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Chapter #12 King Dorian's Glorious Tale?!

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FINALLY! A moments peace, the group set up camp before regrouping with general Grechov and entering the forbidden Forest of Darkness. A quiet night, to sit around the camp fire, eat, and share stories. In fact, take a seat and listen to the story that made Dorian a KING.

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Chapter 1

Forty-nine miles away from the forest of darkness, the Royal convoy decided to put their quest on hold for one night longer and set up camp. The terrain dossers were parked in a circular pattern around the pitched tents to provide a shield. The quantity of soldiers on guard were doubled more than last time in an attempt to prevent a similar situation. While many soldiers patrolled, others slept, or ate. Five of the seven chosen ate around a campfire, with three guards ready to use force against Wraith if needed. Christian sat on the opposite side of the ex-con which remained handcuffed.

Raziel had finished eating and noticed Carmon was nowhere to be seen. Puzzled by her disappearance he left the others to track her down. He wondered through the camp grounds, but was unsuccessful. He was starting to get a bit worried. The grand duke decided to search the terrain dossers hoping she may have returned to their own, or perhaps to use the restroom. As he walked closer, he noticed someone sitting on the top at the front. It was in fact Carmon, but Raziel had wondered why she was secluding herself. It wasn’t uncommon behavior in Carmon’s case but since the attack at the night club Raziel had been getting a weird vibe from his daughter.

He climbed the ladder to the top to witness his daughter gazing at the stars. “Hey Bud, ya looking lonesome up here.” he chimed.

She turned her head due to his interruption from her thoughts, “Ugh, you know I hate that nickname.” she groaned. “Of all the nicknames dads give their daughters you chose to go with Bud. Not Pumpkin or Princess, but Bud.”

“Well don’t ya think calling you Princess would get confusing around the castle?” he joked with a smile.

“Dad!” she huffed.

“I’m sorry.” he laughed, “I have my reasons.”

“Yeah, I was born a man and the doctor changed me, right?” she asked sarcastically.

“You seem to have adjusted to the change well enough.” he mocked.

“Dad!” she responded out of frustration.

Raziel laughed, but withheld his laughter since Carmon was obviously not in the joking mood. “Is something bothering you?” he asked sitting beside her on the roof. “Ya seem, I don’t know, more stand-offish than usual.” he stated shrugging his shoulders.

“No.” she answered curt.

“Carmon.” he replied staring at her. He could tell when she was upset about something, “Somebody say something? Was it something I did?” he asked fishing for the answer.

She sat silently looking away from him without any indication of answering him.

He took a deep breath, still after eighteen years not knowing exactly how to communicate with his daughter very well. “Are you not talking to me now?”

“I could of fought those stupid masks by myself.” she defended.

“Is that what this is about? Cause I used your sword?” he asked.

“Yeah!” she said looking at him. Carmon was clearly upset, “You still think I’m an idiot or something.”

“What? I never said you’re an idiot.” he responded, wondering where she got such an idea.

“Well you obviously think I am cause you think I’m just gonna get killed by some stupid idiot mask. Like I’m just gonna stand there or something.” she vented.

“Carmon, I know you’re a great swordsman, you know what you’re doing, but it was a different story back there and you know it.”

“Dad, I was perfectly fine. I already killed like, a hundred of’’em before you got there.” she exaggerated.

“Well then why did you lose one of your dopplegangers? How is that perfectly fine?”

“It was just one copy it wasn’t even me!” she argued.

“That’s all it takes was just once, just one time Carmon. That’s why I needed to use your sword, because I saw you weren’t ready yet. The fire mask burned one of your copies and that spinning demon killed both earlier, …” he recalled.

Carmon cut into his sentence, “Is that why? Cause that stupid demon? I mess up on my first fight and now that means I’m a screw up?” she complained.

