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Chapter #9 The Golden Ticket's Opening Night

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After suffering another set back on their quest with the deaths of numerous soldiers, the group move on with stronger resolve. The next stop for one of the seven chosen is Wade Smith, a very well known actor in adult films.....WAIT, WHAT?! The next of the seven chosen is a porn star? A former detective, a thug, an assassin, a 'cursed' orphan, and a porn star...maybe the Royal mystic's magic was off a bit? Guess we'll find out.

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Chapter 1

Security for the Vailstone city castle had increased exponentially since the attack, especially since the absence of the grand duke and the soldiers that followed with him. Safety precautions were at their highest level, foods were checked for poison, the castle was accepting no visitors, and all business matters were postponed until the grand duke and prince returned from their quest. It was a stressful time for everyone, yet princess Alisha was able to occupy her mind with her romance novels. The princess loved to read her novels, but loved to dream of her “true love” more. Living in a region of the continent where magic was most common assured writers with vast imagination and epic stories. Despite being a princess, Alisha found her life to be somewhat boring and uneventful. Her days mainly consisted of learning about royal procedures and proper etiquette. Her only escape was her fictional stories, which is why she would spend a great majority of her time in the enormous library.

The library was the perfect place to read and immerse oneself into the fabricated world provided by the writer. Alisha found herself falling in love with the hero of her novel series. Her crush for him grew stronger with each chapter. Alisha’s escape from reality was interrupted as footsteps could be heard approaching. The princess placed her book down on the table and looked up at the intruder with an annoyed look upon her face. It was one of the maids hired to attend to the princess’ needs. “Yes?” the princess asked.

“Excuse me madam, but you received a package in the mail.” the maid said nervously.

“Well, where is it?” Alisha asked.

The maid didn’t answer back, nervously regretting to inform the beautiful princess of news surely to upset her.

“Well?” Alisha asked again.

The princess rushed into one of the royal chambers where the king and the queen stood near a window viewing into the courtyard. The princess ran up to her mother, “What’s going on?” she asked anxiously.

The queen placed her arm around Alisha’s back and placed her hand on her shoulder, “Something for you came in the mail, the guards are just verifying that it’s safe.” her mother explained.

Alisha was nervous, she and her parents watched through the window intently. The guard downstairs in the courtyard was very meticulous and took his time since his life may be at stake. The guard removed from his pocket a stone given to him by his superior. It was a castor stone, a stone capable of emitting light when exposed near magic. The guard placed the stone back in his pocket once it revealed that no magical spells had been cast upon the package. The royal family could see that nothing had happened as the guard opened the box intended for the youthful princess. The guard removed a fluffy teddy bear from the package and awaited further instructions.

One of the king’s royal guards approached him and handed him an envelope. “This letter came with the package, your majesty.”

King Dorian opened the envelope and looked at his daughter with confusion after briefly reading only a few lines. “It’s a love letter.”

Everyone was looking at the princess, her face started to turn red and her eyes began to tear up. She immediately turned and ran out of the room. The princess was embarrassed beyond belief. Alisha ran to her room and shut the door behind her. She jumped on her bed and buried her face in her pillow after shoving her stuffed animals onto the floor. Nobody was aware of the love letters, romantic poems, and gifts being sent to Alisha from various princes from around the continent until now. During the moment, Alisha’s mind was not filled with self-pity, but rather racing with questions. Such as who was the package from? Will her parents be upset? Will she be grounded for keeping such secrets? Her series of worries were interrupted by a knocking at her door. “Go away!” she cried out.

“It’s me.” her mother explained while opening the door. “Honey, I want to talk to you.”

“I don’t want to talk.” the upset daughter replied, crying into her pillow.

Queen Natalia entered the room and closed the door behind her. She walked over to the bed and sat next to her crying daughter. She rubbed her hand on Alisha’s back as she cried. “I’m sorry baby, but your father and I have to be extra careful for now. We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but we wanted to make sure you’re safe.” The queen paused for a moment, “You should’ve seen the look on your father’s face after you left. I think he is more frightened of young boys after your heart then he is of someone after his kingdom.”

