The lost soul

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Its about a girl how dead and lefted her girlfriend behind but ends up coming back to earth just for her love one.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 the hospital

As rose ran down the hospital screaing help but know one was there she looked a round and only saw a man in all black the lifed his head up and... rose woke up annd saw that her father and brotjer was siting right at the end of her bed crying there eyes out

Rose"were is she"

Dad"honey are you ok"

Rose"were is beth dad"

Her father sat down and explained that beth gave up her life just to safe rose but it was just that after the house were rose and beth lived was under attack beth stub in front of rose and bang the attackwrs shot her and rose was just pushed hardly to the floor tgat just knocked her out with tears coming from her face rose made a promice that she wand never find love ever again rose got uo told her dad and brother to wait out side si she can chang but as she was changing beths necless was take and gave to her in memory of her vead girlfriend rose finised chaging and walked out side in full covereds but on the in sides she was braking.the nexted day it was the fumrla were rose had to see beth in a box andd in the ground but also beths parents see beths parensts didnt like rose because rose was sexseful and beths family was not but rose didnt care about that so she walked up the then and siad as strong as she could

Rose"im sorry for your lose mr and mrs rodetson"

Mrs"it was your falt she was so smart but then you happend"

Mr and mrs walked a way with didscust wiall rose was in the middle of the walk way crying but and vental got to gether and sat down

We gather here to day to say good bye to ower friend ower sister and ower lover beth was a brave and advertisers young wonam hiw loved ever one no mater what know some one else rose"ok...the first day i saw her was when her mum kicked her out of her home and throw her on the street she was nit crying she was not slepping she was walking a round giving out the money to peolpe that need it more as i walkes to her she simalled i asked if she wand like to libe with me and not on the street she said yes and thats hiw ower story started a moth after finding her we fell i love she was the kindest and bueatiful person i have ever meet in my hall life i will miss her with all my heart"

The funal end as rose was walking out she was turnd

Mrs"*slap*how daer you tell them i kicked her ou you ... you ...YOU FAG"

With all eyes then mrs rodisn just walked a was in dicscust and fear that rose dad wand a per but she was safe from rose ruber her face she saw some one that she didnt realy thing was a live.

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