“Hey now, I’m just saying maybe I pushed you into this too soon. Maybe your just not ready yet to go out there sword fighting monsters just quite yet.” he said reevaluating his choices. “Look, when we get back to the castle, I’ll train you I little more before, …”

His daughter interrupted once again, “Ugh! I’m never going to be good enough to you!” she said getting up and leaving him alone on the roof.

“Carmon.” he called out to her pleading to return. Raziel laid down looking up at the endless night sky of twinkling stars. He sighed deeply out of frustration and ran his hand through his hair and down his neck.

Back at the campfire Wraith, Seth, Wade, Rufus, and Vincent sat with a few soldiers eating their non-microwavable travel meals. Wade held the spotlight due to his popularity. The conversations consist of which famous actresses Wade has slept with and other perks about his job which was fine with Wade because he loved talking about his sexual escapades. The soldiers and Rufus chuckled from Wade’s inappropriate details. Christian wandered over back after getting another drink and was still eating a little from the food tray he was carrying. Wade noticed the prince return and recalled his agreement with the grand duke, “Uh well, let’s just say she earned a few stars that night.” he complemented causing them all to laugh. Seth and Vincent sat unamused and Wraith who had finished eating was escorted away from the others and sent off to bed.

“Sure am glad I’m to be outta prison.” he stated with sarcasm while being walked away in his handcuffs.

Christian sat beside Vincent, “What’cha all laughing about?” he inquired.

“Ah, nothing. Just tell’n stories.” Wade covered.

Rufus chimed in, “Yeah, I got with a super model one time. She stopped by the cemetery one time and I was there to comfort her. She came inside and I offered her some coffee and stuff.” he began to brag.

“Oh.” the prince realized the conversation topic and found it uninteresting. “I thought maybe we were talking about each other’s different adventures.”

“Oh, sure. I remember this one time when I was working at the funeral home, this one person’s body stood up and started coming at me. I don’t know if it was magic or if it was the start of a zombie apocalypse, but I grabbed a staff that was close by and killed it.” Rufus explained.

“Dang.” Wade replied seeming surprised.

Christian’s eyes widened as he thought about the scary reality, then recalled him admitting how this was going to be his first adventure, “I thought this was your first adventure?” he questioned.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t call that an adventure. It’s not like I really had to GO anywhere.” Rufus answered quickly.

Vincent’s eyes glared at Rufus as if peering into his mind, “How did you kill a zombie with just a staff?”

“Oh um, I knocked its head off.” he answered.

“But it’s already dead.” Vincent stated refusing to accept that answer. Silence was around the campfire since Rufus’ tale was in question.

“Um, hey Seth, right?” Wade asked trying to recall his name. “How about you? Got any tales of adventure?”

“All my stories are old cases I’d rather not relive.” he snipped back.

The conversation quickly went down-hill, the prince looked around and saw that no-one else appeared to be interested in starting in with another story. “I’ve got one.” he said gaining everyone’s attention, “Ever hear about the time Raziel killed that magician that used giant acid spitting slugs?”

“That’s not YOUR story.” Vincent rudely stated, reminding Christian.

“Yeah.” Rufus laughed, “Besides, everyone’s heard THAT story.” disappointing the prince.

Two soldiers sitting on Wade’s right side chimed in, “Hey we’ve gotta story!” he said referring to his friend and himself.

“Yeah, it’s crazy. We had to shoot some guy’s evil lawn gnome.”

“Do what?!” Seth asked wondering if he heard incorrectly.

The two soldiers remembered it was Seth’s and quickly tried covering their tracks. “Oh! I um, nevermind. It was nothing.”

“Yeah, besides this was like almost a year ago.” his friend assisted.

Seth sat dumbfounded and contemplating about his obliterated lawn decoration.

“If you’re gonna tell one of the grand duke’s stories then you should think of one that a lot of people don’t know, like the one where he fought against the foreign necromancer. Oh, oh or when he slayed the giant sea serpent with just a single broken sword!” Rufus recalled with excitement.

“I’ve heard of those before. I’ve heard of all of his adventures.” Christian said with a hint of mockery.