The princess chuckled through her tears and sat up. She wiped the tears away from her eyes and paused for a moment, “Really?”

“Oh yes.” her mother replied, “Nothing frightens your father more than the idea of young boys fawning over you and trying to take his little girl away from him.” Natalia said with a loving smile.

Alisha blushed with a small smile.

“Who was the teddy bear from?” her mother asked.

“From one of the neighboring princes’, there are three of them.” she replied reluctantly. Alisha then laid her head in her mother’s lap, still watery eyed. “I know I have to marry a prince, but it’s hard to find one I’m in love with. You’re so lucky, your knight in shining armor turned out to be your true love. You didn’t get stuck with some boring prince.” She said as her mother brushed her hair with her fingers.

“Actually, when Dorian and Raziel came to save your grandfather’s kingdom I was part of the prize. I got stuck with whomever saved the kingdom.” Natalia explained with a hint of depression.

Alisha’s eyes opened wide in response to her mother’s admittance, “But at least you loved him, right?” Alisha prodded. “Aren’t you happy?”

The queen bent over and kissed Alisha on the back of the head and continued brushing her hair, “I just want for your happiness, whether he’s a prince, your knight in shining armor, or just a local boy. As long as you make the choice and he truly makes you happy. If you can do that for me, I will be happy.”

Meanwhile, Christian continued his journey to find the next of the chosen, but moral was lower and the lingering mental image of the fallen soldiers haunted most passengers. The prince was especially shaken and was starring aimlessly into the back of the seat in front of him. All he kept thinking of were the familiar faces from the castle and camp the other night now passed and left sitting miles behind them. The young prince has never dealt with death before, it was a serial reality. He had trouble actually accepting that the soldiers attacked by the demon were actually dead.

Christian tried distracting his mind and looked about the vehicle. Carmon was listening to her music once more, and Seth had somehow managed to fall asleep again despite all that’s transpired as of recent. The prince also noticed the royal mystic, he seemed anxious. He kept fidgeting with his fingers and gazing out of his window as if expecting to see something. The teenager wondered if the green haired demon made him nervous, or could it have been something else?

Raziel however, was sitting closer to the front near most of the soldiers. He tried keeping his focus on the journey, thinking about their progress and curious of the general’s. The brave hero sat slouched with his elbows on both armrests beside him and his hands in front of his face. Raziel replayed the battle over and over again, recalling the demon girl looking specifically for the royal mystic, who she referred to as “Fire starter”. The grand duke considered how long the royal mystic had been with the royal family, but had also taken into consideration the headless coachman that attacked the castle nights ago. The ghoulish specter and his evil horse emitted such heat and used fire to attack. He tried recalling all the times he had witnessed the royal mystic use his magic. It was difficult to recall a spell that was used that didn’t involve fire, smoke, soot, or some type of charred remains.

But these thoughts only confused Raziel more, if the royal mystic was in fact not who he claimed to be, then why wait so long to launch such an elaborate trick? What sense would it make to attack the castle he’s lived in for so long? If his intentions were to harm the royal family, the city of Vailstone, or the grand duke then why assist in their protection? Raziel recalled moments of the royal mystic incinerating magical beings in the past which had attempted to invade the castle. Even forcing the fire of a dragon to burn itself from the inside which killed it and saved the lives of so many soldiers. Raziel decided on not putting too much into the demon’s claims until he was to receive more convincing otherwise.

The terrain dosser had gradually come to a stop at an elegant metallic gate. The soldier who was driving turned his seat around and looked at the grand duke, “We’ve arrived, sir!” he informed with respect.

Raziel stood up and bushed out a few wrinkles in his clothing and noticed Christian’s head pop up from behind the row of seats with eager eyes, “Very well.” He said calmly, knowing full well the prince’s eyes were asking to join him yet again. The grand duke figured the prince would be safest by his side as opposed to being left in their ride with questionable company. The prince hurriedly rushed to the grand duke’s side and accompanied him outside.

