee magic she know and safed pasltal

Rose"father peleas she is the for me and the only one for me"

Pastal teleparted them both to the the house pastal pack aand they werw of to freedom

Chapter3 magic kingbom

As they were of they was of in to the cold and misabal pain to find the magic kingbom they never lefted echuthers side and and at night they wand snugal in a sleeping bag untlil 5 weeks went past and they finaly fount it is was magica a grand caslt and at the gate was pastals brother she ran to huge him will paling rose with her rose broth was call luke and they was so happy to be back to gether

Luke"weres mum and dad and how is this" pastal"ok mum is evil and dads dead because of mum and this is my girlfriend" rose"hi im rose and your sister is the best she safed my ass"

Luke was shocked but he rememed the rose was the magic misin princess so he graded then and take them to the queen the queen was short but so beahtiful with long goleden hair and perfict white as snow skin

Queen"want is it luke...omg" rose"hi mum i missed you oh yea this is pastal my girlfriend and ypu already now luke her brother"

The queen ran to rose and gave her a big huge and said she was so sorry she dint take her with her and that she just run and didnt turn back the both started cry but then they heard screaming out side see ther is a silled a round the kingbom of macig that bosent let no magices in and well it was the king and pastals mum

King"give me my bagher know you bitch ass witches"

The queen told ever one to go and hide even to gurdes and then the queen put the shiled down and pastal went to stop him form coming in

Rose"padtal come back please"

Pastal keeptwd run until she got to the front gate pastal remember the spel her dad said to us in danughus place so she did.

Pastal"no fight no pain no harm safe my love and kongbom"

The spell shot out and it killed the king but the queen was still stand so the magice queen came

Magicqueen"leave know rube of your own good"

Rube"now i womt my kids and this kingbom know"

Pastal told the queen to do the same spell at the same time so the can diffter her and in the middle of them talking rube takes out the magic queen and so pastal used all her power to take ger out and well it workwd but pastal at the end fell to the floor eose ran to help and she was so worry want wand happen to pastal.

Chapter4 love

Pastal woke up in the hospital with rose sleeping right next to her as that the queen wakes in

Queen"i wondnt wake her she,sje is mean if you wake her"

Pastal"yea i know when she ran from her dad and found me i woke her and well she punched me but said sorry"

Queen"hm um well thanks for safing the kingbom...also you make her happy try not to die again ok"

Pastal"hah yea thaks for helping me to well trying to but thank you"

Queen"no prodlem pastal on and your dad his ok know"

As the queen moved so he couled walk in the queen went to the uther kingbom and saw him there die so she helped him out and well safed him for her.they taked for i will and then he left and rose woke up and well blabalbal a year went past and they both wonted to chang up so they got marrried and got a fow kid most from there adverts of safing people or taking down kingboms well this is were we part for know

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