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Highwayman’s Lament

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Parte 2


A fallen sapling blocks the path to the bridge, causing the equines to rear,

Devon smartly cracks his whip to quell the blindered horses’ instinctive fears.

From the bridges’ shadows a masked figure emerges, his senses deliciously a shiver,

A villain known as Smiling George, quite viciously commands out “Stand and deliver”.


The owl’s head turns, as George’s crisp words catch its sharp ear crystal clear,

While the rest of the forest quickly hushes, silently waiting for the destinies to appear.

Unscrupulous George moves swiftly in, waving a glinting sword in wickedly showy display,

Roguishly approaching the fancy carriage in his most menacingly cocky way.


Startled, Vain Devon Costner, coldly oblivious of his beautiful charges lustful crush,

Jumps hurriedly down from his coach seat, scurrying away in a rapidly cowardice rush.

Leaving his fair, wealthy passenger behind, woefully vulnerable and unprotected,

And to add, a snickering highwayman approaching, enthusiastic and undistracted.


Reaching the carriage door, George throws it open exposing the moons light to inside,

Hearing the welcome sounds of luxurious silk rustling, in the shadows someone tries to hide.

Noticing pinpricks of expensive moonlit radiance from jewels now lit in the darkness within,

Mockingly invites the passenger to please step out, drooling as he can hardly wait to begin.


Her shadow moved hesitantly, framing the doorway before Georges icy cruel black shape,

A plump purse hung, fat and ripe for the picking, as its owner haplessly sought escape.

Momentarily washed over with extreme excitement, George shakes his head to clear,

Then posture regained, eagerly snatches away the purse, intending to create great fear.


George then steps back, stuffing her velvety purse inside his cloak, invites out, grinning wide,

As our lady steps out, letting her pretty gown slither down, her Tiera’d head raised in pride.

Reaching the ground, she stares at the highwayman standing before her, his awe unabashed,

Innocently unaware of how her plethora of diamonds shimmer out to him, tried in the twilights bath.


A gentle swishing is heard, as the pretty lady, hiding her nerves, straightens her party frock,

Shivering under his wolfishly hungry gaze, eyeing her curves like a lamb strayed away from her flock.

George felt a spike of greedy delight, observing the slick sheen of her richly tailored lengthy gown,

Trimmed with frills of white, its midnight silks easily, provocatively, from her figure cascading down.


As she inwardly admonished how folly it had been to wish upon the mourning star, eyes winced,

With the nasty Highwayman looming before her , of his ultimate attentions she was all too convinced.

To ply his trade upon her, was the resolve the of this cruel blade wielding stranger, she sadly sensed,

Seeing his black gloved fingers reaching, with the danger of losing her baubles, she immediately tensed.


Great wish she thought in self pity, a man was now finally looking upon her with intense desires,

But her flesh prickled, knowing it was only her pretty jewels this particular highwayman requires.

Meanwhile Smiling George eagerly approached, sword straight out , mind reeling,

Holding up a satin gloved hand, “Do not touch me sir“, she said firmly, with no feeling.


Smiling wickedly, George had held a hand touching her scintillating black gown,

Fingering the rich, luxurious silk, he only smiled in answer to his victim’s frown.

But as for her diamond necklace, it gleamed to him with an inviting display of light,

Smiling George thought to himself, “ This alluring lady shall be a little less richer tonight.”


The highway man reached out, this Damsels trinkets, her figure to relieve

“Stand and Deliver” she parried shrinking, her ill luck not to be believed.

“Sir, certainly you have a better line”, she taunted hopelessly in desperation,

George only grinned wider, her words failing to break into his concentration.


“The pretty lady has some wit,” George aloud said, as her words struck a chord,

“But if you do not cooperate me lassie, the next touch may be a prick of my sword!”

“I’ll have your necklace first, my fine pretty one!” he snarled, forcing her to step back,

To the miserable lady’s dismay, the coach blocked her way, giving George opportunity to attack.


Lifting her necklace, he fingered its diamonds, his eyes evilly tainted with greed,

“Sir, they are not mine, but a friends,” she tried bargaining with a desperate plead.

The damsel in distress twisted and turned, trying to break it free of his firm grasp.

But it was in vain, as he held her waist, and pried open the necklaces diamonded clasp,


Its mine, she admitted, please do not take it , it was me late Great- Grandmothers pride,

But upon deaf ears her appeals were landing, as the highwayman took what he had eyed.

As the lady felt her diamond necklace tug, then come pulling away from around her throat,

Her spirit weakened, as George held it free, admired its brite glitter with a self-satisfied gloat.


The lady bowed her head in sorrow, revealing the diamond coronet she wore with grace,

The highwayman’s fingers flew to the prize, freeing the twinkling trinket from its place.

George pocketed it, then reached again with focused intent, his sword poking her waist,

She thought, “I really don’t need this.” while shaking her head, unfettered hair flying in his face.


Her thrashing head then exposed her long dangling earrings to his searching stare,

Smiling wickedly, his slick fingers slipping in skillfully through her loose silken hair.

Unemotionally avoiding the pleading of her eyes, he pulled the thick silky strands aside,

Then skillfully relieved the lady’s ears of their dangling bangles, ignoring her sad sigh.


Then as the thief’s hand snaked up to strip a showy bracelet from his victim’s raised wrist,

The owl left to fly closer, its interest caught by the glittering shimmers in the evenings mist.

Attempting to wrestle free, the damsel tried again to reason, her breaths deep and duress’d,

“Sir, these baubles are worthless!“, she pleaded, as he snatched the large brooch from her dress.


The highway man’s victim was strugglin, trying not to give in any inch of the way,

George found the damsels be gowned figure slippery, as she twisted to keep him at bay.

Pretty to watch, exciting to feel, Smiling George admired the spirit of his captured prize,

But as always when robbing a frisky lass, gloating with no look of pity crossed his devil’s eyes.


Grabbing her hands, he methodically stripped off all her rings, taking great care,

Then he worked off her last diamond bracelet, pulling it free with an added flair.

All the while his vile mind marveling that his little trap this evening had snared,

A totally unique beauty, quite undefended and dazzling with riches plentiful and rare.


Into his cloak pocket the pretty ladies glitteringly jewels soon flickered out, disappearing,

Our damsel, had valiantly resisted, but that devil smiling George was once again persevering.

Playing her like a cat would a timid mouse, that was this Highwayman’s favorite devious game,

And like most damsels who met Smiling George that louse, found the Git harbored no shame!


Soon George methodically had stripped away everything of hers that glittered and shined,

But his desire was not sated, so he continued to feelingly probe with a determined mind.

Our lady wondered when the creep would finish this searching and pawing of her gown,

When he asked what valuables were hidden underneath, she quickly shot him a cold frown.


She squirmed struggling in his grasp, as his nastily malevolent words pierced crisp air,

Knowing there was no more, of her valuables, she had been completely stripped bare.

Still, his fingers poked at her gowned figure, she taunted in his ear, attempting to strike a chord,

“Oui, Would it be easier work me cruel sir! , if you’d just sheathed your bloody sword!?”


Smiling George, when out on the prowl for valuables to enrich his vain standing in society,

Practiced no gentlemanly bounds, like all fellow predators, his methods had gained bit of notoriety!

So, ignoring his jewel less victims heart felt appeals to end his terribly uncomfortable advances,

The evil Highwayman just continues on with his searching, taking full advantage of the circumstances.

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