Vincent watched the two leave towards the fancy mansion that hide behind the gates. He glared his eyes and sneered as he inspected the massive water fountain and landscaping from a distance. The short tempered teen huffed and averted his eyes, just the thought of the wealthy worry-free owner of such a home already began to annoy him. Vincent’s life had been full of struggle and loneliness and so resented those with wealth and luxury. The silver haired teen had already placed the owner into his personal stereotype of rich people.

Raziel approached the gate and noticed a buzzer off to the side. He pushed the button and awaited a response. He placed both hands on his hips as he waited patiently. Raziel took notice of Christian mimicking his actions by placing his hands on his hips as well. The grand duke smirked a bit out of amusement from this, but also realized how teary eyed the young boy was. “You okay?” he inquired.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He replied in a somewhat quivering voice.

The grand duke looked down at the boy, he seemed shakey. Raziel figured maybe he was still a bit rattled from the attack earlier. He knew Christian was growing up and becoming an adult, but he still looked at him as a son and young child. Watching over him and Alisha since birth, it was hard not to visualize them as being related to Carmon. Raziel stood on Christian’s left and patted his hand on the boy’s right shoulder, giving him a half hug. A single tear formed in Christian’s eye. He idolized the grand duke and felt protected by his side. Raziel could sense the boy’s troubled emotions.

“I’m always here if you wanna talk about something, okay?” the mentor stated.

Christian merely nodded his head while trying to contain his urge to cry. The young prince wanted to appear tough to the grand duke and didn’t want cry in front of him.

Off in the distance a small riding cart could be seen getting closer and closer towards the gate! It stopped a few feet away, to Raziel and Christian’s surprise a very old man in an expensive suit stepped out from behind the driver’s seat and stood next to the gate. “Can I help you gentlemen with something?” he prodded.

“Would you be Wade Smith?” Raziel asked politely.

“Good heavens no!” the old man laughed in response to being asked a stupid question. “I’m Mr. Smith’s lead butler, Jarvis. Now what’cha need son? What’s your business here?” he asked in a more serious tone.

“I am Raziel, Grand Duke of Vailstone and to the royal family and have been sent here by order of the king. It’s urgent that we speak with Mr. Smith right away.” He spouted in a stern tone.

“My god, it is you!” the older man blurted squinting his eye and finally realizing who he had been talking to. The nicely dressed man punched in a code on a keypad on the side of the gate which caused it to slowly open. The older man approached the two visitors and shook the grand duke’s hand. “It’s a true honor to meet you, sir. I’ve heard so many of your stories.”

Raziel smiled and was pleased the man was so thankful for the dangers that he had faced to keep Vailstone and its citizens safe. “Thank you, but IS Mr. Smith home?”

“Afraid not. He’s making his rounds today. He owns a few popular clubs downtown.” he paused thinking for a second. “In-fact he’s opening his newest one tonight, “The Golden Ticket”. I could give him a call, let’em know you’ll be coming if you like.” Jarvis generously informed.

“Very well.” Raziel sighed disappointedly, due to the fact that it seemed their quest was prolonged yet again.

After receiving directions from the old butler Raziel and Christian return to the terrain dossers and took off to make up for lost time. It would be well over an hour and a half before they would arrive at “The Golden Ticket”.

Downtown in the heart of Vailstone a new night club was preparing for its grand opening. Electricians inspected the lighting equipment and speakers, the maître d organized the seating arrangements and reservations, and the manager went over her check list verifying the chiefs, bartenders, waitresses and waiters were all set, in uniform, and all of their utensils were ready for service. The D.J. had finally shown up at the back entrance and awaited the manager’s permission to enter.

“Hi, sorry I’m running late. There was a car accident on the highway so traffic was murder getting here. You must be Ms. Jones right?” the D.J. asked as he formally greeted the manager.

“Yes. D.J. Taka nice to finally meet you.” the manager answered while shaking hands with her guest. “A phone call would have been appreciated though.”