“Well, did you hear about when he saved a kingdom of ice people from a polar bear monster?” Rufus quizzed.

“Yes! Did you hear about when he fought those people with nests of spiders in their stomachs?” Christian retaliated.

“Duh! What about when he discovered the lands that floated in the sky above the ocean?”

“Pft, who do you think got to go visit that place with him when he came back?” the prince bragged smugly.

“What? No way, you didn’t go.”

“Yep. Even went there with my mom and dad, business stuff and all.” Christian flaunted.

Rufus shrugged his shoulders, “Pft, oh well, I’ve been there too. Probably more times than you anyway.” he muttered.

“What?! How many times you been?” the prince questioned.

Rufus readied his answer, but was silent once a unique jingle started playing. The jingle was unique, but annoying which everyone quickly noticed. “Hmm?” Rufus sound in response to the music and ignoring Christian’s question. He pulled out his cell phone and texted a friend of his back.

“It makes that sound EVERY time you get a text message?” Seth asked chewing on his tasteless portable meal.

“Yeah.” Rufus answered putting his phone back in his pocket. Unknown to Rufus, Seth rolled his eyes, dreading the inevitable future of hearing that jingle again and again.

“Who’s texting you so late?” Christian asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” Rufus replied defensively.

Wade saw that Christian and Rufus’ bickering was killing the conversation and moral around the late night campfire. “Uh, hey how about you? Got any stories?” he asked looking at Vincent.

“No.” he replied curtly with a rude expression.

Wade widened his eyes and took a deep breath and sighed heavily. He was instantly put off by this group of boring people. Nobody seemed willing to talk and the prince and orange haired newcomer weren’t getting anywhere. Since the only two talkative ones at the fire were interested in only discussing stories of the grand duke’s adventures, Wade figured he would learn more about the iconic hero. “Hey Christian, didn’t your dad and the grand duke used to fight together?”

“Oh? Yeah, those are some of my favorite adventures to hear about!” he answered lively. “You haven’t heard about any of those quests of theirs?”

Vincent stood up after Wade shook his head ‘no’ answering the prince. “My god, is that all we’re gonna do is listen to tha Raziel fan club here? Damn.” he complained walking away to sleep this night away. Vincent was around an entirely new group of people then what he’s been used to, some even willing to be his friend, but yet was still angered by their presence. Everyone seemed like boring, uninteresting, losers that Vincent couldn’t care less about.

Everybody took note of Vincent’s snide commentary, but decided to shrug it off and try to continue the conversation. “I never could understand why Raziel let the king travel with him, he always got in the way and stuff.” Rufus pointed out.

“What?! No, he didn’t!” Christian defended his father.

“I don’t know what stories you’ve been hearing.” Rufus taunted in disagreement with the prince.

“My dad’s a great adventurer!” he protested.

“Oh-kay, dude.” Rufus agreed with sarcasm.

“He is.” Christian was unwavering in the firm belief that his father was just as brave and heroic as the grand duke. He stared at Rufus whos facial expression was enough to understand he was calling the price a liar. “He is! He even saved Raziel one time.”

“Ugh, that’s the stupidest adventure of Raziel’s I’ve ever heard.” Rufus said with disgust.

“What? Why? What’s supposed of happened?” Wade asked smiling with intrigue.

Christian repositioned himself on the spot he was sitting as he prepared to share one of his favorite tales. Light glimmered in his eyes and it almost appeared as if a surge of adrenaline began to flow through the young man’s body upon telling this story.

“Vailstone was in danger and my late grandpa was king. My mom was a princess at that time and was kidnapped by a warlock that was trying to get a summoning of pure evil and in order for the warlock to do that, he needed a virgin of royal birth with a loving heart. Dad and Raziel were near and heard of the problem, grandpa told dad and Raziel that he would reward them handsomely if they could save mom, they accepted the offer and went to go fight the warlock and save her.

