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Short stories of a different life.. or is reality a question of my mind.

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Ender Talon
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A dragon or fairy story

A dragon or fairy story

Dragons. People forget their history. In fact, if it was not for my family. Which my family related to Sir Siegfield. Who slayed the dragon at Furth im Wald? Personally, I would not know much more than the fantasy books and television programs.

The last dragon killed by a farmer my great some number back grandfather on my father’s side in Bavaria. The tale went that the farmer, him to be brave. And that the dragon had been eating goats and animals through the forest there. And causing all kinds of confusion. The official battle noted is some German church. There the embellishment went. That Sir Siegfield with a spear in an open field attacked the dragon. The battle went hard for Siegfield. His clothing torn to fragments, and he was bloody and smelly. Fiercely the fight went back and forth with him using a spear, and the dragon was fiercely burning down a shed or outbuilding. The fight lasted hours per the biblical scholarly hand copy in high German writing. In the end, my high German failed, and I had to ask for help with the translation. The pages made the fight seem as follows.

Sir Siegfield’s spear pierced the dragon. While the dragon fire went wide, burning a shed with beasts in it. That is the short and delightful tale of the last dragon.

What is missing is family lore, and an original journal kept by Sir Siegfield’s son?

The family lore is less ferocious. Mr. Siegfield which was a farmer not a fighter nor knight at the time went to find his lost hog. He had with him his hiking stick. Now, his swine had been eating mushrooms. Or something of a quirk in the woodland, and appropriately he went there hoping to find his hog. He found his pigs tracks and walked right to a shed in the middle of the forest. There was this gigantic dragon thing eating his hog. Being quite mad. Because that was his hog. And not thinking, he swung his stick at the dragon that seemingly had a fire going, cooking his hog. Now, the humor is rather wild here. The dragon jumped into the fire, creating a fire that burnt said shed down. While on fire, the hog which evidently had not been cut up or slaughtered correctly blew up. Pig shit went everywhere, hitting Mr. Siegfield and making a rather stinker mess.

Now, the dragon also seems to have run straight into Mr. Siegfield’s stick. Right into its eye, killing it. That was family lore. Being a somewhat curious child. When I was a child, my great grandfather Christoper opened a journal. That had been in the family and read in German then translating to me this bit.

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