“Again, sorry. I certainly didn’t mean to cause you any worry.” Taka apologized again. “Opening night must have ya scatterbrained enough as it is.” he sympathized.

The manager and D.J. began walking towards the D.J.’s booth for Taka to set up.

“Truth be told, it’s a bit maddening, but nothing I’m not used to by now. I suppose you shouldn’t beat yourself up too badly. You’re not the only one who’s running behind today.” Jones explained. “Here you go.” she pointed Taka in the direction to the stairs to the top of the D.J.’s booth. “If you find there’s something you need just let someone know and they’ll get to me.”

“Sounds good, thanks.” he said thanking the club manager as he climbed the staircase.

Amanda was a caucasian woman with bright red hair with two pink strands on her left side. Thin, she typically wore her brown and maroon color schemed business suit with a white or pink shirt underneath. Ms. Jones started making her way to her office until she was stopped by one of the chiefs with a complaint about one of the main stoves not functioning correctly and a waiter calling in on his first day because his wife was going into labor. Then the maître d approached Ms. Jones about the local press calling and asking questions about what time they should show up to publicize the grand opening of yet another or Mr. Smith’s night clubs. The manager didn’t hesitate to give her staff members answers to whatever problems they approached her with. Ms. Jones has seen over the opening of all of Mr. Smith’s night clubs and was his most trusted employee and valued friend.

She reached her office door and stopped before turning the door handle when she noticed a well-dressed man enter the building. She recognized the blonde spikey hair, the boyish charm smile, and the deep blue shades that rest on his forehead. The manager huffed and walked over towards Mr. Smith.

The coat check girl blushed while Mr. Smith removed his jacket and scarf giving them over to her, flirting with her the entire time. He leaned against the counter complimenting the shade of green in her eyes. Ms. Jones stood beside Mr. Smith before clearing her throat to gain his attention. “Could you focus on the tasks at hand please?” she requested.

He stopped his pursuit, but still managed to swiftly remove a card from his shirt pocket with his number on it, “Gimme’a call.” he whispered in a playful tone. He turned around and faced the manager still leaning against the counter in a relaxed manner. He tilted his head with a smirk, “I was until you interrupted.”

The manager made a half grin, “Cute.” she replied in a sarcastic manner. “But can we get down to business, please?” she asked as she turned and walked away.

“So, you’ve finally succumbed to my advances?” he said playfully manipulating her words to fit his intentions. He hurried to catch up to her since she was a fast paced walker.

“Wade!” She exclaimed exhaustively. “Must you contort everything to be sexual?”

“Sexual contortion’s one of my strong points.” he replied taunting her and annoying her farther.

“Wade!” she groaned out of frustration. “You do this every time!” she complained hitting his left arm with a clipboard in her hands.

He raised his hands defensively while laughing, “Well, we gotta be doing something right! What’s this make now? Like our sixth or seventh time?”

Ms. Jones stopped in her tracks and faced Wade. “Do you seriously not remember how many night clubs you have now?!” she asked him in a stern voice.

“Of course I remember how many night clubs I have now.” he replied with a boyish smile.

“You’re repeating what I say to stall for time to try and remember aren’t you?” she knowing her friend better than he knew.

“What?! Nooooo, don’t be silly.” he playfully chuckled and shrugged off her claim.

“Then how many?” she asked again.

“Seven? No, wait, Six. Yeah, seven.” he answered reluctantly and fumbling between answers. Amanda just stood before him staring him dead in the eyes. Wade became nervous after a moment of complete silence. “I meant six.” he spouted trying to right his incorrect answer.

“Its seven.” she corrected, only proving his lack of awareness.

“Now see that’s unfair, you can’t do that. That whole stare at me thing like I’m wrong when I’m right thing. See that’s why I get stuff wrong, its cause you. You do that little stare thing and make me doubt myself like that.” he tried to recover.

“Oh? It’s my fault now?” she snapped back.

“Yeah, cause your little, staring around thing ya do there.” he stated pointing his finger around at nothing.