They went to the warlock’s castle to fight him but he summoned, like, these big darkness monsters that were really strong. Dad said he had a feeling like Raziel was having an off-day cause one of the monsters tails cut Raziel’s leg and tripped him up, then dad had to save him from it eating him. THEN he got all their attention and had them chase him away from Raziel and the mystic.” the prince carried on.

“That old mystic was with’em?” Wade asked since Christian left that detail out from the beginning.

“Oh, yeah.” he acknowledged.

Rufus sat in disgust of this story which he despised so. He huffed and groaned the entire time Christian explained the story to Wade and anyone else who was listening.

The prince continued on, “Anyway, dad had some magic powder left over from their last adventure and used it on the castle wall, it made an explosion and crushed the monsters. They wrapped up Raziel’s leg and went on, deeper in the castle dad slayed a cyclops that protected the door to the warlock. They burst into his room and he said it was the first time mom and him saw each other. He said it was love at first sight. They started fighting the warlock and he tried sending them somewhere with his magic, but the mystic deflected his spell and he faded away, but he vowed he would return in five days to claim mom and rule Vailstone.

They burned his castle and went back and told grandpa, he pleaded for them to defeat the warlock once and for all once he returned so they agreed. The royal mystic said he knew a place to find a powerful summoning so it could help fight against the one the warlock had.

The royal mystic brought them to an old temple with a lot of monks. They went to the head monk who used a technique on them to see if they could handle the journey to claim the powerful summoning. The monk used, like, his spirit to attack Raziel and he fell almost paralyzed, then he used the same move on dad, but since he had a strong spirit he was able to endure it and stayed standing. The head monk was impressed and let him enter the temple alone, so Raziel and the royal mystic stayed outside.

He said he then had to make out a riddle on the temple walls and answer it, but when he answered it correctly the floor opened up and he slid down a dark tunnel area that was lit up by torches. He said there was a spirit guardian down there to prevent evil from passing. He said the spirit followed him and guided him through three challenges. One was he had to face his fear which was becoming old and too weak to do anything. He said he fell down and couldn’t move, but then started remembering everyone counting on him and everything he’s done so far to stop there. So, he slowly stood back up and started becoming young again and when he left that room, he was normal again.”

Wade’s body shivered, “Ugh, that sounds crazy.” he added getting into the story despite Rufus’ constant sounds of disagreement.

The prince kept on with the tale while enjoying the shown interest, “Next he had to fight an exact mirror image of himself. He said it was hard cause everything he did the copy did. So, the fight was getting nowhere and he couldn’t get passed the center of that room. Then he started thinking about how every move he watched the copy do, the copy was watching him do the same thing. He tried all sorts of tricks to pass the mirror like copy. Dad turned to the door, closed his eyes, and started walking backwards, but he never felt himself bump into the mirror copy. He said he then opened his eyes and turned around and saw the copy on his side of the room and he was on the mirrors side. He then left that room and entered the last one which had, like, three or four skeletons in it. The spirit guardian said they belong to other people who weren’t strong enough in spirit, they didn’t have the heart of a true hero and were there for the wrong reasons. He said the guardian vanished and a blinding light flashed in the center of the room, it was the divine summoning Arda fravas.”

“Arda fray-vass?” Wade asked fumbling the name.

Christian chuckled upon hearing the mispronunciation of the name, “Arda fravas, it’s like one of the best summonings around. Anyone evil or wicked of heart cannot fight it. The only people who can oppose it are goodhearted people, so evil doesn’t stand a chance.” he informed excitedly.

“Oh, so then what happened?”

“Well, dad said that the summoning was reluctant and started forcing him down with the pressure of its aura and tried hurting him mentally and spiritually. It also tried questioning him and trying to make him doubt himself, but despite all the pain it was making surge through his body he started fighting back and tried beating it up. Dad said he eventually punched inside its chest and felt something and pulled out a staff that absorbed the summoning.

They all left and went back to the castle with mom and grandpa, until the warlock returned and he had that evil summoning thing this time.”

