Junk Mail

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Chapter Two

No, it's chapter TWO and that's what you get to do when you're the writer, you get to start off on chapter two. You see there is a chapter One 🌼 but for this book I will save chapter one for the end. That's right, the last chapter of this book will be the conclusion to getting you straightened out and have you shining out of your face.

Say it with me: "Happiness is an art", and not really easy to fake.

When you're happy it shows in everything you do from the way you carry yourself to the way you see the world around you and how you interact with it all. I bet you didnt know that scientific research says by smiling in the mirror for five minutes at yourself 🥺 that you can improve your mood and even feel happier. Let's try it ... well did it work for you? I don't feel any different and you wanna know why? That's because that's a bunch of bologna talk, come on folks stop being so nieve. Happiness comes with skills and I am going to teach you these skills. The world could be crumbling and tumbling around you and you will surf thru the valley of gllom and doom, like a astronaut headed for Pluto. What?! 🤫 Don't tell them but Pluto is a planet.

Get ready for a out of this world experience that will transform any miserable grumpy pants into a dynamic super 🌟

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