“No, I’ll tell ya what’s my fault! How about getting our liquor license, making sure were not in any fire safety code violations, making sure all the plumbing is in working order, looking over our guest list to assure we don’t have an incident like last time, or how about getting this club added to our current insurance policy! Yeah, I’m the one who takes care of all that, and that’s only a mere fraction of all I do around here.” she explained accounting for her responsibilities on her fingers. “The real reason you don’t really know is cause you don’t pay attention.”

Wade stood in front of Amanda with a confused look on his face, “What?” he asked blinking his eyes like he had just woken up.

“Ugh! Weren’t you listening to anything?!” she complained out of aggravation while punching his arm. Wade only stood before her, laughing and blocking her hits. She knew her friend since childhood was not seriously trying to hurt him, but just letting out a bit of steam to release her tension. One of Ms. Jones’ employees approached during her assault on Wade.

“Ms. Jones?” the employee reluctantly interrupted, “The grand duke has arrived.”

Amanda stopped and sighed heavily, Wade has always had an amazing ability to know exactly which methods to use to most effectively frustrate Amanda. Her only compensation was being able to take out her frustration on Wade.

“I still can’t believe you somehow booked the grand duke for opening night. I didn’t think he did publicity work like this.” she said bitterly to Wade. “Not to mention you went behind my back. A heads up would have been nice.” she whined.

“What? I didn’t get the grand duke for opening night.” Wade confessed.

“I got a call from the staff at the mansion saying he stopped by there first and was on his way to meet you here.” The two childhood friends looked each other in the eyes with puzzled expressions.

“Maybe he’s just wanting to guarantee some reservations to bring a hot date tonight, who knows.” Wade popped off.

“Would you please be serious for a second.” Amanda sniped.

“Hey, grand duke’s date people to ya know.” he said defending his wise-crack.

Outside the large fancy soon to be night club, Raziel and the royal mystic walked up the steps to the entrance doors with Carmon and Christian approaching behind them. The large multicolored spotlights rotating near the front of the building were quite illuminating. There were two large statues of what was supposed to represent a golden ticket on both sides of the stairs. Even the stairs itself had a soft fuzzy red carpet leading inside. The royal mystic didn’t mind that detail at all since he was always bare foot, but it did lead him to one conclusion, “Surely they don’t leave this carpet in tha rain. It’d just be stupid.”

“Carpets like this are only used for special events, then afterwards they’re rolled up and put away.” Raziel explained.

Raziel had only known due to the many “hero’s welcome” celebrations he’s attended in his honor for slaying evil warlocks, vengeful witches, and every other variety of mystical evil the magical lands of the northern part of the continent could conjure. The royal mystic walked with his staff up the tall staircase entrance like a cane.

“I still don’t see why I had to com’a long, I told ya my magic said this was tha right guy.” He said still walking beside the grand duke.

“Because I’m starting to wonder about your magic,…” he said provoking the royal mystic to glare at him in offense, “…I don’t see how a criminal, an assassin, or this . . adult film star or whatever you wanna call him, is going to help us closer to getting that armor.” Raziel confessed to the mystic with confidence in his opinion.

“Ugh! You’ll see! My magic’s accurate. The magic doesn’t lie.”

Once the royal four had reached the top of the stairs they were greeted by a few staff members who held the glass doors open for them. Standing directly on the other side of the open doors was the manager holding her clipboard with both hands behind her and the owner standing beside her with his hands in his pockets, but both wearing welcoming smiles. Raziel walked up to them smiling and shaking both of their hands.

“Hello, I’m Amanda Jones and I’m the manager. And this here is Wade Smith, he’s the owner.”

“Nice to meet you.” Wade greeted politely. Smith looked at the royal mystic standing somewhat behind the grand duke, “I hope you didn’t mistake this one for our tiki club. That one’s much closer to the beach.”

“What?! I’m tha royal mystic! Not some tribal island voo-doo chump!”

“Then what’re ya dressed like that for?” Wade asked puzzled by the mystic’s get-up.

“Why you…” the mystic began to complain.