“Wait, how did the warlock have that evil summoning with him? I thought he needed royal virgin blood to get it?” Wade recalled.

“Oh yeah, I don’t remember how he got it still. Dad explained it to me, but I forgot. I’ll have to ask him again.” Christian stated.

“Can’t even tell a wrong story right.” Rufus declared under his breath while rolling his eyes.

Dad wasn’t around so Raziel and the royal mystic started fighting against them. Raziel would have killed the summoning except it could only be beaten by holy power so they kept fighting until dad got into the fight. The summoning hurt Raziel pretty bad, but dad summoned Arda fravas and it easily destroyed that warlock and his summoning.

Grandpa was so impressed with dad that he gave him mom’s hand and they got married and he became king of Valestone. After that, dad made Raziel the grand duke and the royal mystic the ROYAL mystic, cause everybody just called him mystic back then.” Christian joked.

“Wow, that’s a pretty awesome story. I’ve always wondered why Valestone was such a peaceful kingdom, but with a king like that AND a summoning that can beat any kind of evil it’s no wonder.” Wade complimented still amused by the tale.

“Ha, yeah. Too bad that’s all it is is a story.” Rufus spouted unable to endure such a tale that portrayed the grand duke so poorly.

“Nu uh! It’s true! Dad told me that story hundreds of times and he never lies ta me!” the young prince bickered.

“Then how come ever story I’ve heard with Dorian, Raziel always has to save his butt?” Rufus confronted, threatening the boy’s image of his father.

“That’s a LIE!” Christian argued raising his voice.

“Ha, believe what you want dude, but I know how it went down.” Rufus declared fueling Christian’s anger.

Wade laughed, “It’s not that big a deal.” he claimed trying to defuse the situation.

“My dad’s NOT a liar! You’re wrong!” Christian yelled towards Rufus and jumping to his feet.

“Sit your skinny ass down.” Rufus told Christian with attitude.

“Alright, that’s enough from everybody. Just calm down now.” Seth chimed in.

“He’s your king and I’m your prince, you’ll respect him and ME! I demand you apologize!” Christian shouted ignoring Seth and Wade’s attempts to calm them both down. The prince balled up his fists and his arms started shaking, it was the first time a rage burned inside him, driving him to hit another person.

“Or what?” Rufus asked rudely, testing the smaller teenager to see what he would do. Rufus truly believed the story was bogus and didn’t feel threatened by the prince in the least bit.

Christian began shaking, his nerves started getting the best of him he was ready to hit Rufus. He feared the consequences and Rufus’ retaliation, but he knew the soldiers would step in and protect him from being hurt. A hand grabbed onto Christian’s shoulder.

“That’s enough.” the voice stated.

Christian tried shrugging the hand off, but the grip was too strong, he looked back and realized it was Raziel. His presence was enough to simmer down the prince’s anger, but he was still upset. “I was tell’n um about how dad became king and…”

“I know.” he interrupted, “I heard.” the grand duke stated calmly.

“Come on?! Is that REALLY how it went?” Rufus asked his idolized hero.

At that moment all eyes were on Raziel and wondered if the most commonly portrayed version of that story was the most accurate. Was Raziel nearly killed by the darkness monsters? Was he really helpless against the head monk and beaten down by the warlock and his evil summoning? All was quiet except for the crackling embers within the fire.

“Yeah.” he said with emptiness in his voice.

Christian stood with a sense of pride for defending his father’s heroism and being correct. Rufus looked down at his feet with disappointment. Everyone else went back to what they were doing upon hearing the expected answer.

“Big day tomorrow Christian, why don’t you get ready for bed.” Raziel instructed.

“Okay.” he replied and was escorted by two soldiers to his tent.

Raziel walked by the campfire once the prince was away and behind Rufus. The grand duke could see Rufus was greatly disappointed to hear how terribly his hero had done and pat him on the back twice.

“Sorry.” Raziel apologized quietly and walked away.