The grand duke interrupted still feeling as each moment put them further and further behind in getting the armor before whoever threatened the castle. Raziel placed his hand in front of the royal mystic without looking at him to silence his response to Wade’s question. “Look, my apologizes for being so blunt here Mr. Smith be we haven’t got that much free time for small talk. We have reason to believe that Vailstone is under attack and the royal mystic’s magic here says that we’re going to need you for the safety of this kingdom.”

“Oh, I get it. We’re talk’n about a publicity gig here, huh?” Wade assumed.

“No, this is official business of Vailstone. We actually require your participation.” Raziel informed.

Wade listened with doubt, “Hey, I’m honored you’ve come to me for help and all, but I’m pretty certain you’ve got the wrong Smith. Unless the kingdom of Vailstone needs me to seduce some hot babe then I’m afraid ya got tha wrong guy. I mean, it’s a pretty common last name.”

“Trust me, I questioned the mystic’s magic too, but he assures me that you are the right Smith.” Raziel proclaimed countering Wade’s skepticism.

“I’m sorry. I truly am, but I’m no hero.” he said with an apologetic smile.

“I’m prepared to make just about any offer. In fact, Mr. Smith, I can see to it that this very club is completely paid for, debt free. One less thing to worry about in life.” Raziel offered.

Wade smirked still trying to politely refuse the grand duke’s offer, “Look, I appreciate the offer and all, but the thing is I’ve already got enough money. All my night clubs are already paid off, I’m not in any debt. I’ve already got fame and fortune, I don’t even gotta work another day in my life. And the funny thing is, I still work every now and then cause I love my job. I’m actually paid to “do” beautiful women. So, I’m sorry, but there’s honestly nothing you could offer me that I don’t have already or couldn’t get on my own. I truly am, but thank you.” Wade leaned over to Amanda’s side and whispered into her ear, “I’m not hurting for money am I?” he questioned unaware of his own financial status.

Amanda shook her head at his silly question. Wade probably couldn’t go bankrupt even if he tried.

“Okay, good.” he said to himself quietly and smiled.

Amanda whispered back to Wade, “Are you sure about this? If you help out the grand duke, of all people, that could be amazing for business. The publicity would be un-parallel to anything any of the competition could throw at us!” Raziel remained standing and waiting for the answer he wanted, hoping the manager was going to convince Smith to change his mind.

D.J. Taka started playing some of his dance music to test out the speakers while their discussion continued.

“Oh, wow! That sounds pretty cool.” Christian said excitedly. The prince had never been out to a night club, the only parties he’d experienced were the royal high class parties that he’d grown so tired off. Carmon walked over to the dance floor to be showered by the multicolored lights that streamed over everything. Christian wandered away from Raziel and the others to check out the night club area with Carmon. “This is cool, huh?” the prince asked.

“Yeah, I guess.” Carmon replied unenthused, masking how much she actually enjoyed the experience.

“You ever been to one of these before?” the prince inquired.

“Yeah.” she answered not really paying the prince much attention. The duke’s daughter started bobbing her head to the D.J.’s tunes. Carmon enjoyed music, especially when it was loud and she could feel the vibration pass through her body. It always seemed to motivate her.

“I bet you’d meet some interesting people at places like this, huh?” Christian asked trying to muster up conversation with the pretty girl.

“What?” Camron asked not hearing the prince since the music became much louder.

“I said, I bet’cha meet interesting people here!” he yelled leaning closer to her.

“I guess.” she had seemed to reluctantly reply. “Most of’em turn out to be jerks dad beats up for me later.”

Christian was also getting motivated by the music, but also the excitement he felt when near Carmon. While Carmon stiffly moved her body to the music Christian was noticing her hesitation and wondered if it was because she was too nervous to dance by herself. He could tell she wanted to dance, but didn’t feel comfortable enough to let loose and go with her feelings, also for the fact that they were the only two on the dance floor. Christian began to sweat on his forehead, butterflies began to fill his stomach, and his mouth became very dry. “Do you, …wanna?” he stopped to clear his throat. “Wanna dance?” he yelled nervously.