Rufus sat hunched over looking at the fire, “Me too.” he whispered in a low monotone voice.

Raziel walked into the terrain dosser the royal mystic was handcuffed inside, becoming more upset with each step closer. The grand duke wondered why out of ALL the death defying adventures and opponents he’s faced, why is that particular tale that’s told most often, and worst of all, so misinformed! Raziel opened the door and walked inside obviously angry. The mystic was cuffed to the armrest of a chair seated in the front row of seats. He was slouched, but sat up once the grand duke showed up. He sat watching him pace back and forth in front of him a bit, with his hands resting on his sides and grumbling to himself. The royal mystic was familiar with Raziel’s body language and new how he dealt with most problems that bothered him.

“Somebody’s tell’n tha king’s story again, ain’t they?” he asked, but Raziel ignored the question and kept pacing back and forth near the steering wheel. “So, what happen this time, ain’t it yur leg that gets cut now? Hee, if that story gets any worse, you’ll be get’n killed in it ya know.” the mystic teased.

“That’s enough mystic!” Raziel ordered trying to get the mystic to shut up.

“Don’t get upset with me, I remember how it went. Ya know ya become more helpless and pathetic every time I hear that story.” he continued. “I don’t see why ya don’t jus set tha record straight.”

Raziel stopped for a moment and looked at the mystic, “How did you know that’s what they were talking about out there? Did you set that up?” he accused.

“Huh, please.” he brushed off the ridiculous accusation, “Hello, remember this!?” he asked raising his hands that were restrained by the cuffs, making the point that he’d been confined the entire time. “I can always tell when somebody’s tell’n that story again. Ya always get this way.” the mystic explained. “Ya been get’n REAL paranoid lately Raziel, what’s really wrong he’ya?”

The grand duke sat down in the driver’s seat and turned it around to face the mystic, “You tell me mystic, or is it Fire starter? I’m not sure lately.”

“Somethin’ bout this quest got ya act’n paranoid Raziel. Jus all of a sudden ya don’t trust me no more?”

“Well I don’t see it as being paranoid as much as logical. The creature that attacked the castle and Wade’s night club both dealt with fire. Ninety percent of all spells I’ve seen you use were fire based and that green haired demon was pretty confident you were some Fire starter guy. Plus, you withheld the information about the seven swords having powers, who knows what else you’re not telling me.” he declared.

“As long as I been round’n help’n ya, an ya gonna take a demon’s side ove’a mine. A demon, Raziel. Jus outta tha blue, not a bad idea I guess. Attack tha castle an get us to attack ourselves. How am I tha only one that sees this?” the mystic asked trying to get the grand duke to reevaluate this situation.

Raziel sat thinking about what the mystic had said, “That demon is only a part of the equation, you want me to believe the rest is all coincidence? As long as I’ve known you Fire starter, you should know by now I don’t have faith in coincidence.”

“Destiny makes a fool outta tha man who don’t believe in coincidence.” the mystic respond, almost sounding like a warning.

Raziel’s eyes glared at the friend he thought he knew, he stood up watching the spell caster and popped his knuckles. “Now I see.” He said as if coming to a realization.

The royal mystic’s eyes went left and right trying to recall what just happened. His mind began flooding with thoughts wondering if he’d slipped up. Raziel walked over to the exit to leave the mystic with his thoughts, but chose to ask one final question before going to sleep for the night. “Are you working for anyone?” he asked.

“Yeah, you and tha king.” he replied with a crabby attitude. “A flabby out’a shape king who couldn’t fight ta save his own life? He’s sword’s old’n rusted ov’a now. He fights his battles through you an diplomacy, what’s he need that arm’a for anyways? If anybody deserves that arm’a it’s you and we both know it.”

“Using tha demon’s strategy? Trying to get me to betray one of my oldest friends isn’t gonna work.” Raziel countered.

“Could’a fooled me.” the mystic replied bringing attention to his handcuffs. The grand duke’s face revealed his displeasure in the exposure of more truth about the mystic and his views. He walked outside and turned around to walk down the exiting ladder for the terrain dosser.

“I still like ya Raziel, even if ya judgments clouded.” the mystic declared before Raziel was gone. The grand duke just stopped for a moment before continuing down the ladder and returning to camp.

Everyone at the camp eventually fell asleep as the night grew longer, but elsewhere in an old bar on the outskirts of Vailstone, a mischievous figure stood outside waiting to make his move. An old overweight drunkard with dirty gray hair sat at the bar. He was cockeyed, ungroomed, and wore a large hat with a broken claw pierced through the side. The bar was ready to close and a trashy couple was making out and laughing from each other’s stupid behavior and lame jokes. The bar tender turned off his “open” sign and began shutting off other lights in the bar.

“Aw, wha’s up?!” the boyfriend slurred.

“Closing time.” The bar tender apologized.

The couple got up together and stumbled out of the bar and disappeared into the night. The old man slushed more of his beer down his throat and continued sitting alone at the bar. The bar tender locked the door behind them as they left, he then turned to see the old man still at the bar.

“I’m calling “last call” on that one Mouh.” he joked.

The old man didn’t respond and just kept staring forward while slouched over. The bar tender walked around behind the bar and stood diagonally from the old man.

“Something wrong Mouh? Ya haven’t said too much tonight.” The bar tender asked.

“Just tired, it’s been a long day.” he answered after quickly picking his nose. “I got another one yesterday.” he informed, “It was a witch this time.”

The bar tender had a troubled expression, “Aw Mouh, when ya gonna learn not all magic users are bad people?”

“They won’t be with people like me around. I stop’em before they get the chance to turn.” He chugged the remainder of his beer and stood away from the bar.

“Hey Mouh wait, you still owe me for those beers.” the bar tender reminded.

Mouh belched and scratched the side of his face, “You need to learn to get paid first.” he half smiled before walking outside.

The bar tender sighed and wiped down the bar with a damp cloth, “Goodnight Mouh.” he said displeased.

The sloshed drunkard wandered from the bar and made his way to his car in the poorly light parking lot. A shadowy and mysterious figure lurked in the darkness watching the unsuspecting man. An odd sound from behind Mouh made him look behind himself suspiciously, he wondered if someone else was around. He reared his head back and belched from the pit of his gut.

“Classy.” a wondering voice declared.

“Who said dat?” he questioned while struggling to keep his balance.

“Over here.” the voice replied. The cloaked being remained standing in darkness, but allowed his presence to be known.

The drunkard stumbled, turning around and tried to focus his eyes to make out the individual, “Who’s there?”

“I bare no name.” the voice calmly answered.

Mouh laughed, “Forgot your name?”

“I come to you offering business.” the nameless being responded.

“Business? What kinda business, huh?” the asked still feeling his alcohol.

“There is a magic user which plagues me. I heard you’re an expert at slaying those which use magic. Is this true? Are you Mouh, “The Predator”?” he asked.

“Yeah, dats me. A magic user huh? Well, ya’ve come to tha right man, I’m the best there is at killing them wizards and their ilk.” Mouh boast. “It’s also why my services ain’t cheap neither.” he explained, allowing his businessman side to come out.

“Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm yes, I understand. Your payment is not a hindrance.” he reassured.

Mouh readjusted his jacket feeling better already, “Now that’s wha I like to hear.” he smiled, revealing his scuzzy teeth. “So, what’s his name and where can I find him?”

The cloaked figure actually smiled as his plans began falling into place and simply replied, “His name is Fire starter, and I will gladly take you to him.”

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RaineyDayz: 5 🌟 It's so cleverly punny and oh so freakin 🔥🥵 One minute I was laughing and the next I was squirming in my seat. Who knew Santa could be so damned sexy 😋🤤 Can't wait for the rest of Sylas and Melody's story ❤️‍🔥

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