“NO!” she quickly answered, shaking her head with a slight chuckle.

Christian felt crushed with his rejection. Yet his energetic feeling of the music remained, it was still a new experience for him, and he was still feeling the high from being on his first adventure. Christian had chosen to not let Carmon’s rejection of him ruin the mood and had decided to dance without the girl. He extended his arm and placed one hand on his chest and began to waltz around the dance floor. Even though the music was not intended for ballroom dancing the prince still had managed to keep up with the beat. Carmon smiled feeling somewhat embarrassed for Christian. In the distance the grand duke could still be seen trying to persuade Mr. Smith to join their quest. The royal mystic however, had become discouraged and stepped away from everyone else.

“It’s gonna take more than words ta convince this one.” the mystic muttered to himself, who then proceed outside.

“Hey!” Carmon yelled, trying to get Christian’s attention, but to no prevail. Was he actually ignoring her or was the music to loud for him to hear her? She walked up behind him while he danced about and lightly pushed on his back which he then noticed. “Just cause I said “No”, it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to ya jerk!” she yelled sarcastically.

Christian was stunned and confused, “no” meant “yes” and now he’s a jerk? Carmon placed the prince’s hand on her lower back and extended her hand to grab his. The prince’s mind was blown, holding hands with such an attractive girl and his hand holding her lower back. His legs were locked up, he was speechless, and forgot how to waltz instantly. The prince appeared flushed. “You’re not about to pass out or anything are you?” she asked jokingly, noticing his face turning red.

The prince shook his head and remained speechless. Carmon began to sway back and forth to start Christian back into rhythm. Due to a serious lack of effort on Christian’s side Carmon began dancing and the prince followed her movement. He was a puppet to her on that dance floor. He thought about the feel of her soft hand and smooth warm lower back and began sweating more nervously. He was too intimidated to look her in the eyes so closely so he watched the floor and their feet as they danced. The young teenager’s heart began to melt once he heard her giggle, looked up into her deep brown eyes and saw her beautiful smile. That moment meant so much to him to be a part of.

Back in the terrain dosser Seth woke up from yet another nap. He stretched his arms and back with a long yawn. He looked around and saw only Wraith still cuffed in the back and Vincent watching the world through his passenger window. The detective then looked though his window seat to notice the large over the top night club the vehicle was parked next to. “Where is everybody?”

“In the club talking to the Smith guy.” Vincent answered in a monotone voice. The lonely loner kept his eyes on the outside world.

“Some detective skills there chief.” Wraith sarcastically complimented towards Seth.

“Oh.” Seth sighed with disdain.

Vincent noticed the tone in Seth’s voice, as did Wraith.

“What’s tha matter? Pissed they didn’t invite’cha along this time?” Wraith taunted.

“No.” Seth said shooting down Wraith’s theory. “Just don’t care for some people’s line of work.” he quietly spoke to himself, seeing the royal mystic leave the club and walk around to the side of the building. Seth then slouched in his seat, shut his eyes once again, and tried to go back to sleep.

While Christian and Carmon waltz to the D.J.’s music, Raziel tried negotiating with the night club’s owner, and everyone else sat in the terrain dosser’s while the royal mystic made certain he was alone in the ally way. Behind a large dumpster, the royal mystic tightened the grip on his staff and waved his free hand and staff before him. Flame began to emit from the mystic’s staff until a burst of fire projected a strange being not much larger than a human head. It was a summoning, a being magical in nature and created or brought into our world through a source of magic.

“Numb’a six! Looks like I requi’ya yur services tuday.”

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belu: me gusta mucho la manera en la que relatas todo, haces que uno se meta muchísimo en la historia, encontré en fic de casualidad pero posta que tranquilamente estaría siendo uno de mis favs hasta el momento!!! 🥹🫶🏼

Kaari: The return of vega is quite the unforeseen nuisance but I can't wait to find out how this family of misfits takes care of him just hope the baby makes it

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